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He was the pride of Bayonne, New Jersey, a man who went fifteen rounds in the ring with Muhammad Ali, and the real life inspiration for Rocky Balboa. But before all that, Chuck Wepner (Liev Schreiber) was a liquor salesman and father with a modest prizefighting career whose life changed overnight when, in 1975, he was chosen to take on The Greatest in a highly publicized title match. It’s the beginning of a wild ride through the exhilarating highs and humbling lows of sudden fame—but what happens when your fifteen minutes in the spotlight are up? Driven by a committed performance from Liev Schreiber, Chuck is a refreshingly human tale of resilience and redemption. Elisabeth Moss and Naomi Watts costar.

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User Reviews
Kidaguila 2017-12-09
A lot of good actors and acting. Would’ve liked to know how was his life in prison.

Rambo8649 2017-12-03
I was extremely disappointed. The movie was just boring..I found myself fast forwarding quite a bit. A poorly written movie thats poorly directed.

whosywhatsit 2017-09-01
Best movie I've seen in a good long while! Great story and great cast!

Mini Castevet 2017-08-17
Love 70s Liev! Fascinating true story and great performances by all.

Antoine_Doinel 2017-08-17
This is not your average boxing movie - a superb cast delivers a fantastic character study and slice of 70s Americana. Great soundtrack, too! Check it out.

Fland12 2017-08-17
Had no idea there was a real life inspiration for Rocky, but they nailed the New York/New Jersey of the 70's.

Mixerboy1 2017-08-15
Great Movie/ Great preformances

CannesUDigIt 2017-08-15
The poster is a bit misleading in that this is so much more than just a boxing movie. It is funny, moving and flat out entertaining - more like American Hustle than Rocky (but Chuck Wepner was Stallone's inspiration for Rocky). So it is familiar but still enlightening (and fun). Schreiber is great as Wepner, Naomi Watts and Elizabeth Moss are fantastic and Gaffigan and Ron Perlman are perfect. A really entertaining watch.