Beautiful Disaster
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Abby, a college freshman, tries to distance herself from her complicated past while resisting her

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Abby, a college freshman, tries to distance herself from her complicated past while resisting her attraction to Travis, a charming rebel and campus playboy.

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User Reviews
Shaeraebae91 2023-07-29
It’s a good movie for what it is, uses all the tropes and is cheesy lol. But it’s cute, it’s silly, it’s mind numbing.

mocki one 2023-06-22
Unfortunately far from his better acting roles.

MovieLover3039 2023-06-01
Worth renting.

makayla1421 2023-05-23
Good movie!!!!

amandax345 2023-05-19
Love this movie!!

Cirna 2023-05-15
There’s nothing else to say.

Shels bells 2023-05-14
If you watched the after we collided 😂👌🏻 you’ll notice how this was kind of making fun of that movie and I loved it 😂 I was living for it top notch one of the best 😂 I see the Easter eggs and I loved it 😂👌🏻 very well done

eazinghe 2023-05-14
Not even close to the book, writing is so bad it sounds like a 10 year old wrote it, soundtrack is gimmicky, you can see the sponsorship/product placements everywhere and it’s a cheap movie. I don’t even think those who were not even fans of the book would like this. With Jamie’s overseeing this, you can tell her soul wasn’t in it. The book was thoughtful, deep, intense… this is was a mockery. However, I don’t want to end a review without shouting out pros, Sprouse proved to be a good Travis, he just had crappy lines to read and direction to follow. The casting for Jim- that was good. Everyone’s casting and everything else - it was a mockery and at this point, if this is how the author treats her only top charted/best selling book series, then I can’t support her.

Ashleeg95 2023-05-14
The movie seemed rushed. The book had more detail

kssamuels 2023-05-10
I read the book and was so excited to see a movie coming out for it. The movie was a total let down and nothing even close to the book. It was so cringy to watch. The characters had no personality. Travis was way more interesting in the book and had more chemistry with Abby in it!

AnnastasiaKohen 2023-05-08
It’s baffling that some people expect producers, directors, and writers to refrain from infusing their own creativity into their work. While the basic premise of the book was retained, the actors were given the freedom to make the characters their own - and it worked incredibly well. I can’t wait for the next three films and hope that the casting remains unchanged.

Ask&Seek123 2023-05-07
Quite enjoyed the movie. Very good acting. Amazing chemistry and building of the playful sexual tension of I don’t like him but really she does.

Tina71~ 2023-05-07
I haven’t read the book, but I really enjoyed the movie.

TheCichlaGuru 2023-05-07
My wife and I enjoyed it.

JT102030 2023-05-07
Worth the rental. Kept my attention and they had good chemistry.

rebelndisguise 2023-05-05
Wasn’t over-the-top with its plot line (like most other in the genre). It felt very believable and sincere.

Westd13 2023-05-05
If you don’t know anything about the books, it’s cute. It’s not as horrible as some say it was. No movie is ever as good as the book. I enjoyed it.

Allisonjo83 2023-05-03
So I know a lot of people will hate on this movie and yes it’s a little cringy at times but I think it’s cute and fun. Obviously the book is better and I would have rather have seen a broody Travis like in the book but it was still fun. I’m looking forward to the next one!

Natloves2read 2023-05-03
This movie was horrible. Loved this book but their adaptation was a joke, acting is bad, script is cheesy and stupid. Don’t waste your money.

CLim1987 2023-05-03
Loved the book. Didn't know it was being adapted until a couple days ago. Thought the casting choice for Travis was a bit off, but I’m really glad I gave it a chance, because holy crap… Dylan Sprouse was a pleasant surprise. Didn't know he could be that funny, or sexy, but he was. The movie stood on its own. Wasn’t much like the book, in my opinion. The book had tons more drama, and the movie was mostly comedy, which I (again) surprisingly loved! I’m a happy fan.

Chris s 16 2023-05-03
I loved it

alejshsisjsyuss 2023-05-02
Not really like the book but I still enjoyed it:)

OhItsMissa 2023-05-02
Because this movie is a joke. I don’t know how anyone though this would be a good thing. The acting is awful, the forced comedic scenes reminiscent of a Will Ferrel movie horrible and out of place. The book is completely different the only thing they share are the names of the main characters. Wasted money, smh.