Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children
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From director Tim Burton, comes a wildly imaginative fantasy-adventure. When Jake unravels a mystery

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From director Tim Burton, comes a wildly imaginative fantasy-adventure. When Jake unravels a mystery that spans alternate realities and times, he discovers a secret world for children with unusual powers, including levitating Emma, pyrokinetic Olive, and invisible Millard. But danger soon arises and the children must band together to protect a world as extraordinary as they are.

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User Reviews
jane828394748 2022-08-26
So this movie it is a great movie but it’s missing something like it’s missing all that a lot more magic and a lot more fantasy by the way can you please turn down the like I don’t know maybe the fact that they are going to die for some reason I just feel like it’s sort of dangerous and I don’t want my kids watching this anymore so I loved your movie my kids loved it too but I think it’s better if my kids stay watching something educational or something that really isn’t for endangering peoples minds bwt kids minds by the way if you guys wanna movie that is good you guys should watch all of the movies of spy kids and monster high my kids and I loved it by the way don’t forget my little pony my kids love the MyLittlePony new movie it on Netflix so I had to watch it it was the best i’m not saying anything bad about this movie it’s just that it’s a pretty good movie my this is my opinion by the way so if that’s your opinion but not mine in my kids. sincerely:Jane feliciano

L0RD/D4RK53ID 2022-08-10
This is one of the best movies by Tim Burton in a long time. As someone who has not read the book (I hate reading; lol), when I first saw the movie back in 2016, I didn’t know what to think. Now that I’m older and can appreciate cinema in all sorts of new ways, I really love this movie. It’s one of my favorite fantasy films that are not part of a large franchise. First of all, Burton’s last great movie was Sleepy Hollow. Everything since then has been adequate at most. This film brings him back to his roots while also giving us something new. It is a worthy addition to his library and provides a great story that gets better every time you watch it. I enjoy a lot from this movie. Firstly, the acting is great from pretty much everyone, even the children surprisingly. Eva Green and Samuel L. Jackson give fantastic performances as their respective characters Miss Peregrine and Mr. Barron. The story might not have the best organization, but the first and third acts have enough amazing things to make it well worth the watch. The love story between Jake and Emma is also brilliant and wonderful to watch because it combines two of my biggest fantasies (traveling back in time, and falling in love with a beautiful English girl). Also, based on everything I’ve heard about the book, I’m glad it was adapted the way it was. This may have been released in 2016, but it has the atmosphere of a classic movie. Important note: not an ounce of wokeness. You’re welcome. Enjoy!

KITTYGIRL$$$ 2022-05-11
Characters were wrong. Emma had Olives power, Olive had Emmas power, Olive was too old, Brownwyn was too young, and Enoch was too old ,Hugh was too young, and Fiona was too young.I want to know if this movie was based off of the boom or not. Its impossible for me to tell. Too many "mistakes" in the characters. I was disappointed.

i pArty😎 2020-10-05
This movie was so good I had the best time watching it with my family it is scary but it is one of the best. Also some of the children in her home have amazing power.

Reviewmasta1 2020-10-03
This is a very good interpritation of the book. Is it close to books? No. Is it close enough to give them justice - yes. Purists will argue - let them. Very good entertainment and quality movie. Own it.

Nicholas becerra 2020-06-01
Tim Burton has always been a campy director but it's not his flaut for making Miss Peregrine's home for Pelicular children this movie was magical and mystic in every way possible. But the acting is horrible, the visual effects are kinda nice but the story of this film is descent and i felt i was watching a episode of a long lost magic horror tv show Samuel L. Jackson is trying in this film so as the rest of the cast members there are great. Tim Burton really tried to make a good film like Beetlejuice or Batman or Sweeny Todd which is one of my favorites. Tim Burton could do better but this one is a gem.

NeeWee7 2020-04-04
First of all, words can’t do justice to the level of spookiness that this movie exudes. Not many people have been touching on the fact that this movie is what I would call BORDERLINE HORROR (hello? Enoch bringing a kid BACK TO LIFE like some sort of demonic doll???????). I’m not even including the whole eyeball thing in that category, it was gross but not the creepiest part by far (which tells you a lot about the movie). Needless to say, something about it really got under my skin and haunted me to a point that I haven’t watched the movie since. I definitely won’t recommend this to anyone under 16, possibly even 18. THAT BEING SAID Complete terror being overlooked, it was a pretty good movie. I thought the acting was great, the scenery was beautiful (in a freaky way), and the characters were so diverse (also in a creepy way). So, to recap, it is a great movie if you do not get spooked easily, and if you are looking for some entry level horror to start your Creepy Movie Repertoire.

MrReader101 2020-02-22
This movie blew me away. Confusing, and Creepy. Stunning, but creative. The visuals blew me away. Highly recommend for any fans of Fantasy. ———For the parents: This movie is PG-13 for a bad slang or two, no F-Bombs or Sh**. The action doesn’t get real graphic, but the monsters are kind of scary for any children under 9 or so. Not demonic, but it has an odd scene where, (SPOILER), the monsters eat children’s eyeballs. Over all, great movie.

emmabruno 2019-11-17
Anybody else notice how bad the main guys acting is? I swear this guy is just reading the script off random objects in the room. I really love the idea of the movie but his monotone acting really got to me.

UniSans 2019-04-30
I was a small bit disappointed in the differences from the book, especially regarding Emma, Olive, and Enoch (oh god not Enoch) but if you separate the movie and the books, they’re both phenomenal.

Who moo2000 2019-04-04
This movie is amazing!! Totally would recommend it! 😍😍

DennisVsGamingYT 2019-02-22
I know some people haven’t read the book but you should listen to me and read the book and watch the movie it was very nice

wasteoftimeforsure 2019-01-01
It’s really stupid Watching the trailers I thought you know it’s going to be good an all But it It ain’t it’s extremely stupid and dumb I’ve never hated a Tim burton movie before but THIS is awful!!! 😔😢 Also I understand that they every director changes the story here And there but this is NOTHING like the books absolutely nothing like the book series Don’t buy!!!!

Magickitten101 2018-12-26
I have not read the books but I have seen the movie, it’s great! Also, to be honest, I don’t know which is better because I haven’t read the book! Which it is?

Mich. El jefe 2018-11-02
Por que no está en español

great series 2018-10-07
Definitely worth the buy!!! Exceptional storyline and totally unprecedented for Tim burton!

SmiffC 2018-08-29
Dare I say this is Tim Burton’s best movie since Big Fish.

happyemoji5 2018-07-13
It was nice but it made me have lots of nightmares🙀☠️💀👎🏻

dbimyml 2018-07-09

Game player- 2018-06-29
Miss Peregrines home For Peculiar Children is a Magical Movie that Entertained the Eyes of the Public.

Ugdgjcrhbfgfhfccffgggggggg 2018-06-24
I loved this movie I am thinking of buying it

Danielsan98s 2018-06-17
I've always like Tim Burton movies and this was a let down. When I first watched it, I sort of enjoyed it, with all its creepy vibes and what not. But after reading the books, I realized that this movie, which could have kickstarted a whole series, was a big mess. Asa Butterfield's acting was below par, like he didn't want to star in the movie, but needed the extra dough for his Nintendo games.

Girlygirl100hi 2018-05-26
This was such a disappointment. Books are usually a bit different than the movie but in this case the book was WAY different and WAY better than the movie! Like what is going on?! Way way way different! I would not recommend to anyone. Read the book, do not watch the movie.

James$45$ 2018-04-20

Ht06230623 2018-02-23
really, i have to buy it why can’t i rent it? how lame

CaleyHess 2018-02-11
Dudeeee this is the best book I’ve EVERRR SEEN!! Omg I love this movie the book is a little bit better in some parts but if u haven’t watched it.... WATCH IT!!

Nature❤️ 2017-10-13
This movie Was AMAZING I Definitely recommend this! Btw if you are a child under 13 and get scared easily I would highly recommend you watch this with a parent or guardian

LBOXLA 2017-08-11
I don't know how this qualifies as PG-13 it creeped my kids out for days. There is a BIG difference between "For Children" and "Having Children in it" don't fall for the mistake. If you think this is somehow a fun family movie about empowered kids think again: - Creepy Monsters stealing people's eyeballs - Villains delighting on eating giant piles of human eye balls in a banquet -Creepy Toys (inspired by Tool videos) that kill each other by ripping out each other's hearts with painful screams The list goes on ...

Batman Destroyers 2017-08-10
The movie is great! When I first watched it I loved it! I fell in love with all the characters, don't listen to all the haters who think the books are better. This is a MUST WATCH!!!

Leitha Stite 2017-06-26
Ok, I have been bullied before because I'm "weird". Because I stick up for myself and others. Because I'm adopted. Because I'm homeschooled. Like that's some disease I can never wash off. Whatever. This movie seriously speaks to that. It told me that it was ok to embrace my quirky "peculiarities". And that's a message EVERYONE needs to hear.

Love-bug98 2017-05-11
The movie is very well put together. It is said to be scary though it might be only to some people. It was scariest in the beginning. I would not recommend this movie to anyone younger than ten. There are monsters that kill people and eat there eyes. The movie is very good and I recommend everyone watching it ( anyone older than ten of course 😂😂 )!

Farley44894 2017-05-06
I tought the movie was great and loved it. The action in it was great, also loved the story line.

michdavidadams 2017-05-03
I actually really enjoyed this movie. I've read all 3 books and I loved them all, but I think this a really good movie to get people to read these books. I'm glad it's just 1 movie, and I understand why they changed a bunch of stuff.

Cookyjjeon 2017-04-30
If you have read the books, watch it and enjoy the characters coming to life. Yes, things were changed. Keep in mind, it's Hollywood. I have read the books, see the movie and love both. I'm happy to see the characters come alive. If you have not read the books, you'll enjoy this regardless. Tim Burton did an amazing job as he always does. As they said, haters are gonna hate.

book worm 🐛📖 2017-04-18
I've read the series and to be honest it's NOT really like it at all. I mean what the heck Tim Burts what were you thinking!!! But I was overall ok ish. Kinda recommend watching it then reading the books but I mean it's your choice

Abbykett 2017-04-13
Not book accurate although it is still a very good movie.

Cozylou 2017-03-03
Within the first five minutes I was done watching this. It was like watching a car accident in slow motion: you just want it to be over so you can recover from what just happened before your eyes. I'm not even going to talk about how it was basically Tim Burton looking up the book's synopsis on Wikipedia and going "Now how can I make this incomprehensible and deathly boring to the masses???" I will say however, the CGI was excellent... but it didn't really make up for anything else. The main actor can't even ACT. So unenthusiastic. It's like he forgot what he was doing and just contemplated his life in every scene he's in. Through the (what felt like hours) movie, me and my sister sat there... we were just ambivalent. How is this rated higher than 40% on Rotten Tomatoes? Oh my goodness please, skip this movie.

😘❤️😍😘❤️😍💕😜😝😊😋 2017-03-03
okay so I've read the books and well let's just say that this is a completely different story. DO NOT BUY!!!!!!!!

100@ 2017-02-28
I saw this movie a couple days ago and am literally dying to see it again, I would recommend this to anyone who doesn't get scared easily. It's a little scary but the whole scheme of the movie makes up for it, and the cast put a lot of work into this movie, and boy was it WORTH IT!!!!!

jeramo94 2017-02-25
I'm not here to complain that the movie was complete garbage and that it absolutly sucked, because it was honestly a decent movie. It had some interesting characters and a decent plot, HOWEVER, it did not stand well in its following of the book. Being someone who is a huge fan of the book trilogy, I was very surprised as the changing of the most basic elements of the book. For example, for some reason the powers of Olive and Emma are switched around, and while this doesn’t nessicarily matter, it does come as a bit of a surprise to people who have read the books. Other, much more major changes include the main 'enemies.' For some reason the replaced Caul with some other person named Mr. Barron. In other words, it's a decent movie by itself, but fans of the book may not be very impressed.

Amtmyml 2017-02-16
First time that I got in touch with this is the book version, Awesome! And I know that the book and this movie are little bit different, I admit that the book version is much more better than movie one. But on the other side, the chance that we can feel the difference is one of the best that I got from this movie version! Awesome!

GreekGuy81684 2017-02-10
Eye candy... Nothing more... Pun intended... I saw the Tim Burton seal of approval and this is the first time i've ever felt cheated by one of his films... I'm glad i only rented. Stay away. Stay very far away from this pile of horribleness... This really is a movie that only dumb people can enjoy. I can't wait until this title ends up on CinemaSins and HonestTrailers.

Qscthnil 2017-02-08
This series of books is my all time favorite. When I heard the movie was coming out I was super excited to see it. The movie was ok. Good acting. Interesting. But it had nothing close to the book. Not even the characters were the same. Some were switched. I feel this could of had a better rating if it stuck to the origins of the book.

GlassMushroom 2017-02-05
I can't believe this movie change so much from the book from the gender of the characters the name the props and many other . The one that really made me laugh was when they changed the little rowboat they used in the book to a giant ship they used in the movie. I was not very happy with this movie because of all the changes but for people who haven't read the books they will probably like it.

Snow6226 2017-02-02
Horrible children's movie

BladesK21 2017-01-30
I see a lot of people on here bashing this movie because it was different from the book. I have read the book and I have watched the movie. I loved both the book and the movie.

Diceke 2017-01-30
A very schizophrenic movie. Some beautiful sets, costumes and scenes, but ending up with a mad silly rush towards the finish and appalling (pre-vis level) special effects at the end that kills any investment you may have had in the movie. I regret purchasing the movie.

masonmac123 2017-01-30
This movie may not be for everyone but, this was perfect for me. Age Rating: 11+

Sammypuppy 2017-01-28
I had very high hopes for this movie due to my love for the books and for other Burton films. I convinced my husband to watch it with me one night, convinced he would like it. Welp...I guess Burton gets a "you tried" sticker on this one. My husband didn't know the story, and he found the beginning very rushed and confusing. We had to pause it so I could explain to him exactly what was happening. And yes, the character's are very much changed. Bronwyn is much younger (although adorable), Emma has Olive's ability, Olive has Emma's ability and is much older...etc. Towards the middle of the film, my husband was getting into it a bit more and I was getting more confused. He still asked a few times "wait, what's happening? Why?" and it got to the point where I just replied "I honestly have no idea..." The story was changed SO drastically, I was lost. I guess he was trying to make it something else and I know the author okay'd the changes, but...eh, not my cup of tea. Also, I feel it wasn't as brutal as the books. I feel like Burton was trying to make it more "family friendly".

Skyskoo 2017-01-27
I've read the books and so have my kids and we all loved this movie. BUT you must realize going in, it's never going to be as good as the book series. When I found out Tim Burton was directing, I was worried this would be too cartoony, like Alice in Wonderland. But he did a wonderful job of creating a magical feel in a vintage setting. Great cinematography. There's some strange character changes from the book but they don't impact the story too much. Other plot changes were unnecessary IMO and took away from what could have been an even better movie. The bad guys are great--creepy and scary with good CGI. There's just enough tech in this to make it cool without taking away from the old-fashioned feel of the movie. If you didn't read the book, you'll love it. If you did, watch it as a kind of Fan Fiction. On its own, it's really enjoyable. We hope they make the next one! (Though not sure how they'd connect this movie to the 2nd book).