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Watch all 11 hilarious and heartwarming seasons of this highly acclaimed series. Headed by Jay (Ed O’Neill) who’s married to second wife Gloria (Sofia Vergara), the Pritchett-Dunphy- Tucker clan includes daughter Claire (Julie Bowen), son-in-law Phil (Ty Burrell), son Mitchell (Jesse Tyler Ferguson), and his husband Cameron (Eric Stonestreet). They’re a close, sometimes nutty, truly modern family.

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User Reviews
KatMonDew27 2024-04-01

Philip Cybin the Fun Guy 2024-03-05
Will not sell full set and on some seasons they make you buy individual episodes.

Spiderpig 49ers 2024-02-03
Where’s the purchase button?! Please fix apple

Fjhjjkkjvffgb 2024-01-21
I would like to purchase this

Dizzy2024 2024-01-11
Hasn’t been available to purchase since October, not sure why but it is very upsetting

Byah85 2024-01-04
Either make the entire series available for purchase, or remove it. Why is season 1 by episode only too? Greed.

ispylinda 2023-12-22
Can someone fix this? There is no purchase button!

carlyalpert 2023-12-08
Why is the box set no longer available for purchase?

iKCMO384 2023-11-28
dear iTunes,… please have Modern Family available to purchase!

DominusSeph 2023-11-28
Only individual seasons? No thanks.

w3ak 2023-11-26
ISSUE: Modern Family the Complete Series is no longer for sale on iTunes. REASON: This happens when not every episode of every season is on sale on iTunes. In this case, SEASON 1 EPISODE 14 is not available for purchase on iTunes. RESOLUTION: If Apple made SEASON 1 EPISODE 14 on sale again, the complete series would also be available for purchase again.

Ashley8486 2023-11-12
Why can’t I purchase the full series?? Apple please do better and make it available again

Hcbha 2023-11-05
Why has the purchase of complete series removed? It was available a week back (should have purchased at that time)

Itsjustswitch 2023-10-31
Is there a reason the full box set isn’t available anymore

Yz042 2023-09-20
Save my life, a light in my life.

ninjaturtle123456789 2023-04-27
One of the best sitcoms ever it so funny and it’s one of those comfort shows

CJ=D 2023-01-20
This show has to be hands-down, one of the best shows ever created! It's so creative in its wity-ness and its style of comedy

aidenjamesring 2022-05-14

Harmz__Way 2021-12-28
Modern family is probably one of the best shows to ever exists. Every episode is absolute genius.. they chose the perfect actors because their chemistry is incredible.

Shake n Bake04 2021-05-31
By far one of the best shows of all time. It changed the game for so many shows afterwards. Will forever miss this show.

narekloryan 2020-08-17
im going to watch this show whole my life , im already missing them.

Jersey_puppy 2020-07-21
This is by far one of the BEST TV shows ever!! I love this show! It is a must-have!!

K90p 2020-06-21
After purchasing season 1-10 bundle, the “watch now” will not recognize that i already purchased the show and proceeds to charge me per episode unless I search for an episode through my purchases. Scrolling through 100+ episodes every time i want to watch where I last left off.

rblaketwins 2020-06-19
Love the show but already purchased the first 8 seasons. Would be great if they offered a discount for the rest of the series.

DisneyDad45 2020-04-09
By far my favorite TV show ever. Perfect choice of actors in scenes we can all relate to. Absolutely hysterical!