Office Christmas Party
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You're invited to the most outrageous holiday party of the season, featuring an UNRATED CUT included in iTunes Extras! When the CEO (Jennifer Aniston) decides to close her hard-partying brother’s branch, he (T.J. Miller) and his fired up co-workers (Jason Bateman, Olivia Munn, Kate McKinnon) decide to throw an epic office party to land a big VIP and save everyone’s jobs. Fueled by booze and bad decisions, things quickly spiral out-of-control in this wild and raunchy comedy. Office Christmas Party is the gift that keeps on giving!

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User Reviews
Rockabye0 2023-11-24
Funny and entertaining, love it!

giamarieyt 2020-12-14
office christmas party is one of my fav movies. so funny, great cast. perfect if you have dark humor. 10/5

Ken&Joan1773 2019-12-21
I’m actually watching this movie right now as I write this and it’s just mediocre. I saw it in the theatre when it came out and I thought it was funny then. It reminds me of both The Hangover and Rough Night (Kate McKinnon and Jillian Bell were both in Rough Night a year later) which are funny movies. A lot of cussing and sex in this movie and the only parts I liked was the actual party scene and the ending. People who like comedy party movies will love this

Luv1anuthr 2018-12-26
The trailer didn’t show any of the really disgusting acts in this movie, or I wouldn’t have purchased it. People sucking on an ice sculpture penis, really? Glorifying drug use? The mere fact these types of perverted morally inept crap shows are made and liked by the public just proves society is falling deeper and deeper into oblivion. I’m gonna ask for my $ back. If I was in a theater, I’d have walked out demanding such.

okamigamer90 2018-10-07
Why can’t all Christmas parties be this awesome?

Unit-02 2018-09-10
Im actually impressed how the movie turn out. Definitely a 5 star for comedy and Jennifer Anniston was total kickass lol. love the humor and plot was good. Ratings where way off and its a 5 star.

Arthur Digby Sellars 2017-12-18
Seriously. The. Worst. Movie. I’ve. Ever. Seen.

Than[Q] 2017-12-18
This movie was awesome, I don’t know why it has so many low ratings lol

Rayvyn 2017-12-18
I tried several times to watch this piece of crap but was unable to make it all the way thru. I love all the top actors in it but still, the forced or spoon-fed comedy is grueling.

Nanaimo1930 2017-11-27
This movie is raunchy and vile. I cannot believe people thought this would be ok. The worst part is that there are decent actors in it and they still completely bombed

⭐️ Star ⭐️ 2017-11-24
Freaking funny as hell!!!

devo96 2017-11-01
I'm beginning to think bad reviews for funny movies are based upon ones mood at the time of the viewing. This was laugh out loud, rewind to see it again- funny!!!

parsaee 2017-10-24
The best comedy movie I’ve ever seen ❤️🖤

kmcgee23 2017-10-23
Not even worth a dollar to rent. I’d rather eat from the dollar menu at McDonald’s.

FUZZY4201 2017-10-22
Tons of talent and hilarious all the way threw!

Kasspod 2017-10-19

amplifyfitness 2017-10-19
Yep. Not a likeable character or interesting situation in this movie. Only lost a dollar on this so... cheap lesson this time.

Josh kirby in Tempe az 2017-10-18
I thought this was better than expected. I figured it would be some boring comedy but it actually was a lot of fun. All the characters were great. I looked at it almost as arrested development the movie.

nitemel 2017-08-15
Is this what Hollywood believes people want? Lewd, disgusting behaviour from a bunch of unlikable characters. Just horrific.

KingArthur1972 2017-06-21
From beginning to end, the most funny movie I've seen in a long time!

Wickedgirl22 2017-06-05
I have no regrets having rented this. Love Seth Rogan. Perfect if you're in the mood for a 'so stupid it's funny' comedy.

PaceRipley 2017-06-03
This movie depends on your expectations. Ingmar Bergman this isn't. A good cast taking a loose plot line and making it fun and hilarious this is. Enjoyable stuff.

Fletch F. Fletch 2017-05-28
Only a real snob or cynic wouldn't be able to find at least SOME laughs here. Yes, the plot is pretty basic and it's all predictable but the cast makes everything funnier than it should be and there are even some legitimately hilarious moments. It's a mess but it's also fun. The production values are terrific (slick cinematography and some fantastic chaos) and although everyone sticks close to their bread and butter strengths (Bateman is basically playing Michael Bluth here again, Anniston plays a tough icy chick, Miller is earnest but dim, Condry is blunt and snarky, McKinnon always seems slightly deranged, etc) they know how to work their associated personas even if they aren't striving for something more ambitious. Even when it's not funny it's likable and the whole thing has more heart than you might expect. At least worth the rental if only to see a bunch of funny people basically just take you along on a amusing ride while they improvise.

Antoine le Chat 2017-05-27
Irrevent, not funny, boring, disgusting. One of the worst films in history

SSnipes18 2017-05-21
It was a good movie just not was I was expecting all the funny parts were in the commercials. I love all the cast but it just dragged on in certain spots.

Fireporsche 2017-05-14
I've never left a review before!! This movie was awful. Don't waste your time!

Emmy_luvv 2017-05-04
I saw it in theaters and it was so funny!!!!

Blooberry 2017-05-01
I really wanted to like this but it's not good.

kalahari7 2017-04-28
This movie is simply hilarious! The humor is dry and smart. Timed perfectly! It is a stupid movie about stupid people. Get over it!!!!! It spit my drink laughing so hard watching it. It is simply awesome!!!

HD rider7398 2017-04-26
My gf wanted to watch Christmas Party so we rented it. It had some good scenes to laugh at but all in all the movie fell short with me. Some of the scenes just didn't have the laugh like the Asian guy acting like a baby and trying react the Fast and the furious bridge jump scene. That's all I remember from the movie. The plus side Jennifer plays a great mean boss/sister

Solonglong1997 2017-04-16
Unlike some of the other reviews, I enjoyed this movie. The way everyone had their own way to make this movie funny was incredible!

JamesPons 2017-04-15
I really had high hopes for this one as a fun weekend movia and it turned out to be the worst I've seen this year... also there was something disgusting and not cool about it, defintly not a Hangover movie type with a good direction and a script that isn't a complete waste. Not lying, the worst!

RhodyDad 2017-04-14
Don't bother.

Sarita Fastlaner 2017-04-13
I don’t know how I sat through the whole movie. I maybe chuckled once. I really like Bateman, but this movie was awful. The storyline itself wasn’t terrible, but all the situational gags were trite & predictable. The family-run corp rang true…as did the modern relationships. But the way the dialogue & gags were implemented inside the storyline was so off…every character, except the loser brother, was completely flat. How can I laugh when the only humorous situation is the big party, which could have been made into a 10 minute music video?

sonnenschein531 2017-04-10
Watch the previews and thats the movie. Everything else is just boring. Quite literally the previews are everything good about the movie. And I adore the cast...just boring though.

Tribefan4ever 2017-04-09
I was really looking forward to seeing this movie. So disappointed! It had it's moments.

TonyCahuengaPass 2017-04-08
Very, very funny!

jen_abdi 2017-04-08
Not the worst movie I've ever seen, but also not good. Pretty hard to sit through.

NintendoWiiMiiChannelMusic 2017-04-05
Loved it! Great movie! Great different and interesting plot! Love Olivia Munn! 🙂

Blue dog house 2017-04-05
Was very surprised by this one. Thought it was going to be a stupid one. But had many laughs.

machestnut 2017-04-05
What a huge let down. Was excited to see this movie since I loved the cast and the trailer was hilarious. Glad I rented it. Movie was boring

Teri1948 2017-04-04
I was shocked on how boring this movie was, absolutely SHOCKED.

Pia Wahto 2017-04-04
This movie definitely had some funny parts (mostly the bloopers at the end) and I honestly had to fast forward about 30 minutes because I was so bored.

Gav Stenny 2017-03-31
Bought this to watch the Unrated version which comes with the movie but none of the extra features worked.

midrocker 2017-03-28
An enjoyable movie that hinges on one's appreciation of this set of actors. The writing is far from sharp and ending "save" is completely illogical, but it didn't really matter. The actors seemed to be having fun and so I had fun. Watched it twice. Felt the same way both times.

PabsLives 2017-03-25
Wanted to walk out several times, but I was watching it with my Dad...Couldn't find a bigger waste of your money if you tried. It's so miraculously unfunny (suprising given the fun cast), but ever joke is flat. The motivations are idiotic, and there is no sense of what makes a entertaining party story-wise onscreen. It physically hurt to watch, so I implore you against spending anything on this movie (time, money, consideration).

Gklee76 2017-03-24
Great funny (and original) movie! Love it. And the cast was absolutely perfect!

Redwall Inc. 2017-03-22
But you have to enjoy comedies and have a sense of humor!

Cavamo 2017-03-22
This movie is frakking hilarious!!! Kate McKinnon is the goddess of comedy! We need more of her.

pholly 2017-03-22
If you don't understand technology don't make a movie involving technology.