Chick Fight
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When Anna Wyncomb is introduced to an underground, all-female fight club in order to turn the mess

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When Anna Wyncomb is introduced to an underground, all-female fight club in order to turn the mess of her life around, she discovers she is much more personally connected to the history of the club than she could ever imagine.

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User Reviews
I thought it was funny and enjoyable. Decent plot for the type of film that it was.

HappyShopper235 2021-02-20
Very fun to watch. Definitely inspired me to want to start a actual girls fight club. Love the idea and the movie. Actresses were bomb. And the old dude Baldwin

Mickey2f 2021-01-13
I say light because it’s a simple movie. I say fun because there were a couple smiles and laughs. I even cheered the main character on.

RachRene23 2020-12-06
Absolutely loved this movie I’ve watched it twice already lol you won’t be disappointed!! :)

Riffmachine 2020-11-24
It loses it a bit in the second half of the movie, but it was a fun watch. Pretty unbelievable overall, but it has a good spirit. Bella Thorne pulls off the villain convincingly. Don’t take any of it seriously and you will have some fun if you can avoid becoming annoyed by some of the cheesy moments.

Joe DaNinja 2020-11-22
Disappointing. Expected more

Jason2funny 2020-11-21
Action packed and funny jokes

Superhero145 2020-11-20
This movie was fun and silly but also could have been way better then the final product. The cast is solid but probably would been better with other actors involved instead of Alec Baldwin he was great overall I highly recommend chick fight to people who like this type of movie or a somewhat comedy fans must buy!!!!!!

empathic-by-nature 2020-11-16
I really enjoyed the movie! Had my laughing a lot on quite a few parts and I love that there were some heart felt moments. You can definitely take away some life lessons or meanings from this movie.

Fitmom09062011 2020-11-16
Good potential but tried to hard.

AidenDPearce 2020-11-16
It’s sad that Alec and Malin have been reduced to B movies with no plot and low budgets. And Bella Thorne, seriously? This girl and her family are the epitome of sluts selling their bodies online, it’s disgusting and really the only reason she gets roles

JT102030 2020-11-16
I'll sum the entire movie plot up for you corrupt police, corrupt judge, huge doses of homosexuality, therapy through getting the life beat out of you. Disappointed and did not enjoy

dj041904 2020-11-15
Omg the fight scenes were great and the acting was good and it had pretty good writing

wilbertquiera 2020-11-15
I love the action all the blood sweat and tears marvelous l

tv com 2020-11-14
This is a decent enough movie except for one thing...Bella Thorne. Here’s some free advice...STOP GIVING BELLA THORNE MOVIE ROLES! She can’t act and she gives negative publicity to movies.

wellhamful 2020-11-14
Didn’t know anything about it before watching it

Frankie0518 2020-11-13
Good comedy! We loved it. Something different and love Alec Baldwin in this.