Black Mass
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In 1970s South Boston, FBI Agent John Connolly (Joel Edgerton) persuades Irish mobster James "Whitey

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In 1970s South Boston, FBI Agent John Connolly (Joel Edgerton) persuades Irish mobster James "Whitey" Bulger (Johnny Depp) to collaborate with the FBI and eliminate a common enemy: the Italian mob. The drama tells the true story of this unholy alliance, which spiraled out of control, allowing Whitey to evade law enforcement, consolidate power, and become one of the most ruthless and powerful gangsters in Boston history.

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User Reviews
AuthenticMusic 2022-12-17
Johnny Depp is unrecognizable and delivers another amazing character. Excellent cast and story.

Stealmysunshine 2022-08-22
If you’re here for a hot Johnny Depp movie you probably didn’t watch the trailer. I knew the Whitey Bulger case before seeing the movie and that alone is why I think it’s a good film. They retold the story well.

Danny boy5 2021-07-25
Very well made I love this movie

MrJ2423 2021-01-19
This movie is up there with the all time great gangster movies, godfather, good fellas, casino, this is a raw gritty dark gangster movie. The acting is great across the board and the action is realistically intense. Definite worth the watch, and a purchase.

chrismays 2018-12-30
It’s a biopic about someone you aren’t familiar with. It’s uneven and jumps around. Pretty boring

MandaPanda2780 2018-10-03
The movie itself was amazing. Many people compare it to the Departed and although that is a great film in itself, Black Mass is more subtle instead of dramatized. Brilliant performance by Johnny Depp. If i hadn't already known he was in it, I wouldn't have guessed.

Anthony Bern 2018-05-05
The story was very interesting and I think it was very well directed but I could not go over the fact that when you see Johnny Depp you don't believe he is playing the character. I think he did not transmit. The movie was good but the fact that i could not believe the main character made me give it 3 stars.

Mshouston19 2018-04-25
This movie was AMAZING!! Johnny Depp was great!! Saw it on opening day and couldn’t wait to get my hands on it when it came to stores! ❤️❤️❤️

gosborne3 2017-12-18
I liked the story and Depp does a good job of acting, I really forgot he was Johnny Depp and I saw Whitey Bulger. Edgerton over acted and wasn't believable. Peter Sarsgaard, what can I say he's horrible, can't understand why he is still employed. Worst actor ever.

dpmod111 2017-12-14
One of Depp's greatest performances, he is Bulger! if you want a true portrayal of the Bulger story then this is it, not the glitzy Departed!, Please give Depp more roles like this!

the king of tomatoes 2017-05-18
why is this not available for rent ANYWHERE?

CommanderJoe349 2016-11-21
Some of the best acting I've seen from Johnny Depp in years. My one real complaint about the movie is it's too long. It just kinda felt like it was dragging on near the end.

Emerson Sterner 2016-11-07
You've seen him in almost every film that Tim Burton has ever made, you've learned to love him as the adorable Captain (emphasis there!) Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Carribean. Now see Johnny Depp as the chilling Jimmy 'Whitey' Bolger. As with any role he's played, Depp is extremely committed to this caracter which almost makes it harder to watch. Even his piercing eyes make it all the more believeable. Freakishly amazing!

Likasto 2016-05-25
How can a film take the most fascinating criminal in modern history and make such a poor film with it. In the right hands this could have been an amazing film -- instead its a slow, poorly executed melodrama that leaves you with nothing. Hope someone else takes a crack at telling the story the right way.

SDCII 2016-05-08
Johnny Depp looked the part and played it well but there was just something missing. The story took too long to build and didn't satisfy at the end. God why did I buy this??

YahyaDDD 2016-05-02
The The movie was great but overall it was so soft for a gangster movie and I couldn't see any kind of violent scene at all though it was some but it wasn't much satisfying. after all it was one of the good one

EMIT_93 2016-04-25
Over all it's a good movie.

iheartpizza_ 2016-04-11
Honestly, what role can Johnny Depp not play? He gets everything on point. Great movie great cast! It doesn't have a lot of action it's more of a slow paced movie more talk and explanations. Definitely worth checking out really good movie. Five stars

Blog--ger 2016-04-03
While the range of the reviews go from great to bad, few are on point. This isn’t a story about the mob, the violence, the FBI, but of history and the chain of events that allow unlawful activity on both sides of the law . The players grew up together in their younger years or are related. Some went separate paths only to converge, in politics, crime, or government positions. It happens on all levels in everyday life, not really a new story about a product of the “close knit” familiar relations. What the film could have been, in my opinion, lengthened to go a bit deeper in the background with more filler of history, the location and the characters to differentiate it from other films of the same type. (sequel, pre sequel style) But like any other product, it has limits and a time table to adhere to so comments about acting, content and other criticisms assume that this film had an unlimited budget. If you are interested in the interplay of relationships of people through the years in a gangland setting, similar to other “mob” films, then add Black Mass to your movie list.

Trey bob 03 2016-03-30
Ok I'm 12 and this movie is the best movie I've saw in my lifetime it's awesome if your into murder !!!! Get this movie ..... Not good for young kids ...... 10 or older they will be fine!

Movie freak xd 2016-03-30
A great piece of film. I'd rank this as one of Johnny Depp's top ten best movies, ranking at number 3. If you haven't seen this, I highly advise that you do. You will love this from the beginning all the way to the very end.

Take it to go 2016-03-29
Black mass is a amazing film.You may love it or hate.Do not I repeat do not think you are going to get action out of this film.Even though there are action scenes the scenes are brief and there isn't to many.But the action scenes are brutal and gritty.This is a film based on one of Americas most powerful and deadly mobsters.Its real and it's made to be that way.And don't say that it's predictable it is because it's based on a true story.Every performance is great in this film but Dep steals the show.In the end if you want to say a gritty film based on a true story about a mobster you'll love this movie.

NervousChris 2016-03-27
Totally contrived. Trying too hard to copy much better movies and failing at every turn. Jonny Depp is phoning it in.

Ned's Nickname 2016-03-27
Turned it off after about a half hour. Why did anyone make this movie? Why would anyone watch it? Most of the script consisted of constant repetition of one 4-letter word with a few others mixed in.

WesWer 2016-03-24
I thought this movie was great. It had a good pace and kept my interest throughout. In true Depp style he was great.

MissySuperKool 2016-03-23
Once again Depp brings the character to life right in our living room. Great movie based on real people.

Mamalizz 2016-03-20
This is one of the most awful movies I've ever seen. The story goes nowhere. The characters are just bad. There's nothing redeeming or endearing about it, nothing to draw you in.

Not Pauline Kael2 2016-03-18
I don't know why I rented it? I read enough negative reviews, so I was warned to pass, but maybe I just thought it would be better than the reviews…or an addendum to "The Departed." It's not. It's really bad, boring, ugly to watch and frankly I couldn't care less about the story or character of Whitey Bulger any more. Maybe that was the point of the movie…de-mythize crime bosses. If so it worked. Johnny Depp's costume and make-up were disturbing to look at, which somehow further detracted me from the story. There are so many other great films out this year don't be like me and waste your time with this one.

HaroldAN 2016-03-05
This film is Oscar worthy as DBATIA says. Depp should have been nominated for Best Actor. His performance is as memorable as Ray Liotta’s in Something Wild. He is chilling. The film as a whole is excellent. Perhaps not quite up to The Departed, but almost. In any event, this film did not get the reviews and awards it deserves.

CarlosMM34 2016-03-03
Great and Awesome movie !! Johnny Deep play the character absolutely perfect ! I recommend this movie to everyone to watch!

Dumptruck Asteroid 2016-03-03
Look i really wanted to like this movie but it just isnt good. You think you'll see Whitey but you don't. Most of the movie is about the dirty cop and its way overacted. This is a rent at best. This is one of those films that doesnt live up to the hype.

Held mic 2016-03-02
It is a shame Johnny wasnt nominated for this role He was stellar. One of his best, if not his best, performances .Its unbelievble he wasnt nominated.

SilkyJohnson* 2016-03-01
Absolute drivel

16 HORSES 2016-02-29
OH James Bulger AKA Whitey, What an A Hole am I Right! This Was Someone Who Furthered His Mob Mentality With A Pal He Knew Who By The Way Worked for The FBI! He Belived HE Could Get Away With Murder As an FBI Informant! Johnny Depp Plays This Depraved Individual With Engrossing Abandonment! Take The Kids To The Peanuts Movie Cause This Obviously Is Not For Them, And Black out over This new Classic!

Nisi59 2016-02-28
His son was his KARMA!

Russ'sSis 2016-02-27
Johnny Depp does a tremendous job portraying James "Whitey"Bulger and as a result saves this film from becoming an Irish version of Goodfellas. Though there are many differences between the two films I could almost see Joe Pesce's menacing character in Depp's Bulger. Joel Edgerton is very good as John Connelly, the ambitious, manipulative, less than honest FBI agent. The rest of the supporting cast is equally as talented, especially Dakota Johnson in her role as Bulger's girlfriend and mother of his son.

LTREQUA 2016-02-27
Look, if you want an action packed movie about mobsters, this isn’t it. This movie is based on a real Boston gangster and while he did do a lot of violence there were no hollywood shoot outs, car chases, or an epic culminating event that brought an end to it. It was pain staking legal work, investigating and the mountain of lies that eventually collapsed on Bulger that brought him to justice. Sadly that doesn’t make for a very exciting movie, but the acting is superb and if you haven’t read the book you still get enough information to follow along and get the important parts of the story. I’m a little biased because I just finished the book, I don’t think this movie is for everyone but I enjoyed it.

”Z" 2016-02-26
How did this movie get the rating it did? Boring at best. Dragged, terrible attempt to tell the story.... Not worth 1 star. Don't waste your money.

wm_nels 2016-02-25
Really not very good.

Vangoghgurt 2016-02-22
Garbage casting, recycled format, good story ruined by a horrible movie

Sandman132 2016-02-21
Really good movie. Drop kills his role!

North-Light 2016-02-21
Great to see Depp step up again to a dramatic roll again…outstanding work. Ensemble cast equally outstanding,,,,Kevin Beacon always a fav.

Relle82 2016-02-20
I don't know why some people hated this movie but I thought it was a great one. Of course Johnny Depp was amazing in this movie. I would say buy the movie

ManWayUpNorth 2016-02-19
It’s always nice to see Depp play a villain who is also the lead character. I knew going into this film that it was not terribly accurate about how it portrayed the people involved in the story, or the events taking place in the film. Despite that, it was an entertaining movie. Scott Cooper has continued to impress as a director. Since seeing Crazy Heart I have kept an eye on his work, and I’m glad I have. Here is to hoping he keeps making movies worth watching!

frinkle 2016-02-19
Depp doesn’t make the man admirable, as so many others have been depicted. He’s a monster and a destroyer of those around him. Thats how Depp made him. Good choice. The acting is consistently good. The only problem is the script which is a cleched and obvious.

brslc 2016-02-18
Just crawls along. Strangely, no suspense. Bad music. Unworthy candidate for a big time movie with such great actors. No verisimilitude. Just because it's "true" doesn't make it cinematic.

Ziggy Overlord 2016-02-16
Follow-up - Feb 16, 2016 - why is still $19.99??? As I mentioned above, we went to see this twice in the theater and I will have it as soon as it comes out on iTunes! The acting is superb and while there may or may not be some artistic license with The story, it is every bit as gritty and raw as other great crime films like The Departed, but maybe more so since this was rooted in history. All the actors did a great job and you really feel like you're a front row witness.

Lynngirl92 2016-02-15
Why would anyone pay $20 to own a gig stealing movie you only watch once maybe twice at most!? Not me that's for sure & I grew up in Southie & as a kid remember Whitey giving out change or candy to us kids...and I STILL wouldn't pay 20 dollars! Absolutely ridiculous! It's not even an Oscar contender!!!

Facebookblows80! 2016-02-14
Its like Goodfellas, mine s anything interesting. Its like the movie never really decided what to focus on, so it plays more like a history channel special. Really boring, and thoroughly predictable.

Kittykat0081 2016-02-12
I've already seen the movie. It was good and I'd like to see it again but I'm not buying it