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Starring Fred Armisen and Bill Hader, Documentary Now! parodies the current obsession with documentaries. Season one features six different stories and stylistic approaches paying tribute to the doc format. Created by Seth Meyers, Bill Hader and Fred Armisen.

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User Reviews
Citizen Sane 2015-10-24
Based on the first episode, it was very promising and seemed like it was going to be great . . . However each episode got less interesting and more obscure after the first episode. Very poor choices of documentaries to cover… there are so many better ones (how about Supersize Me, for one?) Before buying a series like this, iTunes should list all the episodes to come so you know what you are buying. Based on that I would never have bought it.

Veritas Noir 2015-10-07
Each one of these is a little treasure, masterfully written and consistently surprising. I'd recommend this series to anyone who liked Spinal Tap, Best in Show, or Behind the Mask: the rise of Leslie Vernon. Could be the best thing Lorne has produced in thirty years.

neo979 2015-09-19
I admit that when I saw IFC and Fred Armisen, I hastily bought the whole season upfront, thinking it would be like Portlandia (which I love). While I should’ve been more careful before spending my money, I don’t understand how IFC can cancel shows like Garfunkel & Oates but pick up shows like this. Maybe I don’t “get it” because I haven’t watched all the obscure documentaries they are parodying, but not only is this not funny, but many episodes go so dark that they are almost disturbing to watch.

Aunt Delia 2015-09-05
Bill Hader is better than this. Not worth buying the season.

Angus n Gage 2015-08-31
The spoof on grey gardens is done so well that I had to write this. These guys hit it on the head perfectly and had me in tears from laughing. The humor is often subtle so people who aren't paying attention might lose some of it.

Hath gg 2015-08-28
Slow and not funny. Just capitalizing on Hader's popularity right now. Only explanation for IFC picking it up for two more seasons before it even aired.

Ryan Q 2015-08-28
If you're a fan of Fred and Bill's comedy, and the idea of overtly specific things makes you laugh, then you'll find a great humor in this show. The second episode (which I currently don't see on the store) where the boys parody HBO's VICE is spot on and very slickly produced. The series may not be for everyone, but I really enjoy it.

Ryguy in Brooklyn 2015-08-28
Armisen and Hader are hilarious together. So glad that they came together to create this adorably awkward and smart series. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE parody Super Size Me and Waiting for Superman.

700 Pages 2015-08-27
I'm so annoyed to keep seeing SNL alum involved in both high and low budget projects by the cluster as if them being there is enough to make it either entertaining or funny. In fact, seeing clusters of SNL alum in shows is more often than not an indicator that the project was built through networking rather than inspiration. This is one of those projects. Not interesting, not entertaining, not funny.

Altavelocidad 2015-08-23
It was cute 10 years ago, its just pathetic now. Are there any real writers left in television?

wendy73 2015-08-21
two people that just don't get Grey Gardens or at least that's what the weakness of their parody alluded to me. drew barrymore did a far better job channelling Edie than this smug hipster a-hole. they should be half as witty as they think they are.