Cult Following
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Distinguished author and cult expert, Robert Regis and his newly hired cinematographer, Tyler

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Distinguished author and cult expert, Robert Regis and his newly hired cinematographer, Tyler Sternberg, find themselves in grave danger when they investigate a mythical, evil cult for a documentary they are attempting to make.

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User Reviews
james62628 2021-06-29
This movie was simply a fun time. It’s basically American Vandal meets Blair Witch Project. It made me laugh a few times and stayed pretty entertaining through its run time. Solid soundtrack too. 8/10 as far as independent comedy’s go.

Soledad P. 2021-06-29
great movie ... loved it👍👍👍

RipKingston 2021-06-29
Creepy and funny indie film. Definitely worth a download. Stop looking at Twitter and give it a spin!

lovingnumi 2021-06-29
I loved it !!! It’s funny very entertaining , The lead character was hysterical hated to see him get it at the end … hopefully somehow he can make it back in the sequel… Thank you !!

tennislove12345 2021-06-28
Fun loving film with complementing dynamic duo characters!

bender 24 2021-06-26

richpoorman45 2021-06-25
Cult Following is a mockumentary-style comedy/horror (road trip comedy?). I went into it with zero expectations and was pleasantly surprised. The main character, Rob Regis, reminded me of Archer. In the film he is a cult hunter who looks for secretive cults around the world. He is joined by Tyler Sternberg, an aspiring cinematographer, to hunt a legendary, dark magic wielding cult. The film itself employs a lot of meta moments and seems self aware which really helps. While it can be a bit slow here and there, it seemed pretty well paced for the most part, with some jokes that actually made me chuckle. It almost felt like a feature film version of a show on adult swim. The music and style had this 80s vibe which I also found really fit the “pulp”-ness of it. The ending was hilarious and unexpected and tied the film up nicely. Overall, I would definitely recommend this.

Lucy4821 2021-06-19
Saw an advanced screening of this. It’s a pretty funny indie. Worth checking out.