How the Grinch Stole Christmas: The Ultimate Edition
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Dr. Seuss’ timeless classic comes to life in a shiny all-new Ultimate Edition of How the Grinch

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Dr. Seuss’ timeless classic comes to life in a shiny all-new Ultimate Edition of How the Grinch Stole Christmas, now with 2 newly remastered Grinch Specials: The Grinch Grinches the Cat in the Hat and Halloween is Grinch Night! With Who-ville brimming with joyful anticipation of Christmas, high above in the chilly mountains, the Grinch shares no such warmth for the holiday. Why this green meanie has hatched a plan to do away with Christmas once and for all! Featuring animation by the legendary Chuck Jones, bring home this heartfelt reason for the Yul-tide season.

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User Reviews
The movie hero 2024-01-01
It’s the best thing ever super girl. Oh my gosh oh my God like I will versus the world it’s like super good on top

S977e 2023-12-16
I did like it but now that they have illumination presents :Dr. Seuss The grinch is a better color and actors

J R T 2023-12-09
I purchased this title with some interest to add to my video collection, but I should have read the fine print. Unfortunately, 2 other discrete titles were added to this single discrete title, and all in one file!!! I do not know how to break it apart into 3 separate files. That is about the equivelant of buying a TV season, and every episode is packed into one single file. This is thoroughy idiotic and assumes that iTunes users are too dumb to handle multiple files, iTunes, if you wish to add the other titles to the purchase, fine. That is great! But don't package them up in one file. Maybe make a "package" with 3 separate files, or at least give us the option to do so. What if, for some reason, I wanted to delete one of those titles from my collection? That is impossible, if they are combined into one file. Please fix this right away and never do it again.

sidlsawyer 2022-12-16
I laugh till I cry every time I see Max.

erich d 2021-12-06
The grind is excellent and the quality is great, but the extra movies are really bad. You are basically paying a dollar a minute for the grinch.

Boardz20 2021-02-28
Nothing like the Benedict Cumberbatch Grinch

ES the horror fan 2020-12-10
How the Grinch Stole Christmas has been around since I was a kid, obviously even longer, but I have always enjoyed watching it! Fantastic holiday special!

spdgtkt 2020-12-10

iCr013 2020-03-25
Audio Spanish

Happy Feet Two 2019-12-18
Favorite for me and my two girls. I read the book so many times, out loud, to them that I know every word and can recite the entire book. If interested Lenox did a whole series of ornaments for the Christmas tree. Christmas wouldn’t be the same without my favorite Grinch.

Jeff Edward 2019-11-18
I bought the old version before which was a tv show in SD. This new version has a much clearer picture, no pixelation or digital artifacts like in the older SD copy. If you are watching this on a larger TV or other high res display the difference is significant.

basketball124 2018-12-16
Brings the Christmas to anybody at any time anywhere

IceSoldier16 2018-12-15
This movie was excellent during my childhood and it’s still is today

anonymous user 1111 2018-12-14
I just got this movie today I like the first one and the third were the best but I hate the second one The first one was the best The second one was actually the worst of them all doesn’t really match the first and second movie I will definitely watch the first one again though is my Opinion I will say you should buy this movie if you like the grinch

awesome cute funny girl 2018-12-08
Me and my family been watching this movie sense December started.

Jeramee2 2018-11-27
SO I love the Grinch, so does my entire family. I already owned the Grinch on ITunes as a “TV Show”. When I saw the new “Ultimate Edition” in HD, I figured it would be an upgrade... The old 1960’s squared off picture would be rejuvenated, made to fit modern screens - better color. This is just the exact same Grinch I already owned, and they tricked me into rebuying it. Also “Ultimate Edition” - it is not. The other included Grinch movies are TERRIBLE. The older ITunes TV show version included “Horton Hears a Who”, which is much better than the awful other grinch movies that are included in this “bundle.” Terrible.

BbrLori 2018-11-25
It lacked a whole program. Cut up and ruined. Not for my children to see.

Ronbo13 2018-11-10
This is the Grinch. Accept no substitutes. Narrated by the one and only Boris Karloff. No need to pad it with silly antics and cheesy special effects. Just the story itself. Watch it again, and enjoy.

Joey Mclune 2018-11-10
This movie falls short of the other two movies but still ok

Monstermandan18 2018-11-07
This is the best performance Boris Karloff has done since retiring from playing Frankenstein’s Monster in 1939

The Real DB1978 2018-10-23
The movie is just like you remember. The reason for rating this only 3 stars is that there is no menu to select which of the 3 included holiday specials you want to watch. Want to watch Halloween is Grinch Night? You have to fast-forward to it. This is iTunes in 2018, not a VHS tape from the 80’s.