The Night Before
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Ethan (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), Isaac (Seth Rogen) and Chris (Anthony Mackie) have been friends since

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Ethan (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), Isaac (Seth Rogen) and Chris (Anthony Mackie) have been friends since childhood, and for a decade, their yearly Christmas Eve reunion has been an annual night of debauchery and hilarity. Now that they’re entering adulthood, the tradition is coming to an end, and to make it as memorable as possible, they set out to find the Nutcracka Ball – the Holy Grail of Christmas parties.

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User Reviews
HA.M_11 2022-12-18
This movie is great. My wife and I have watched this every Christmas ever since it’s debut. Can’t wait to watch again this holiday season! 🎄

DinosaurAlpha 2022-12-16
A very comforting holiday comedy

Moviebuff740 2021-12-27
This is one of the better Christmas movies to come out in recent memory. Give it a try, overlook some of these other reviews. I’ve only seen it twice, so I’m not sure how it would hold up year after year.

Jillybean1401 2021-12-23
My favorite Christmas movie. The dialogue is so witty and the comedy is truly funny. I genuinely laugh the whole way through instead of cringing, like I do at some comedies that try too hard and the antics just give me anxiety. The music is phenomenal, I’m so sad there isn’t a soundtrack to purchase. I watch this movie every Christmas…💗🎄☃️

archive_60 2021-12-06
Never another movie with Seth Rogen.

BILLS-ITUNES 2021-07-29
I been pretty much in a funk as we all have during this COVID epidemic. This past Christmas 2020 being in early 30s I could really relate to the underlying plot, as I see all my friends having a family and their own Christmas traditions. I had great times with friends hanging out the day of Christmas was our time, as Christmas Eve was family time. The movie is hilarious and it has a great Christmas theme in New York (which has always been a dream to my family and I). Anthony Mackie, Seth Rogen, and Joseph Gordon Levitt play a great trio of friends in the movie. Ethan (Joseph Gordon Levitt) is the main protagonist in the film having been dumped by his girlfriend, dealing with his friends being successful in business and sports. It’s a story of maturing as an adult, as times change and people change, we want things to stay the same. I definitely felt sympathetic toward his character. Of course Michael Shannon’s character cannot be understated. This is a great movie. Has some drug use in it but I highly recommend to a mature family, or group of friends. This movie is my new Christmas tradition as much as A Xmas Story.

805cakush 2020-12-30
Pedowood hates Christmas/Christians/white people

jvilla87 2020-12-27
This movie is fantastic if your an adult in your late 20/early 30 it brings life into perspective about everything changing around you and how you have to be willing to grow.

Wldcatt 2020-12-24
Fun movie, I watch every Christmas.

Jthilf 2020-11-28
Come on’s a silly holiday movie where there actors appear to be genuinely having a lot of fun. Great music, great cameos with some heart warming messages sprinkled in. I’m gonna guess the negative reviews are from people who dislike the actors for their political views and not their acting ability. I’d say if you enjoyed the Harold and Kumar movies, you’ll enjoy this.

Thehalvers 2020-07-30
Waste of $$

SuzyFeltrsnatch 2020-05-24
Title says it all and it has a really touching plot about the importance of friendship! Fantastic film.

johnny jizzlr 2019-07-21
It's a good stoner comedy that also has good christmas themes. It's not high brow, but it's good fun and I enjoy watching it around the holidays.

Sgtkeebler 2018-01-12
I’m really starting to like Seth Rogan movies. This movie made me crack up some scenes but overall it’s a really good Christmas movie.

Blue dog house 2017-12-27
This movie was full of laughs and action. I have to give it a five.

tigerlily7979 2017-12-26
I'm surprised so many of the reviewers seem to find this movie funny; it's not. The humor relies almost entirely on voyeuristic, reality-TV-esque exploitation of truly disgusting human behavior, and not in a way that works. As a point of reference, I found the first Hangover film totally hilarious, and was told this was similarly written, but there's no comparison. Despite a talented cast, the writing is lazy and humor is pedestrian. Don't waste your time unless you truly enjoy watching people be completely disgusting just for the sake of doing so (there's no greater point here).

Romanfrenkel 2017-12-25
I demand my ¢99 refund.

PabsLives 2017-12-23
It’s ultimately uplifting, but the context hits close to home for those with friends going through a rough time. Having said that, it’s still incredibly funny. Just maybe don’t watch with the family.

Dylando Gloyder 2017-12-17
Meh.. guess I had substantial expectations. James Franco comes through for you though. His performance is always clutch.

shaiel 18 2017-12-09
it was ok, i was disappointed

chuskey 2017-12-03
Yeah this is just a bad movie. There's not even really any part of it that's actually funny or good. Huge waste of time.

countrydad1992 2017-07-02
Hands down I laughed sooo hard I was choking through the whole movie it's awesome and has good music in it! By the time this was done I was grabbing my side it was sore

Johnfu 2016-08-05
Amazing and funny! Perfect even sober!

Thanos999 2016-07-11
This movie was Hilarious!! It was an awesome funny movie, WATCH IT! Seth did great, and it is really heartwarming. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Protor elise 2016-05-30
This is a late review but This film is OMG hilarious When I saw it I was crying 😢😢😢😢 It's was that funny laughing my a$% off couldn't breathe Seth rogen is the best comedian out there mean not the very best like no one ever was The one of the best😊 Funny stuff Getting high🚬🚬🚬🚬 not me getting high fricking general zod falcon & robin When you watch this don't die

bricklypear 2016-05-25
I liked parts of this movie, but I doubt I'd watch it again. The humor is cute in places, and randomly raunchy but in a more or less good-natured way. Compared to earlier films like Knocked Up and even The Interview, this one is comparatively weak.

smrtone 2016-04-24
I absolutely LOVED this movie! Typical Seth Rogan stoner flick, but in my opinion it's possibly his best one ever! It's not even the holidays right now, and I've already rewatched this movie a gagillion times. Get it!

Finesse09 2016-04-21

One13 16 2016-04-18
Made me laugh so Much and it even got me back in the Holliday spirit😄

SniperT 2016-04-14
My husband & I hated it! We actually walked out during the movie.

M_cuppycake 2016-03-14
Wanted to watch for the laughs. Seth Rogan is the only good thing about this movie. Everything else was just an unentertaining distraction.

flcreme 2016-03-09
Hey this movie is really good in its own right. It's about friendship enduring with some satire and lots of drug use. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Catalystgrrl 2016-03-05
I laughed throughout this entire film. Seriously loved it. 40+ female here and love everything Seth Rogan does. He really stepped up to the plate in this one. I’ll be buying this to view again and again. "This Is The End" is also one of my favorite movies - regardless of the more crude, 14-year-old humor - it’s just a kick to watch. And honestly, I’m more of a documentary film lover, not into main stream drivel. If you like Rogan’s brand, you’ll like this. ( : If you’re an uber religious, anti-drug, stick-in-the-mud, then you probably won’t.

Scottie2222 2016-03-05
Had high hopes after watching the trailer. This movie just wasn't that funny, nor coherent in certain areas. The best parts seemed to be in the trailer.

Harvey 139007 2016-03-04
Very disappointing.

Darth Vader's Secretary 2016-03-03
Not funny, the dramatic storylines did not really go with the attempts at comedy. Did not flow well and it is like 2 movies smashed together.

bpowpow15 2016-03-01
I'm trying to figure out why anyone who doesn't like this movie is assumed to be a 12 year old. I'm 31. This movie is straight dog poo. One of the bad reviews said the only funny part was Rogen on drugs. I actually didn't think it was all that funny. Maybe because everything else was so boring I just got out of the mood of wanting to laugh. But I've been one of Rogens biggest fans. I always considered Pineapple Express a comedy classic. But this was just plain lazy and seemed very much like a cash-grab. Thought Mackie stunk, in fact, I've never considered Mackie a good actor. Falcon is even more boring to watch than Hawkeye... And I really don't like JGL anymore either. Used to, not anymore. But I will always love Rogen. I'll give him a pass on this movie. But please people, stop rating this so high. You are fooling people into spending hard earned cash for this poop. 75% of Rogens movie catalogue is night and day better than this. Buy one of those.

Delarocha 2016-02-28
I'm 40, not 12 as everyone who gives a bad review gets accused of. I have enjoyed most other movies in the drug/comedy style but this had very little point and very little laughs.

mikedan75 2016-02-27
Lame.. Boring dialogs.. Worst hangover copy ever

The Faj 2016-02-22
So good. It's even fun to watch when it's not the holiday season. If you liked This is The End, Neighbors, Pineapple Express, or The Interview—you're a good person, and you'll like this movie too. 👍

Sam 13 50 2016-02-21
I like all of Seth Rogans movie. I'll be honest, I thought this movie would be one bromance too many. But it was a great movie and I really liked it!

scotth42 2016-02-20
i just watched this and really liked it it was funny as hell would recommend this to anyone looking for a comedy.

kendigjt 2016-02-16
Just a bad movie. I doubt the actors involved were even entertained, they just needed some cash. Don't waste your time, money, or attention on this. You are better off staring at a wall for entertainment.

majorthomas 2016-02-16
Let me start with the fact that I'm 54 years old and I can't help laughing so hard at scenes with teenage stupid and so wrong stuff everywhere. I can't watch this movie with my wife and daughters who are just not as ridiculous as myself. The constant sophomoric focus on teenage humor is overshadowed by the genius of Rogen and crew as they create the other reasons for us old idiots to watch this movie over and over. I spend most my time watching news and documentaries that make the world so harsh. But this movie allows all ages of stupid people to avoid the kid junk and just have fun while remembering that no matter what... It is the gift we have of putting great minds together for the dumbest brilliance of comedy made to almost cause laughter that stops breathe and then rewind quickly to keep tears flowing. Seth Rogen is a national treasure for people smart enough to be very dumb...

RaiderMom_23 2016-02-15
Sex, drugs, profanity, nudity? Take that out and there is nothing left here. This movie insulted the intelligence of pond scum. Please good Americans, don’t waste your money.

Thebucknucker 2016-02-15
Don't waste your money and time on this shameful disgrace they call a "movie"

Prince Roy 2016-02-15
I don't quite understand how this movie has so many people that like it. It's Incredibly unfunny to the point of nausau! If kids today find this sort of thing funny, then you missed a lot of other movies from 2005 and back that didn't rely on Drugs being funny. I feel sorry for you. Do NOT rent this movie. It is quite possibly one of the most unfunny movies, (pegged as a comedy, LOL), that I have ever seen!

Matt Kemsley 2016-02-14
I laughed out loud many times during this movie !!! It's been a while since that has happened

Hamburg Dude 2016-02-14
Entertaining and funny from beginning to end. Not much more depth than most Christmas-themed movies, but a great cast with some very funny scenes. A little low-brow in parts but overall a solid comedy. Seth Rogen’s scene at the dinner table where he is responding to a series of explicit texts intended for someone else is worth the price of the movie.

Agoodone 2016-02-14
Great movie! Lots of laughs