Waitress: The Musical
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The Tony-nominated Broadway phenomenon comes to life. Composer-lyricist Sara Bareilles is Jenna

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The Tony-nominated Broadway phenomenon comes to life. Composer-lyricist Sara Bareilles is Jenna Hunterson, a waitress and expert pie maker stuck in a small town and a loveless marriage. When a baking contest offers her a chance at escape, Jenna fights to reclaim part of herself. Waitress celebrates the power of friendship, dreams, the family we choose and the beauty of a well-baked pie.

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User Reviews
Devon Maxwell 2024-01-12
I love this show, beautifully done.

Carla in the clouds 2024-01-10
I had the opportunity to watch this musical in person and just being able to watch from home is amazing! As always this is a masterpiece and Sarah is an incredible singer and songwriter. I’ll definitely say this will be on my plate for awhile!

DJ4JG 2024-01-09
I had the honor of seeing Sara Bareilles on Broadway, in Waitress: The Musical. This takes me right back there in the audience. Sara’s Sugar, Butter, goodness!!

txryan 2023-12-23
Saw this in the theater and was blown away

mkfydzjffkj 2023-12-14
This has been my favorite musical for years, you’ll laugh and cry and become so invested in their stories.

Tx baker 2023-12-12
I saw the original cast on broadway (rip nick), and saw the Sara version when it was back on broadway post Covid. The music, the cast, the story. Just beautiful! Not for smaller kids, but anyone over the age of 12, this is a must watch! I am so happy they captured this on film, and hope they do this with more musicals.

jujuxjules 2023-12-10
I have been a fan of Waitress for many years and recently was able to see Sara Bareilles’ version in theatres. I was originally a little disappointed that the ProShot was not with the original Broadway cast (Jessie Mueller, Keala Settle, and Kimiko Glenn, we miss you!) however, this cast stole my heart especially Sara Bareilles. Knowing that she wrote the music and lyrics for Waitress, you can see her passion and artistry deeply infused in her performance and she shines on stage! The rest of the cast is spectacular, I was excited to see Drew Gehling return in this version as his performance as Dr. Pomatter cannot be beat in my mind and when Sara Bareilles isn’t stealing the show, Charity Dawson (Becky), Caitlin Houlahan (Dawn), or Christopher Fitzgerald (Ogie) certainly are. Waitress is hilarious and heartfelt and my tears—whether from laughter or heartfelt moments—are always well worth it. Here’s to more ProShots in the future, the people want them!