The Challenger Disaster
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Based on the true story of the night before the Challenger Shuttle disaster in 1986 when a hot-

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Based on the true story of the night before the Challenger Shuttle disaster in 1986 when a hot-headed engineer leads a desperate race against the clock to stop the launch and the subsequent cover-up and whistleblowing.

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User Reviews
G to the erald 2022-02-06
Most movies that cover such a information dense topic/event choose to make it either entertaining or smart. The makers of this film actually managed to do both in one product.

ghackney 2022-02-06
I thorough enjoyed this movie and was sorry I had waited a year to see it. I was in my mid-30’s when this ship and crew met their fate. It hit many of us hard, but it was close to home, growing up in So. Florida. I saw many space launches from school as we would all watch on TV in our classrooms and then 5 minute before all head to our athletic field to watch the plumes in the sky. It was always thrilling. But for the Challenger I was at work and heard about it on the radio, then saw the reply dozens of times in the week that followed. This movie captures so much of the thrill, drama and importance of our country’s space program and out is behind the scenes as the tragedy unfolded. With wonderful storytelling, with no pandering nor dramatic exploitation, and well chosen casting, this movie is well paced and very well planned. For the viewers, we end up with a movie that does not feel like an indie, does not rely on excessive special effects, or manipulative drama. Simply put… a good and important story told well. I hope you give it a view. You will be glad you did.

Aerospace Engineer 200 2022-02-06
Loved the movie as an engineer. Interesting to see their story.

zZsaDgn 2022-01-28
Great movie showing details of what really happened behind the scenes and how important engineers are to our society.

mbtskysurfer 2021-06-26
I’m an engineer, a pilot, a former NASA employee, and a space/space shuttle nerd. This is by far the worst movie I’ve seen about the Challenger. It’s also the worst movie I’ve seen in the last ten+ years, and after a year of COVID movie watching, that’s saying something. I’m sure there is a story here, I know that the actual engineers had issues. It’s in the reports. However, the way it’s enacted here is useless and counter productive. On a technical note: the audio is atrocious. Stay far away from this movie.