Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping
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After a two-year, sold-out, worldwide tour, Conner4Real (Andy Samberg) is the biggest name in music

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After a two-year, sold-out, worldwide tour, Conner4Real (Andy Samberg) is the biggest name in music. Go behind the scenes as Conner faces a crisis of popularity after this sophomore album flops, leaving fans, sycophants and rivals all wondering what to do when Conner4Real is no longer the dopest star of all. The hilarious comedy from blockbuster producer Judd Apatow (Trainwreck, Superbad, Knocked Up) and digital short superstars, The Lonely Island, is loaded with cameos from the biggest names in comedy and music.

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User Reviews
@JuXinGToN 2021-03-31
Saw this a few years back when it released and had to buy it for $5. This movie is funnier than you think you it is. Truly sarcastic and hilarious. Wish there was a part 2.

CrispyPolinsky 2021-03-03
Just recently found out that Stephen Colbert found out about this movie... in 2020. Tgat’s a crime as this movie is gold! Covid robbed us of a Ras Trent feature... don’t deny this.

Ramosweed1 2020-06-12
This was a master piece!!!!! Such a good movie!!! Sad not many people saw it due to the low promoting it in air time commercials

ZaneB0223 2020-02-27
This is definitely a hidden gem!!

millerjordan14 2019-04-22
If you don’t understand how funny this is I feel bad for you. The jokes, references, wit make for a great comedy. I find myself rewatching this often and the soundtrack is on repeat. 11/10

D.N.TN 2019-01-27
You know, it is now getting the point that Hollywood films are becoming more trash and garbage that most landfills hold. Utter trash!!

Anonymous 35467 2019-01-02
I wasn’t expecting a movie THIS good, but it was. The trailer doesn’t make it look that funny, but the good thing is that it also doesn’t expose the best parts. Trust me, you’ll want to see this.

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Fireace08 2017-07-21
Funniest movie I've seen in years!!

kat_rose_griffith 2017-07-18
Beautiful and hilarious I loved every moment of this movie. The lonely island was funny while making great music, as usual. I think the reason that this movie didn't kill it in the box office is just because the marketing wasn't very good, I didn't even know it existed until it wasn't playing in theaters anymore. But it was a great movie that deserves way more credit!

Jdog7643 2017-06-07
Great movie if youre into dumb comedy like i am. I loved that they put in lonely island easter eggs through out the movie because it brought back memories from when the were the lonely island and it shows kind of a true story because andy samberg has become bigger than the other 2

Borntotom 2017-05-06
Our generations spinal tap

Don't Even Point 2017-02-25
This piece of crap was incredibly overhyped. Not funny, not entertaining. Clearly, the intention was to create a modern Spinal Tap, but they fell way, way short. Don't waste your time or money on this.

LETTECCI 2017-02-15
This is one ofy favorite movies ever and it should have made so much more at the box office. The Lonely Island are some of the best when it comes to comedy and they deliver here.

Audiboy1 2017-01-22
By far one of the stupidest movies I've ever watched. I can't believe so many celebrities and musicians agreed to make cameos in this movie.

jaylynnwenman 2017-01-12
Popstar is one of the funniest most hilarious movies I've seen all year love this movie so much wish more movies were like this

Plundo 2017-01-07
Stupid movie

TimAnderson27 2017-01-02
I've seen a lot of movies this yer. Deadpool, Finding Dory, La La Land, you name it. However, Popstar is the only movie that I am still quoting almost 6 months after I first saw it. The songs are great, the jokes are hilarious, and the musical cameos are a must see. This is the kind of movie I will be watching repeated viewings of and cannot wait until this becomes a classic.

Royal Crown Jewels 2016-12-23
Best movie ever.

SgtStorm 2016-12-12
Funny, great music, great paradody. Real genius goin on here. Must watch.

KillerB1020 2016-12-02
Apparently if you're an SNL cast member, you will always be guaranteed a spot in a crap movie by any other cast member. I'm surprised they didn't find a way to use Chris Farley's corpse to get some slap stick as well. Don't waste your time, this was pure trash.

Latorre81 2016-10-25
I don't know where all these reviews came from but this movie was pretty bad. I actually want a refund.

bpwicker 2016-10-17
Like Andy Samberg a lot. Figure it's had good ratings on RT. But this movie was so so so bad. Last time I ever trust rotten tomatoes.

Shenanigans on this 2016-10-14
Not funny at all. These iTunes reviews are skewed somehow.

CCOSM 2016-10-11
This is a fun great movie! If you want to laugh, then rent this baby!

VTVR4 2016-10-09
Story line is lacking, but overall entertaining.

FilmsbyAndy 2016-10-08
Much like genres of music- this is a comedy that knows its genre. If you look at the review it's massively mixed- but largely by 1 star or 5 star reviews. This is a love it or hate it movie. As a fan of Andy Samberg I was crying laughing through the whole film. But also knowing this humor has a small audience- if you love Hot Rod or Andy's typical nonsense/absurd humor then you will LOVE this. It's incredibly well produced and my friends and I have been quoting this movie for weeks. A must see - but beware it's not for everyone- and that's okay :)

Adderall Diaries 2016-10-08
In the vein of "Where are they now?". A naive boy band peaks only to hit rock bottom then they make up and come out with a revival hit. Pop star comedy that works if you can put aside celebrity apathy and enjoy the bromance.

SUPER SAiiYAN SACii GOKU 2016-10-06
Best comedy of 2016 no doubt

emilyrhinier 2016-09-29
This was just so sad to watch. And I really hate to say that cause I like the lonely island. I saw a couple reviews comparing this movie to Hot Rod, there is NO comparison! Hot Rod was 10 million times better than this movie. It's like this movie sold out, just like in the movie itself. How it'e rated so high is beyond me. Don't waste your time or money

Eugen0 2016-09-29
I feel so bad. Not for the $ I spent on this, but for all the participants making this who thought it was a good product. Do yourself a favor and wait for it to come to tv. Not just cable, I mean free tv. Blah, I can't get the taste out of my mouth. I'm amazed I was able to watch half of this before deleting it off my computer. Diarrhea for days is better than this.

deannabythesea 2016-09-26
Oh the agony of trying to "get into" this movie. I really wanted it to be good. We gave it 20 minutes and it just wasn't grabbing us and keeping us tuned in. My husband finally said, "So, is this movie doing anything for you?" I said, "Not really." This movie is aimed at a certain type of demographic. Not too deep in the intellect department. Warning: Lots of unsavory language, with some offensive sections (The Bin Laden song creeped me out.) and this is a movie where celebrity-types are playing celebrity types. They really weren't going outside the box very much. I often find it odd when a movie is about someone acting in a movie. Not so interesting and just being what they are and not truly "acting". So, we downloaded another movie and wasted our $5.99 on this disappointment. I wish I could get my money back. A thought: I wonder if Apple could refund our money for returning a movie that wasn't fully watched.

daxmillion 2016-09-24
Great fun. Great songs.

stddef 2016-09-22
Andy Samberg is a genius!

imikemtz 2016-09-21
Not as funny as I hoped it would be. But still an okay movie.

Ice Block Films 2016-09-19
There's such a nice balance of improv and prepared gags in this film that each scene has something to entertain. Plenty of titters throughout and a couple of belly laughs. Also, those Lonely Island boys are just so charming. Definitely worth a watch.

Rambo8649 2016-09-17
One of the worst movies I have ever seen.

Joey_thecool1 2016-09-15
I have no idea why this movie flopped at the box office. If you like The Lonely Island, it's hilarious. If you like to laugh, this is the movie for you. It is so funny, so clever, and so good. I laugh every time I watch this movie, and I've seen it more times than I can count. Definitely going to be a cult classic.

Redmond Original 2016-09-10
The movie was so good that I started farting. Then the farts evolved into a full on shart. I paused the movie, cleaned myself up, and finished the movie...but not before soiling 5 more pairs of my mother's underwear....underwear that I wear for... therapeutic reasons...yeah.

MichelleGoBlue 2016-09-09
Just as stupid silly as I expected and hoped. If you like Samberg's characters on SNL you'll probably like this movie. What a crap ton of celeb cameos! Mindless funny entertainment. Just what I wanted.

Playah-d 2016-09-08
I walked out. Wasn't funny or entertaining at all. Don't spend any money on this.

Sammm4256744 2016-09-07
The entire movie was great, and both the comedy and the music was very well crafted.

Thomas.Wright 2016-09-04
I honestly think my 4 year old nephews could've done a better job. I highly recommend that anyone who watches this have a bottle of bleach within reach.

kax1117 2016-09-04
Waste of my time and money. Probably the worst production I've ever seen. Lame and boring till the end. The reason it was produced stays a mystery to me… God bless the people that can laugh about it.

iBryanB 2016-09-02
Funniest movie I've seen in years!

majorthomas 2016-09-01
I have always been a AS (especially in 'That's my Boy'); and this is just another hilarious showcase of his abilities. Except for some short unnecessary nudity it's funny enough for almost all ages. I'm only putting this in because I need movies like this to see my humor is shared; and I hate it when I have to ff past a couple of small sections when my kids want to laugh. But off that; this is a very funny movie and worth watching several times.

MikeVTS 2016-08-31
Stopped half way through.

moonmycron 2016-08-31
not very funny, an occasional chuckle at most

Lyla2016 2016-08-31
Terrible movie. And it doesn't make laugh at all.

Likyoon#1331 2016-08-26
If you don't find Andy Samberg & his skits/music funny I wouldn't recommend this movie. I rarely find movies funny, but I'm a huge fan of the lonely island band & found this movie hilarious. It's full of a lot of spoof comedy, but I found it hilarious! I saw a few bad reviews on here so I was nervous I would be wasting my money. Glad I got it. Highly recommend to the crowd who enjoys the sarcasm & comedy of Andy Samberg & the lonely island band!