Child's Play (2019)
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A contemporary re-imagining of the 1988 horror classic, "Child’s Play" follows Karen (Aubrey Plaza), a single mother who gifts her son Andy (Gabriel Bateman) a Buddi doll, unaware of its more sinister nature. "Child’s Play" is directed by Lars Klevberg ("Polaroid") from a screenplay by Tyler Burton Smith and produced by Seth Grahame-Smith and David Katzenberg of KatzSmith Productions ("It," "It: Chapter Two").

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User Reviews
Just1n 18 2023-10-19
I thought this movie was ok until I saw the original one. Mark Hamill did a horrible job at Chucky. Brad Dourf has a creepy voice and he does when it comes to Chucky I wish they would retail the original story instead of using Chucky as a Smart Home device.

Cassmilrya 2023-06-28
Give it a go. Actually made you like Chucky a little with this. Interesting twist.

shdjjdf 2021-06-13
This is the best

brodysmalls 2020-11-08
The Chucky in this movie looks retarded

Soundingon 2020-07-17
Don’t buy it.. don’t rent... don’t stream it... don’t even watch it at a friends house... I don’t even write reviews, but I just had to for this. I want that hour and thirty minutes of my life back. This remake was absolutely horrible. How could they mess up this story like this? After 15 minutes of it, I felt like I could’ve written a much better story. It’s not scary and I don’t think I’ve said “this is horrible” so many times throughout a movie. The whole time I was just hoping it would get better. There’s no way you can watch the original and think this is even comparable.... and that came out in the 80’s I believe. Just no. They ruined it.

Nicholas becerra 2020-07-11
Child's Play (2019) was a improvement on the creepy cult classic but remaking the original is terrible. Child's play isn't the remake that you want to explore because it's dumb, stupid, cliche and overall making Chucky a robot is the dumbest thing you have possibley done. All of the beautiful and haunting magic from the original is wasted on this coloassell fever dream of a remake poorly exceuted and told by a nine year old boy.

zrrfvvv 2020-06-20
Because they they worked hardest so respect that the even made the chucky movies the writers could just stay terrible idea but they thought it would if you still don’t like this movie think again

Mswally505 2020-06-18
This movie is the lamest of lames. I'm a 90s baby and was beyond terrified of the original, I still don't like dolls to this day because of it. But this story and the scares were both so weak. This Buddi/ Chucky Doll looks like a deranged, red headed Christopher Walken doll with Hollywood plastic surgery. I couldn't believe how bad the doll looked. There's also no back story, it feels like the entire movie is an intro to the actual movie because the plot is so thin. Why is this something I have to keep repeating for horror movies now? Do I just expect too much? Horror is really disappointing lately. Gabriel Bateman was the best part of this movie. No wonder why he's getting so many roles lately. Skip skip skip to my lou on this one and watch anything else.

pirjiregfdipj 2020-05-07
The peoples Who said it’s garbage it’s not there garbage The people that said the movie garbage it was really good I’m a fan of this Chucky i’m A fan of Chucky🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪😍😍 and OPBBHR Chucky not a girl in this movie better than the original

Jovany5000 2020-04-21
Definitely better than Cult of chucky , seed of chucky, curse of chucky , and even better than child’s play 3

Chris_93 2020-03-11
With all of the remakes and sequels today, there is an undeniable lack of originality in Hollywood. This movie is a remake of a great horror classic, but it’s done with originality and it takes chances and tries to stand on its own. It works, it’s a fun movie to watch and I recommend it if you’re a horror fan.

Dumptruck Asteroid 2020-03-05
Even though 3 of the main characters are likable it’s not a great movie. I had no expectations really but it’s dull in places and lacks any real motivation.its just felt soulless.

Dagosty 2020-03-01
A good attempt to modernize the franchise, but it fell a little short.

OMGoodness! 2020-02-25
Nothing beats the original!

elvindowski 2020-02-23
This is the worst remake I’ve ever seen.

kkoruw 2020-02-23
I hate ‘this move it is so creepy 🤮😡

Jack2hack 2020-02-23
This movie is so bad I would give it 0 stars if I could. A bad comedy.

Pushba 2020-02-21
It’s worth renting and watching, but I wouldn’t recommend buying this movie. It’s not a scary movie.

it_is_ur_gurl🤡 2020-02-20
This movie is so amazing this is the best if u have a night we’re u don’t gotta do nothing watch this movie it really change ur mood..

tdurden5150 2020-02-19
Much better than the original!

RellikM 2020-02-18
I Thought that I wasn’t going to like it but it was actually good👍🏽👍🏽

MathOsGuru 2020-02-18
Well, 2 stars for trying. Worth a .99-cent rental but wouldn’t watch it again. It is like they took the original movie and tried to add humor from the offbeat zombie movies. Basement guy was a rip-off from another movie also. Just nothing original. Seemed like the director was shooting for some humor in some scenes, but it really just came out making that part of the movie seem really lame imho. Enough said ... it’s your call now.

SAMUEL MAFFIE 2020-01-21

1FLACO 2019-12-23
There’s no sound at all

BamaGirlGing 2019-11-08
WoW, I almost didn't rent this because of all the bad reviews, and it being a remake- I didn't care much for the originals because let's be honest; not many of us are going to be scared of a little doll... This remake ( upgrade) is so much better than that old version. I loved it!!

RubyVitaly 2019-10-26
Ok ok I really love this movie I thought the actors especially Gabriel Bateman as Andy he was really good and also Aubrey plaza as his mother was also good but the one person who stole the whole movie was mark hamill as chucky but there are some things I didn’t like first of all was the group of friends there mostly cliche and I thought detective mike was to much of a jokester in this one and the look of chucky was really weird cause there are some scenes were he looks different because the people that made this doll actually made like 8 other dolls overall this was a great remake of a classic horror movie so give it a shot.

bofranco 2019-10-22
One of the dumbest movies I’ve ever watched. At least Aubrey Plaza is still hot

BattleBorn3 2019-10-21
This reiteration is incredibly boring. Waste of money Whoever thought this reboot was a good idea, needs have his head examined

Alx78 2019-10-17
This movie was good! Must watch for halloween! I enjoyed its suspense, up to date story line, and each creative slasher moment.. My one thing was that it needed more people to die. Get away from the IT/stranger things way. You made it rated R and you held back.

COgorefan 2019-10-14
Top review on here sounded like something I’d say so I gave this a shot and I’m glad I rented this! Too often we hear the word “remake” in film and basically know that it’s going to be the same thing... sometimes scene for scene. This literally remade the movie and adapted for the times. I love classic chucky movies too and in a way this is almost a completely different movie but in a good way.

Lu_minatti 2019-10-13
Don’t bother even watching this garbage. This movie was such a waste of time and money. It had some laughable moments but mainly trash. 0 out of 5 stars.

domdombubba 2019-10-12
Honestly the best chicly movie I haves watched⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Ahmyleg! 2019-10-12
Ive been a Childs play fan from Childs play 1-3 even the Chucky movies, up until this one. Childs play (2019) had a bunch of potential, if you have seen the movie you probly would have noticed some opertunities where it could have been much better .The problem seemed to be lazy writting, not much character development for anyone exept Chucky .But modern hollywood struck back with another disapointment to recreate a classic. If you arent a original childs play Fan or havent seen the movies than this movie would be great. If you are a fan of the originals then you will be left with a feeling of dissapointment.

ChippyOsgood 2019-10-11
This remake is complete trash, save your money and watch the original.

devo96 2019-10-11
The movie was very well done and had an intimate creepy feel until the end, which made it less believable and took you out of the fantasy a bit. Best one in the franchise since the 1st. Worth a watch, for sure.

pdfhoesay 2019-10-11
The new take on the child’s play series for films is something new and different and it pays off homage it’s not the best film I still consider the 2nd from the original to be the best but definitely worth watching.

Dragonriderfye1 2019-10-07
I have nothing against the original series, nothing at all, but in some ways I feel the direction this movie went in was better than the original. It really brought the tale into the modern world, while sticking pretty true to the source material.

Lemmy=God 2019-10-07
Wow, I can't believe how much I loved this film. I have never been a fan of modern remakes, especially of films that I grew up watching. That said, this remake is outstanding. They put a modern more realistic twist on Chucky's motive and also made him dare I say it, sympathetic. That in itself made Chucky much scarier than in the original. While the 1988 will always be one of my favorite because of nastaliga, I stand firm in saying this version far surpasses it. Not to mention the kills are brutal!!

Why No47632 2019-10-07
Any person who thinks this movie is anything other than completely stupid, should never be listened to. My favorite ridiculous moment (and there are too many to write about) is when white married pick up truck driving (with a gun rack no doubt) cheating love interest goes home to his all Hispanic family in the city, where he apparently grows watermelon and corn (lol) next to his swimming pool (lol), and is killed falling from a ladder while removing Christmas lights, after a a garden tiller runs him over. Forget the fact that It takes me multiple attempts and cranks after priming my weed eater to get it started, apparently Chucky with a one foot arm’s reach can fire this thing right up first try. The real lol moment however is that as the garden tiller is gobbling up the Christmas lights breaking them in succession, the end of which is wrapped around the guys neck, they continue to work as if each bulb is its own circuit powered magically. The producers should give anyone with a brain their money back!

hi my names not john 2019-10-05
It was so epic that I almost epicced in an epic that’s how epic it was I rate it epic out of epic so I thought this movie was definitely epicly epic

Adenosine Tripposphate 2019-10-04
Gone are the serial killer origins, chicken voodoo magic, and dates with 6 year old boys. Instead, we’re given an updated Buddi, a doll, not possessed by the evils of a vicious murderer and black magic, but by unrestrained artificial intelligence. The camp is still certainly alive and well, with the modern spin on this comedic trait being a bit more self-aware this time around. That isn’t to say there aren’t any real drawbacks; we’re treated to more f and s-bombs than we are gore, the core group of kids we follow are not particularly charismatic, and the addition of Aubrey Plaza is just bizarre. Her characterization of the mother being played for comic relief, while also attempting to tackle the seriousness of trust and step-parenting. It’s weird. Overall, very entertaining.

Green Tee 🍵 2019-10-04
I never understood the fascination with The Chucky film series. I watch the films out of peer pressure. This final film was as bad as Chucky 3. All of them are 👎🏼 but Chucky 3 and this last one are truly a waste of time and money.

Edweird 2019-10-01
Which really surprised me.

Exorcist Saibot 2019-10-01
Finally got off my high horse and gave this movie a chance. I hate how this was done without the blessings of Don Mancini but this movies actually pretty good. I would say in a world of remakes this is one of the better ones. I’m a fan of horror but I can’t rate a film 1 star because I don’t like the fact that it’s a remake. I can watch the original anytime and I love that one too. Overall it’s a great movie and I can’t wait to see the child’s play tv show with the original cast.

HORRIBLEAF 2019-10-01

grams 1963 2019-09-29
B on

AidenDPearce 2019-09-29
As a huge fan of the past series, I thought I’d give this one a shot. I do like that it’s realistic and deals with empathy and you understand why the doll is doing what he’s doing but I could only get half way through the movie. Why you ask? It’s so god awfully slow! Half the movie felt like seriously two hours and my wife and I were just done and could care less about the rest of the movie at that point

MidwestDawg83 2019-09-27
Different take on the story, very modern approach to the story concepts. Feels like lots of people hated on the movie for being different. When it came out, it was during the summer of Disney, cause that company killed just about every other franchise this year. Bad timing. If you’re looking for a new take on Chucky and are ok with a different voice actor, then you will enjoy it. Def better than the last 3 Chucky movies in terms of production and acting.

Mikestipe 2019-09-27
Good lord this movie was awful.....and I’m a big fan of Chucky. Worst child’s play movie ever. Save your money

Dyl35 2019-09-27
I don’t know if this was even supposed to be a remake but it even failed the Childs Play/ Chucky series. They basically took all the characters from the original then stripped them down to just their name and basic role. They didn’t even add any references to the original. I get that they wanted to add a modern feel but with this movie I would have been happy if they just had the same exact setting and story with some better quality filming but instead they gave us every 2019 movie wrapped into one with a classic character from the 80’s and called it a remake.