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ESPN Films’ Emmy-nominated and Peabody Award-winning 30 for 30 is an unprecedented documentary series, engaging some of today’s finest storytellers to tell incredible stories that capture the core of how sports inspire and entertain.

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User Reviews
Johnjacobdoesmith 2017-08-27
Paid for the entire Volume 4, yet 2 new 30 for 30's have come out under volume 4 and they're not available on iTunes! I paid for the entire volume!

jramato824 2017-06-18
When will Part 2 of Lakers/Celtics post?? That's the best part!!! Come on guys!!! iTunes added Part 2 within 24 hours - nice work guys! I apologize!

rockeastwood 2017-06-16

Carlos Partida 2017-06-16
Where's the 2nd part?

zelicious 2017-06-16
If Part 2 was there, I would give 5 stars.

GY2697 2017-06-15
iTunes has really screwed up lately. Messing with the NBA Finals games and their quality, and now they fail to put up Lakers/Celtics Part 2. You guys have one job

turfd 2016-07-24
I purchased a season pass for Vol. 2 of 30 For 30 and got the 30 episodes that you would expect based on the literal name of the series. When Vol. 3 started, I purchased another season pass for $30 thinking it would be a great deal for another 30 episodes. Imagine my surprise when after 8 episodes they suddenly stopped showing up and and I discovered that there was now a Vol. 4 where the new episodes were going. An individual episode costs $3 which meant if I had paid for each episode by itself I would have only paid $24 for Vol. 3. I got the pleasure of giving Apple an extra $6 for nothing. I wrote to Apple to explain this to them and their response was that I needed to contact ESPN about it because it wasn't their problem. ESPN's own website still lists Vol. 3 as ongoing with new episodes being listed under that designation. The ONLY place Vol. 4 exists is on iTunes where you can again purchase a season pass which is guaranteed not to be a full season since you are already misssing the first 8 episodes of the current season.