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Working independently, taking jobs from both the mafia and police, the charming Worick and super-powered Nicolas are unique Handy Men who navigate the seedy underworld of Ergastulum in style leaving a trail of chaos behind them.

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User Reviews
theexecutioner97 2017-01-01
Well paced, not too slow nor is it too fast, also PACKED FULL of action. Pretty much Black Lagoon with a dash of super human thrown in. Not as good as Black Laggon, but still very exilerating

Pain-Seme 2016-06-28

Kafka Sarstedt 2015-12-25
I found Gangsta. and started watching it on a whim and was surprised to find myself sucked into the dark and intense world of Gangsta. Gangsta. has many mature themes and immediately, the dark elements indicate that there probably won't be a happy ending, much less a silver lining, so don't expect anything less than thriller intensity throughout most of the anime. Everything melded together the nicely. The character's macabre, intricate pasts and hopeless futures. The seamlessness of the plot weaved together with fleeting interpersonal moments, two toned flashbacks and implications displayed with subtle actions. With each new episode, another layer of depth is added onto the character's relationships just when you didn't think they could be any more twisted or complicated. Everything about this anime is so real. And as you continue down the bloody rabbit whole, the story spirals into even more chaos and violence, but then it just ENDS. Just as everything started getting good and coming together. The opening theme was haunting and catchy, the characters weren't afraid to get their hands dirty as they struggled in a hostile environment devoid of hopeful futures-yet they all gave their damnedest despite, the world was filthy and dark and deep- it had all the essential elements to make an amazing full season anime and then, I watched the last episode and the entire universe Gansta. created crashed and burned around it. Not artistically. Messily. So horribly I tried to convince myself that it was an artistic ending or a fluke and not what it actually was: a train wreck. But, I'll face the music and admit it was an awesome anime with a horrible ending. I still enjoyed the first 11 episodes. But I wrote this as a heads up to all potential watchers that the ending is incredibly disappointing. So disappointing I had to confirm with five websites to make sure that there were only 12 episodes and not more. I couldn't believe that a decent human being would take an amazing anime and then leave their fans with a cliff hanger. Some animes have unresolved endings. But this anime leaves the viewer with more than just lukewarm feelings and mild opinions. I don't think there's a viewer alive who wouldn't be bummed out by the ending of Gangsta. I think it might be because the manga is on hiatus. Imagine your favorite book series- like Harry Potter- and before the author can write the last book, they die and leave the fan base with the main character about to be eaten by a dragon. That's the ending of Gangsta. You'll never know more. By the end, just know that everyone is dying in a screaming, burning town. Maybe.

Alenaaarose 2015-12-05
I was very hesitant to watch this show but I'm glad I did. This show starts a bit slow but picks up wonderfully. The character development in only 12 episodes are phenomenal with back stories and everything. The cast is also portrayed properly at their age. I highly recommend this!

Loveless1234 2015-11-21
I really like this anime. It did start off kinda boring but it got better as I continued to watch it. It makes me sad that the studio is going bankrupt tho.

pixpic 2015-11-10
A enjoyable action/crime show similar in tone to Black Lagoon.