The Osiris Child: Science Fiction Volume One
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When a dangerous outbreak threatens to destroy everyone living on a newly colonized planet, Lt. Kane

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When a dangerous outbreak threatens to destroy everyone living on a newly colonized planet, Lt. Kane Sommerville goes against orders and leaves his station to rescue his young daughter before it's too late.

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User Reviews
Waam 2022-09-11
If all indie sci-fi movies could spend their money this way. Worth it. Daniel MacPherson makes this movie.

BobLAMovieLover 2020-09-11
This film has solid performances, some very impressive aerial combat scenes and a nice father-daughter story. Yes, the plot is derivative, convoluted and cheesy but there's something to be said for teh safety of exploring these themes as foundational background for a low budget, first run effort. I admit I did fast forward through parts of it, but that's what the FF button is for. If you're a fan of low budget sci-fi, it's definitely worth a look!

ZoeyyyyyyyAC 2020-07-13
Super entertaining. I really liked the ending too. Not the BEST movie ever but if you're running out of Netflix - this is def a good one.

guido111111 2019-08-31
Not a great movie, it is however a good movie. It kept me interested all the way through. Graphics were pretty good and even interesting in certain areas. Slow to start then creates faster pace throughout. Granted the monsters weren't nearly as scary as they wanted them to be, they sort of fade into the background and the human story prevails. It is one of those movies that start from the end and work there way forward to the ending. It jumps around a bit to provide the why's and who's. Altogether a good action flick that is family centered.

joviko 2019-08-31
Aussie B movie with all the goodies you'd expect from an Aussie B movie: weird and dangerous rednecks, violent dystopias in the desert, a plot with almost as many twists as holes, and a kid that out-acts the adults. Throw in some Doctor Who grade monsters and a dogfight scene lifted straight from Top Gun, you've got a very solid popcorn flick. Fun and well worth the five bucks.

Geode1334 2018-12-03
This movie is not for everyone, it is an indie after all. However, it is entertaining and if anything reminded me of the first Mad Max...a series that only got better over time. Give it a try.

ejh7094 2018-10-22
Terrible, awful, couldn’t be worse. Completely incomprehensible. Avoid.

Induk Hwang 2018-10-08
Man... I did not know rotten tomato score 63% was this bad... I lost my sleep.

Ask&Seek123 2018-09-30
Kind of boring for some reason and very much a different style of story telling, like a book or narrated story in someways. Was definitely a first movie in some sort of series, acting was good just lacked something?

Fletch F. Fletch 2018-03-22
It must be first said that despite that this wasn’t a film with Hollywood blockbuster resources, they create something here that often rivals the technical and visual work of anything you’ll see in a Hollywood blockbuster film. There’s good and and bad, but the good is very good and the bad are the kind of problems that don’t ruin the whole experience. While the leads are all good (including Kellan Lutz of Expendables 3 and the Twilight franchise, Temuera Morrison best known as Jango Fett and the Clones from the Star Wars prequels here in a scenery chewing role as a sadistic warden, and cameo by acclaimed actress Rachel Griffiths), but many of the smaller roles are filled by over the top and/or over emoting performers. The story is often nonlinear and the jumps in time and radical changes in environment (we get starship dogfights, a nightmarish prison, views of a futuristic earth and even a sky metropolis) and narrative (prison break film, practical effect monster movie, desperate rescue tale, morality play) that it helps to keep things moving and keeps from the shortcomings less glaring. Its a fairly humorless film and sometimes outright pretentious which lands unevenly with some of the oddball performances but it’s still an impressive production. It may be polarizing for less patient viewers but others will appreciate the poetic end, the committed performances from leads and the visual expertise. An above average sci fi B flick that’s both derivative and original.

Greek Woman 2018-01-07
If you like doomed futuristic movies with black and gray scenery go for it. Simply, okay for 99 cents rental.

RMINNICKS 2017-12-31
I found movie was pretty good and entertaining. I would recommend it!

Cyanstorm1 2017-12-30
Phenomenal sci fi flick! I am a sci fi junkie and was not expecting much when I first rented this film, but it is one of those films that completely changes your perspective about what sci fi is/should be. I can only imagine what this crew could do with a much bigger budget....I truly hope they will release the other chapters, as I was left wanting more.

aikidavid 2017-12-30
Village Voice must have seen a different movie, I loved this one! It's got action, family drama (in spades!), flashbacks to fill in and make more sense of what's happening, monsters, compassion, gun fights, etc. Exciting and engaging, well worth the purchase, now, I'm waiting for the next movie in the series, then the next one after that!!

Hunterofwolf 2017-12-21
The director has adhd. The film bounces from one time to another, then back to earth. All the back story was a waste of time and effort. As a .99 cent rental, it’s worth the money, anymore and you’ll feel robbed...

Steve on the Water 2017-11-11
On your edge Sifi movie. You’ll either love it or hate it as you can see by other reviews. Could have been much better? Bit pricy and feel ripped off. This will quickly become a .99 movie. Wait for it. Ending cuts short and is either a setup for a sequel or deliberate for you to come up with the future outcome.

MaddogSquid 2017-10-27
Eeeehhhhh. It was ok. Kind of lame though. Some affects were pretty good and some sucked. A little boring as well.

Ouijibored 2017-10-22
Of all the junk getting pushed in front of us, this was a unique story that was well made. I may not have liked the twist in the ended, but it made it unique.

Justinaliotta 2017-10-20
Really enjoyed this movie and I hope they keep the story going with a sequel. Love the way the story was told and I though the acting was good.

Mountain_Techie 2017-10-17
One of the worst movies I’ve seen ever. So bad, that I felt compelled to warn others!

Lauren Elizabeth 11 2017-10-14
I was recently prompted to write my first itunes movie review while watching The Osiris Child. This movie is so terrible that I had to start writing an honest review as an outlet for the suffering I was enduring while watching it. That said, I hardly know how to encapsulate my pain in words. Really, this movie couldn't be worse. The script makes absolutely no sense and is terribly written. Who is responsible for this??? If The Osiris Child were on my resume I would be ashamed. Aside from the fact that there is a child narrator whose only child-like quality is the sound of her voice, this movie boasts the most unoriginal, ridiculous, hilariously-bad monster that I've ever seen. The rental price is definitely not worth the pain, skip this one.

AmyK-RN 2017-10-12
But because I paid an unfortunate $6.99 🤦🏻‍♀️ for it I thought maybe it would redeem itself. The preview actually looked good but did a TERRIBLE job representing the movie. The preview wayyyy oversold it. Can I have my money back? There should be a “30 minutes rule- if you don’t like it, you can have your money back” policy with iTunes.

VRSciFi 2017-10-12
The plot "twist" consists of a major character getting killed towards the end, which seems to be the rage among writers. It also ends a bit suddenly with major story elements left open. Shaky cam "effects" and way too long dramatic shots of spinning jail cells do little to make this an uncomfortable movie to watch. It didn't help that iTunes on my newer high end PC started stuttering and had to be re-started during playback multiple times. The atmospheric dog fighting was kind of cool - in a top gun nothing to do with reality way. The obligatory "hit the brakes" maneuver was as expected. It did feature seperate engine controls like a tank, which was kind of different, and made no sense at all. The shambling mound monsters straight out of some bad puppet show made me wonder that maybe this was all supposed be a comedy. Sadly, the one liners were painfully absent despite there being plenty of scenes that could have benefited from them Mad Max style. If it wasn't for the camera work and over the top drawn out drama scenes it might have been good.

Avid Audio Listener 2017-10-11
I was just perusing through the notable indies section when I found this. It was quite the pleasant surprise. Worth at least a rental.

ROEL4 2017-10-11
I looked at the rating and thought why not. What a stupid waste of time and money!

longVariableNickName 2017-10-10
This movie has a great vibe and easy story.

cosmiccath 2017-10-10
Should have known, direct-to-iTunes + 6.99 pricing on iTunes, together these signs mean both B move ... at best.

TJ Rex 2017-10-09
Horrible film. Terrible plot, awful acting, dreadful special effects. Move along. Find something else. This is trash.

TigerWoods('s me!) 2017-10-09
This movie was pretty legit, a had to rewind it a few times to understand the plot, but that’s a good thing.......because the movie is actually good enough for me to want to care. I wouldn’t recommend buying, but it’s definitely worth renting.

dfaria77 2017-10-08
Great movie not a shoot em up good story and characters ending is great

ROMA_71 2017-10-08
Not worth the money.

FreshlySqueeeeezed 2017-10-08
A hidden gem and glad I took a chance with this one. You never know with sci-fi as either you it will be terribly produced or completely cheesy. Although this wasn't the greatest movie in mankind, in does deliver a good action fix. Volume 1?? I look forward to Volume 2!

DKinske 2017-10-08
How can anyone give this film more than half a star? It is absolutly horrible. Crappy acting, crappy special effects, more crappy acting. The guy parachutes to the ground and he is hit on the head instantly by the ground dweller, gimme a break, no one is that fast. This is guaranteed to make you lose money and IQ points.

palangibrad 2017-10-07
Don't purchase... ok rating is pushing it. Predictable... if you rent it... it's like mutant ninja turtles gone awry....

blueespy 2017-10-06
I honestly wasn't expecting much, but this was a really good movie. Lots of action, good story line, good acting and good special affects. There has to be a sequel to this given the ending. I just rented it, but it's worth the purchase.

yehoshua 2017-10-06
good story. good effects.