The Disaster Artist
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The true-story of aspiring filmmaker and infamous Hollywood outsider Tommy Wiseau (James Franco); a

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The true-story of aspiring filmmaker and infamous Hollywood outsider Tommy Wiseau (James Franco); a celebration of friendship and dreams pursued against insurmountable odds. Based on the best-selling tell-all about the making of Tommy's cult-classic disasterpiece The Room.

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User Reviews
Nicholas becerra 2020-06-14
The Disaster Artist is not only a comedy told by the failure of actors Tommy Wiseue it's about these two people who want to succeed in Hollywood but fail so hard they make there own movie either way which is fantastic. I liked James Franco as Tommy Wiseau he protrayed him as a modern character who wants to be big in Hollywood and i like that special writing and interesting sricpt writing in the process.

Zeek J 2018-12-25
You have to watch "The Room" before watching this masterpiece)) it's on YouTube

Merce Diez 2018-12-18
james franco has done it again. it’s funny, creative and outlandish. total hit or miss for some people. the best parody i’ve ever seen.

Mik456 2018-10-15
I laughed a few times.... A good movie

skay117 2018-06-17
This movie is as hard and unbearable to watch as the room

Syncsy 2018-06-13
This movie just made me appriciate "the room" a lot more, definitely worth watching.

Jroblesgil 2018-05-23
Just plain annoying and ridiculous. Watch something else.

Dafinator 2018-05-18
Dammmm! James Franco deserves an award for this! Crazy funny entertaining! Good job boys and girls !

Lillys39 2018-03-25
Great adaptation!

MonopolyBuff64 2018-03-22
That’s all

JAPOL 2018-03-11
I thought this was a great movie. I watched it and seeing how accurately they portrait the real movie, I wanted to see the actual movie, "The Room". But for some reason its not on itunes. When is itunes going to put The Room up for sale, Hmmm?

RossLynchs 2018-03-10

XingSanchez 2018-03-10
Wow! I Never thought the story behind the worst movie ever made would actually be this beautiful, and hilarious!

Kingpin19146 2018-03-10
The book was way better than the movie. The book actually helps you understand Tommy and how he actually made his money. Also, I was not sold on Dave Franco as Greg Sestero.

Shiesty Nagoo 2018-03-03
I love this movie but it says it comes with 3 featurettes but it doesn’t. Just commentary and comparison shots. Lame.

BreakingBad!!! 2018-03-02
This movie was so intersting and funny. Still not going to see The Room though..

ovoisaac 2018-03-02
This movie is hysterical. James franco gives his best performance.

Mr. Lunatic 2018-03-01
Me and my sister went to see this at an art house theater in our town. We left very pleased. The writing is superb, the acting is brilliant (especially James Franco’s performance), and the whole idea about a movie that I about making the worst movie ever made. Also, this film reminds me of Ed Wood starring Johnny Depp. Both films are about filmmakers who pursue their dreams of being filmmakers despite the harsh criticism they receive along with their inexperience in the field.

DJL314 2018-02-28
Franco was Perfect. I’ve never heard of the room until this movie and it didn’t matter. Truly Amazing

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rogercbennett 2018-02-25
Great film, interesting story and very well acted, especially by James Franco. Would be nice if Apple offered the movie ‘The Room’ that this film references for sale on iTunes but inexplicably they do not? A strange lack of marketing and a lost opportunity on Apple’s part.

scottluver 2018-02-24
Best movie of 2017 hands down! Franco’s best performance to date and definitely my new favorite.

Reddz2856 2018-02-24
this is not as much of a comedy as seth and james previous works... with that being said I still enjoyed the movie... it had a well put together script and story arc from most of the characters... and they did a great job building the characters as well.. with all these things done so well, when the laughs do come around, the laughs are much bigger... i recommend checking it out, just dont come in expecting 'The Interview' or 'Pineapple Express'

Sugar doggie 2018-02-23

JTAC Junkie 2018-02-22
Not a fan of art but this movie is amazing. Loved it.

muzak12 2018-02-21
The script is lacking and it is basically a recreation of scenes from the original film. The film loses momentum as soon as the "director" and Eastern European artiste buys his camera equipment with his love interest (?) and sets up shop in the adjacent studio. The latter part of the film played like a medicore SNL skit.

IDidNahhhhht 2018-02-21
Wonderful acting. He picks up on all of Tommy’s nuances as well. There were points during the film that I was watching Franco, that’s how convincing he was! A true Oscar snub!

anon7899 2018-02-21
This is basically an excercise in recreating scenes from the original movie, which is does a respectable (but not perfect) job at. James Franco is really convincing, but the storytelling is really lacking.

Systerwick 2018-02-20
Surprisingly GREAT indeed...I’m glad I purchased it cuz I’ll watch it a few times over at the least!

Basically Hard 2018-02-20
Even if you haven’t watched The Room this movie is absolutely great. Highly recommend watching The Room also!

JP NYC 2018-02-20
Perhaps James Franco’s finest performance that didn’t get an Academy Award Best Actor nomination. He plays Tommy so accurately: the idiosyncratic mannerisms, the voice, the look and creates a sympathetic viewpoint that so many of us can admire. Dave Franco’s “Greg” also served as the perfect partner and “voice of reason” to Tommy’s unpredictable ways. A thoroughly enjoyable movie from James that extends the Apatow tree of entertaining the masses. Bravo!

whynot363 2018-02-20
It was just bad.... I mean definitely not worth buying...

tandemracer 2018-02-10
Great performances in this underdog tale of stardom.

demas1996 2018-01-03
This movie is great. Don’t question yourself. Just buy it. You won’t regret it.

Pink(girl) 2017-12-25
I love this movie, it’s very relatable and awesome to watch.

Bonzothebeast 2017-12-11
Franco's portray of Wiseau was decent not amazing. Most of the funny parts are at the end of the film when it's recreating the Room. The book is funnier than the film and makes you more empathetic for Wiseau.

Noah the Broah 2017-12-09
James Franco takes on the task of not only one of the greatest roles of this year, but also directing as he does so. The Disaster Artist is a funny comedy that will not only have you laughing, but also have you in tears. The performances in this film are spot on and passionate, making you feel like you share their emotion. James Franco pays homage to The Room better than anyone else could and directed a heartfelt love letter to The Room. Winner of already 4 Critic’s Choice Awards, The Disaster Artist is guaranteed to do good this award season. Congratulations to the cast and crew of The Disaster Artist for this amazing triumph of filmmaking!

derek_5150 2017-12-09
Charming and funny.

JohnnieGuilbert 2017-12-09
Haha what a story

Angel kush 2017-12-05
This is a hilarious movie for anyone, but specially for fans of the room... I really believe Franco is Oscar worthy as Tommy... maybe the movie is not Oscar quality but Greg Sestero and Tommy should be very proud of what they have accomplished thanks to the room... I just can’t help but keep rooting for them... But you don’t need to have seen the room to enjoy this film. It is a very cool story with a very hilarious Borat-Ozzy type character... this is just a great movie and since it’s a comedy but achieves so much more... maybe it should win best film awards... I feel excited for the cast but also for the original the room cast... I hope somethings good comes to them other than just Greg and Tommy...