Newsies: The Broadway Musical
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Set in New York City at the turn of the last century and based on a true story, Newsies is the

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Set in New York City at the turn of the last century and based on a true story, Newsies is the rousing tale of Jack Kelly, leader of a ragged band of teenage “newsies” who dream only of a better life far from the hardship of the streets. But when two publishing titans raise distribution prices at the newsboys’ expense, Jack finds a cause to fight for. Filmed live at the Pantages Theatre in Hollywood, CA, this high-energy, not-to-be-missed version of the hit Broadway show fills the stage with more “newsies” and dancing than ever before!

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User Reviews
Ncorgie 2023-06-14
I Love it so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

creture crazy 2022-10-21
I’ve been acting for years and love broadway plays. this one is the best. you just can’t compare with anything. change my mind.

kjifjfd 2021-06-14
I luv the original newsies ant this is kinda, like it but not the exact same. This was a great idea but not my favorite ever..

A.k.a. awesome person 2021-03-10
I love this movie so much! I have seen at least thirty Broadway shows live, and even if this one is not live it is still by far my favorite! I am playing Katherine in our local town and I am so glad to be cast as such an amazing influential woman! But this movie is the! Lol 😂 Remember to buy a smile on someone’s face! And also remember that God loves you so much!!!!!! Sorry this took so long, had a lot to say!!!!!!

Bad bad I tell you bad 2021-01-12
The actor for David is hot

hailbail14 2020-09-01
i can’t even tell you how much i love this movie!!! i love it even even more than the original movie. the music, the dancing, the characters, the cast, it’s just all AMAZING. i could watch it over and over without getting tired of it. even if you don’t like musicals or think you won’t like it, please just watch it. it’s worth it

PercussionLife 2020-08-04
Why in the world did they record a lip synced version on freaking broadway?! Horrible.

jadyn bassi 2020-05-20

hi ho good cheese girl 2020-05-19
The best thing that has ever happened to me

woolylearner706 2020-01-09
The singing is just an unbelievable show stopper

Red3467 2019-12-09
Okay so no I haven’t bought this. I watch it on Disney + instead. I’ve watched this movie so many times I’ve lost count! XD! I got to watch this on broadway but it was so long ago I don’t remember much. (I was only seven at the time). At one point I even forgot the name of it... I do however remember a few little bits here and there of it. The only reason I got to see it on broadway was because I got the chance to go with my high school band (which I am now a part of or at least the marching band portion of it). I am soooo glad they added the letter from the refuge or whatever it’s called because it adds so much to Crutchie’s character. Okay soo yes I know I’m jumping around different topics but I have sooo much to say and it’s hard to say it all. Anyway I’m so happy I get to watch this movie because it brings back the memory of watching it when it was on broadway and how I hurt my finger right before... or was that when we watched the phantom of the opera... ummmm... anyway. I even still have my ticket. This movie has helped me rekindle my love of Newsies. I know that when or if I ever have kids I’m going to share this with them. This is getting kinda just a little bit long but anyway... I’m going to seize the day to watch Newsies again... yes again

AquaAshleyReviews 2019-10-16

GinaNic5678 2019-06-08
... that this is the greatest show I have seen in my life so far! I don’t believe that anything will be able to top the vocals, the dancing, the acting, and the amazing chemistry seen between the cast members! As a performer myself, I look to this musical for inspiration and just pure entertainment because LOOK AT HOW HIGH THOSE BOYS GET. The choreography and the way that it is executed is phenomenal, pure genius. Ben Cook’s “King of New York” proves that he is exactly that, Jeremy Jordan makes me cry, Ben Fankhauser is a bean, and Kara Lindsay just astonishes me. The storyline is fantastic. I can’t say enough about this. Buy it, don’t just rent it. It’s something that I’ve watched a million times a day (no lie) on Netflix, and then they took it off and I actually cried. Buy it. Watch it. Live it. Breathe it. Enjoy it.

KP_095 2019-05-05
I saw this on broadway back in 2013 and watching this movie brings me back to seeing it live! It’s absolutely fantastic. I love that I can relive the live show whenever! 1000% recommend.

imnewsiestrash 2019-04-14

Dinosaur at heart 2019-04-04
God.O my god.this is just o my god! They filmed my life and put it on iTunes.SANTA FE

a legend at fortnite 2019-03-11
Jeremy Jordan, Kara Lindsay, Ben Cook. that’s all that needs to be said.

splasherthenewsie 2019-03-04
i just did newsies and it’s my favorite musical in the world❤️❤️

cruchie is a smol bean 2019-02-25
The poor GUYS Head is spinning! But it also takes a smile that spreads like butter

Deleting right away 2019-02-04
I love the Newsies so much!!! It’s my all time favorite movie!!! I wish I could have seen the real thing in person!!

Maddsweger 2019-01-08
This is one of my favorite musicals, amazing music, amazing choreography, amazing story. Very fun to watch. God bless Jeremy Jordan

Legoman2015 bob dude 2018-11-20
This movie has your feet tapping and you singing along with everybody, no matter what scene. The actors are amazing and give the show that extra vibe, making you feel like your actually on broadway in the audience. The dancing is to much to keep up with. I can’t give enough kudos to this musical the cast and crew. You need to see this!

Bellatrix_Lesrange 2018-10-28
Can I rate this 525,600/5? Is that allowed? And CAN WE GET MORE JEREMY JORDAN AND BEN TYLER F**ING COOK IN EVERYTHING! They are one of the highlights of the entire show also Andrew Keenan Bolger, Ben fankhuser, Kara Lindsay, tommy braco I think that’s like everyone in the cast I can name off the top of my head more of all of them please!

I Have Joy in My Life! 2018-08-23
I will just put the sound track on for this and listen all day long!! I love this movie sooooooo much!!! Jeremy Jordan plays the role extremely well and this is my favorite movie of all time and always will be!!!!

happy day😃 2018-06-29
This is my favorite musical of all times that is on Broadway! The actors did a great job!

TsWade2 2018-06-09
While it's a shame it didn't get release on Bluray/DVD anytime soon. But, I've got to see the tour, the fathom events, and now I've got it on digital which is awesome. i love what they did, and I think that musical should of won A Tony Award for Best Musical instead that boring musical Once. This will be my favorite Broadway Musical on DV, uh, I mean, download.

Isabella Galecki 2018-06-05
The soundtrack is one you can sing along to and songs like “The World Will Know” and “Seize the Day” will fire you up when you need it and songs like “King of New York” will get you up and dancing.

GeekOnSleek4 2018-05-26
I first saw the original ‘92 movie on DVD and it was good, but I saw the stage musical at the Clowes Memorial Hall with my mom and it looks way better than the movie! I love the Broadway version of the movie! Some of the characters are different from the original movie and the plot is bit the same as the original movie.

Savagelife1 2018-04-12
All of them are hotties tbh😍

Minonlover66 2018-04-05
Holy crap this is such a good movie and you need to watch it.😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

lizzie-juniper 2018-04-02
I absolutely LOVE this musical! I think about every song at least once a day, it’s that great. The choreography is *stunning*! Blessed they made a movie out of the Broadway musical. 🙏🏼

AnnaButterfly 2018-03-21
It is the best and Jeremy Jordan is a dream!

CJSamc33 2018-02-07
I been watching the Newsies: The Broadway Musical on Netflix. It was awesome. I’m going to see the Disney Newsies The Broadway musical at Chanhassen Dinner Threater in May 12, 2018. (Cast Jeremy Jordan, Ben Fankhauser, Andrew Keenan Bolger, Ben Cook, Daniel Switzer, Michael Dameski, Kara Lindsay, Iain Young, Josh Burrage, Anthony Zas, Tommy Bracco, Nicholas Masson, Michael Rios, Chaz Wolcott, Andy Richard, David Guzman, Jacob Guzman, Sky Flaherty.) #Newsies Forever

PhillyLOVE❤️ 2018-01-11
At nine years old, I skipped a production of The Nutcracker to try out a musical theater class. In the class, we performed The King of New York. Ever since then, musical theater has been my passion, and Newsies is still my favorite musical to this day. I would just like to thank this musical for helping me find my life’s work. 🙂

NtaKon 2017-12-30
The music's great and the choreography's energetic. Interesting story with gags!

Big Fons 2017-11-25
I love it!!! I love watching it... I wish I could see it live... I love everything about the show!!!

EWILLDOMINATE10 2017-10-23
Amazing! Great camera and audio

Stephen_S 2017-10-12
I saw the original Newsies movie musical and I fell in love with it. While I didn't see the musical when it came on Broadway, I did manage to watch it when Fathom Events showed the World Tour at the Pantages Theater in LA. I loved the choreography, the acting, and the singing. Right from the opening number I wanted to sing a long. Highly recommended.

Damon YJ 2017-10-08
Just buy and watch!

Epicjuiceboxfail 2017-09-23

Allycat4303 2017-09-15
I have seen this on the big screen and on Netflix and it never gets old I could watch this everyday if I wanted to and never get tired of it. If your thinking about purchasing this just go ahead and get it. It was totally worth it!

SexyAslan 2017-09-04
the dancing is great. the music is catchy and emotional. the lyrics are brilliant. the boys are gorgeous. the end.

Person👩🏼🐰🐼 2017-09-02
It's an amazing musical and the entire cast is incredibly talented. I just wish it was available to purchase on dvd

Jczl 2017-07-21
This movie is 10/10. I saw it live in Philadelphia and watching this cast and seeing their reactions up close really gives you a sense of theatre that can be hard to capture from balcony seats. So good, the singing, the acting, the dancing - all fabulous. Literally but this. I've watched it at least 15 times now. Sooooooo yeah 😂

sometimesjordyn 2017-06-25
i love watching my boys spit in HD. plz buy.

A&V 2017-06-22
This film was definitely worth waiting for. I've been rewatching it. It's so good to see the original broadway and national tour cast unite and to see the numbers bigger and better. Good to see Andrew Keenan-Bolger getting another song written for this film version as well since Crutchie's not in much of the second act. The dance numbers are fantastic. Christopher definitely improved the choreography for it. Couldn't imagine Ryan Steele pulling off what Ben Cook did as Racer. Cook brought all the comedy to this beloved film.

MiniSkyGuy 2017-06-19
This movie/musical is soooo good, and the cast is at their absolute best! The choreography is amazing, and I find myself replaying certain points because I can't comprehend how they're able to move like that. Ben Cook in particular is a strong triple threat with many different talents and a great stage presence. He's definitely one to watch! Back to the show, I would highly, highly, highly reccomend watching this if you can't see it live. Newsies is the best broadway show I've seen so far, especially in regards to the choreography and tricks that they do onstage. It's crazy to me that the cast did this eight times a week for so long.

Pinkdolphin603 2017-06-16
THIS HAS GOT TO BE THE BEST CAST YET!!!!!!! I absolutely love it 😍😍😍😍😍😍

Hshjsbstjs 2017-06-11
This is one of the best broadway shows I've ever seen. The cast is amazing the music is amazing the dancing is amazing this show is amazing

plznfanku 2017-06-08
I saw this in theaters with my friend having absolutely no previous knowledge of the plot or the soundtrack or anything and it literally changed my life? i haven't stopped listening to the soundtrack since the minute i left the theater. this was released on may 23 and i'd watched it 8 times by may 30th. jeremy jordan? wow. ben cook? phenomenal. ben fankhauser? life changing. my life is better with newsies in it