Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
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He's the best there is, in fact, he's the only one there is! He's Ace Ventura Pet Detective, on the

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He's the best there is, in fact, he's the only one there is! He's Ace Ventura Pet Detective, on the case to find the Miami Dolphins' missing mascot and quarterback Dan Marino. He goes eyeball to eyeball with a man-eating shark, stakes out the Miami Dolphins and woos and wows the ladies. Whether he's undercover, under fire or underwater, he always gets his man...or beast.

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User Reviews
Dethaven 2023-02-13
I’m glad it has that this version doesn’t have that dumb trainer scene. I no longer have to fast forward passed it.

Nickf714 2022-12-16
Can't award this version of the movie 5 stars like it deserves until Apple gives us the scenes they removed! The director even put them back in after considering timing. If he can add the scenes back so can Apple!

kajjii 2022-04-07
Sad they it’s missing parts but still a good movie

LvNurock 2021-12-03
For the people saying its missing scenes it isnt This is the actual movie length 1 hour 26 minutes The extended cut is 1 hour 36 minutes And on tv its 1 hour 18 minutes Got my sources from Guess when people saying missing scenes you must have been watching the extended cut of this movie which iTunes obviously doesnt have those scenes as they weren’t in the original movie however I’ve watched this movie several times and I absolutely love Jim Carrey and how he acts so funny in his movies as he is one of my favorite actors in Hollywood

BrentDennison 2021-11-26
Jim Carrey is at his performative height here, his brand of physical and mental comedy is fully embodied in the character of Ace. Ignore the rotten tomatoes score, and the intense critical comments citing homo and transphobia here. As someone of the LGBTQ+ also many of my family and friends, there isn’t material here I would consider directly insulting or damaging. In fact we found the movie to be a riot and actually brings the history of these social issues to light, it just depends on your taste and what you’re used to being exposed to. Some people here have lost perspective on the era the film comes from, that these issues were very new for mass audiences at the time, and just how much progress we’ve made since.

by Ethan John Seymour 2021-07-22
I’m looking for Ray Finkle and a clean pair of shorts.

CharlieGüts 2021-07-17
This is the type of movie that bred homophobia and transphobia. The producers and Jim Carrey should be ashamed of themselves.

jaywalsh929 2021-06-29
People forget the degree of confidence in Carrey and the confidence he has. The character he plays is what the audience is for, he doesn’t need a big screenplay to support take him cross the finish line

Jeff Edward 2021-05-01
This movie is perfection. It’s legendary. Love this movie!!!

Benvillars 2021-02-21
It opens up with oral s*x and ends with a s*x change. I love this movie but its actually really not for super young kids whatsoever

BroMuscle 2021-02-16
Terrible degrading film to Trans Women and all women.

Cis Dad Against BS 2020-10-24
Everyone will say I'm a party pooper but for the parents here who are not interested in spreading trans/homophobic media and toxic ideas to the next generation i say, "BEWARE!". By 1994 they shoudl have known better.

Rabinovici 2020-09-21
Very funny But Not For Kids under 13 because of language and sexual references

AtoZ Family 2020-07-25
Doesn’t have the best scene as the dolphin trainer! I want my money back

I Anon I 2020-07-13
Put both Ace Ventura movies in 4k please.❤️

NotJimmywashere 2020-04-28
This movie is missing scenes that were normally in the regular movie. Don’t understand why it’s not complete. Even the TV edited version had the scenes that are missing. Very mad! Especially after paying $9.99 for it.

SoulOfDrake78 2019-12-27
Sadly missing scenes from the original release. Please fix this itunes.

Ic406 2019-12-07
Buyer beware, there are scenes cut from the original film not in the iTunes version.

dudh bdixbd j 2018-05-19
One of Jim Carrey’s best movies

bunk'd all the way 2018-02-08
This movie is hilarious but the trailer shows nothing but i laughed so much i also recommend the2nd one also

Smxhxtahdn 2018-02-04
Jim back at it again

Hsjxmnc 2017-10-25
Pretty good movie

Ace wins! 2017-10-11
iTunes can we have part 2 Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls?!?!

904 Superstars 2017-09-28
👍🏽👍🏽 extremely funny