The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes
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In this prequel to The Hunger Games, a young Coriolanus (Tom Blyth) is the last hope for the once-

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In this prequel to The Hunger Games, a young Coriolanus (Tom Blyth) is the last hope for the once-proud Snow family that has fallen from grace in a post-war Capitol. Snow reluctantly takes an assignment to mentor Lucy Gray Baird (Rachel Zegler), a tribute from the impoverished District 12. But after Lucy Gray’s charm captivates Panem’s audience, Snow unites with Lucy Gray to turn the odds in their favor. Battling his instincts for both good and evil, Snow races against time to survive — and reveal if he will ultimately become a songbird or a snake.

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User Reviews
Firsttigerhobbes 2024-04-08
I think this movie should have been a trilogy. There was so much rich character development and relationships that had to be cut to turn the longest installment in the Hunger Games into a movie. The book was phenomenal, the story was gripping and heart wrenching, but I missed seeing so much of those meaningful interactions in the movie. Shoulda been a trilogy. At first I thought Zegler was a bad actor, but I hear she based the role off Dolly Parton and I can see that. But still, I felt like she spit out the lines and needed some pause for effect. Her singing is SO GOOD!! She really brought the songs to life. All that said, I loved the movie. Very different from the book but that’s to be expected. They did a good job with it and I loved being back in the world of Panem. Also the Easter egg of digging up Katniss and saying it’s not ready yet while the music quotes Katniss’ theme from the original movies was SO CLEVER!!

Undercross 2024-03-13
This was worth renting if you like any of the Hunger Games previous movies.

Easy_Churlish 2024-02-25
More of this hollywood trend of letting wholly unqualified people meddle with the work of geniuses.

Silverwhisker9955 2024-02-10
(Spoilers ahead:)) It was a good movie, don’t get me wrong. The acting was done well, and I do love the songs. But there are a few things it needed. (1) More chemistry! The romance in this movie was flat. It wasn’t believable at all. Had I not read the book first, I’m unsure if I would have realized how much Lucy Gray and Coriolanus really loved each other. (2) Too many important scenes and characters where cut out. There was nothing leading to Sejanus’s death! It was a major part in the book that effected Coriolanus, and it was just cut out. Ma was cut out as well-not to mention that TWO funerals where cut out. I think Rachel Zegler did good in the role as Lucy Gray, despite what people think. Tom Blyth was a good for playing a young Snow. I give it a 4.3, but the book was much better.

SKB0212 2024-01-30
Two thumbs down

Exclucityours 2024-01-13
0 stars if it was possible

Kiarathecritic 2024-01-10
I loved how they put together snow life. He makes more sense to me but they also did a great job tying in the Mockingjay origin.

k.kiffmanntkd 2024-01-09
to the beginnings and creators of The Hunger Games. The original game plan was as graphic and immoral as possible. The movie illustrates how Snow’s input made the games more appealing and positive to the public in order for people to be cognitively dissonant to the real horror that the games were. The biography of Snow is a bit similar to Darth Vader’s life, except—unlike Vader—Snow never redeems himself. But, what the movie does show is that many—if given the opportunity or desperation—would cross the line of morality, if they needed it enough.

orangeblood12c 2024-01-09
Southpark into the panderverse nailed it. Yet another terrible remake. If people would stop supporting these awful movies then maybe they start making good movies again instead of this regurgitated mess.

xoxo Jordan xoxo 2024-01-08
I am not sure whether it’s that I am older now than when the original Hunger Games came out or the fact we have fresh face characters tied so closely with the old ones, but this film is my favorite of the five and it has rejuvenated my love for the entire series again. We got so many answers but there are even more questions. I enjoyed examining the dynamics of the characters. I really loved it!

JJY130 2024-01-06
Wasn’t totally feelin this one at all

Alice1515000 2024-01-05
Liked the movie. The first Hunger Games was the best, but this one is good.

🙈👨‍💼 2024-01-04
Awesome I loved it best movie ever

gb0923 2023-12-31
I love the Hunger Games. I’ve listened to the audiobooks 15 times. I bought the Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes book but I absolutely hate Rachel Zegler she laughs at her disdained audience. She dissed the Snow White movie she was cast in and I cannot watch anything she is in. I will not be watching, renting or buying this. I will not support an actress that behaves such a way.

Nicolás919 2023-12-31

TonyFromSyracuse 2023-12-29
Theres lots to love here if you liked the book.....the Lucy Gray character was very charming, and Snows back story was pretty inventive. there were some really nice scenes that stayed with me....the scene along the river shore where Snow and Lucy were talking....every scene with Lucky Flikerman and the Capitol scenes with Higbottom. the problem I had with this movie was mainly one thing....the ending. it was as unsatisfying as the Sopranos ending. you dont string people for 3 hoursa just to have an open ended ending IMO. I know its done sometimes, but it wasnt very good IMO.

Hassan123456789?! 2023-12-28

Jayz9243 2023-12-28
The acting and everything else about the movie was pretty great!!!!

Caa23458! 2023-12-26
Was expecting a lot more honesty and the actress in this was terrible. Rachel zegler didn’t add anything useful.

annajurgen 2023-12-26
The movie is just awkward and badly written. The songs don’t belong and not well executed. Slow and boring.

Pam.tello 2023-12-24
Opening a new world of possibilities of what happened before Katniss is everything and Tom Blyth and Rachel Zegler and Josh Rivera stole the show together !

LiammmLiammm 2023-12-23
ILY Tom Blythe

I<3mxmtoon 2023-12-21
It’s sooo sad, but the acting is incredible. Rachel Zelger COMPLETELY brought Lucy to life, amazing.

16 HORSES 2023-12-21
The Prequel Trilogy route is iffy at best of times This wannabe Hunger Games prequel was just okay but no way will ever be on the level of Jenifer Lawrence’s Katniss Everdeen! The Prequel Movie was Milk-Toast in dialogue and there was nothing that holds interest though I would prefer it over the entire Twilight Saga!

azularbie 2023-12-20
a good prequel to the original story. i do feel like they left a bit too much out of the movie version but overall it was very good. snow lands on top!

dpsmile 2023-12-20
Very few movies are close to the source material. I had no idea how they were going to translate music into “The Hunger Games” universe. PERFECT casting for all of the parts!

monkeyfrog245 2023-12-19
This ate

pharlan10 2023-12-19
I devoured the novel when it came out; it was brilliant the way the author slowly weaved the story of a man losing his humanity. This film had fantastic source material and, though falling a little short of greatness, I found myself really enjoying the film as a whole - the first part and the games, specifically. The sets and visuals are phenomenal and acting spot on. I found the ending a little rushed and subsequently dull. Overall though, they did great and there’s a lot to enjoy in this film.

Stevg92 2023-12-19
We watched it because we had another else to do on a Saturday night and it was pouring out.. disliked Rachel. The rest of the cast were fine.

irispho 2023-12-19
Romantic tragedy 😫 so good. the acting is phenomenal.

.BLINK.s 2023-12-19

lucygraybairds 2023-12-18
this is the best movie ever

infinite-luhan 2023-12-18
as a long time fan of this series, this was the perfect adaptation to the prequel book. loved how tom blythe and rachel zegler brought coryo and lucy gray to life <3

Mcdoopy 2023-12-16
No thanks, and the main actress is insufferable

Tony 2Toes 2023-12-14
Definitely not worth 24.99, you are a without a doubt a sad bored idiot if you need to watch it for that price. Its lacks the charm and character the original series had. The romance falls flat, there’s no real sense of true chemistry. Just an actress that can sing, nothing groundbreaking.

143336 2023-12-12
This was a amazing movie!

Best franchise ever 2023-12-11
After reading the negative comments about this movie I couldn’t stop laughing. There’s a difference between genuinely not liking the movie and not liking it because you don’t understand it. People that are commenting that this movie is not like the original movies are just ignorant. Obviously it’s not going to be like the original movies because this movie takes place roughly 65 years before the originals! It’s supposed to be different to show how everything has evolved over time. Also people commenting on the singing clearly don’t understand Lucy Gray’s character at all. She sings a lot because she’s part of the covey! That is her entire life and how she feels close to her family!!! I cannot fathom how dumb some people are. If you have read the book I promise you will love the movie because they did an excellent job following the book. I personally love all 5 of The Hunger Games’ movies and the people that are hating on the basic plot of the story obviously didn’t think about the movie as a whole before commenting. Everyone has their own opinion but maybe next time think about why the creators would do certain things in a movie because most of the time there is a purpose, especially in huge movie franchises.

ann1082 2023-12-09
This movie could be watched by someone who had never watched the other movies, however, there would be a lot that would be lost if you had no understanding of the books/movies. I thought this was a great movie and there were things that helped to make president snow’s actions in the other movies more understandable.

MrsGeorge1185 2023-12-05
You can tell based off reviews who read the book first, and who thought they were going to get a Katniss/Peeta remake.

DVR415 2023-12-04
The movie drags on and to be honest I'm not a Rachel fan anymore

phx_rich 2023-12-03
Acting was horrendous, turned out to be a musical :), pointless scenes.

Zerowingx 2023-11-27
Just watched the film so it’s worth watching once and some later in years it leaves me to fear gingers, run from black rabies, run fast away from one handed blade wielding kiddos, special needs are ninjas, and don’t fall in love. All in all a good movie. Also don’t drink from an opened container. Very diversified,I miss the 90s

DavidG— 2023-11-22

Villi_Vee 2023-11-22
This is straight up brought me back to 2013

Mark Backman 2023-11-21
Was better than expected

hashtagkeir 2023-11-21
Don’t let other people’s hive mind of subtle sexism and racism be the thing that deters you from watching this movie. Rachel Ziegler is absolutely incredible, as are all the rest of the cast. Hunter Schafer is like a breath of fresh air in any scene she’s in. Viola Davis is now my favorite villain I’ve ever seen on screen. And the rest of the cast is… ugh… so good. Remember, the premise of this series is still children forced to kill children, so if you’re empathetic at all, know that it’s a bit intense. The message of the story is brilliant though. Thank you Suzanne Collins!

Mister Bipkie 2023-11-21
It is nothing like the originals and a disappointment.

bigpapaadam 2023-11-21
I felt that a lot of this movie was extremely boring and many scenes pointless. I don’t know why they thought this movie would improve Snow’s backstory. Don’t get me wrong I love the original Hunger Games and love President Snow! Donald Sutherland is an incredible actor and I love him as Snow. I really think this movie could have been done way better and had much better supporting actors. Was not a fan of the Snow White chick at all. They should have picked another actress for this role. Her southern accent was goofy and her music got old quick. Not a fan of this actress since she has a big mouth that has gotten her in trouble. Let’s stick to acting celebrities! We’re tired of hearing your liberal, progressive, woke views and getting it jammed down our throats. Makes it very difficult to enjoy these actors when they act because you know how they are in public and how they view others with different viewpoints than theirs.

Vanhouzer 2023-11-20
I really enjoyed this film, the focus is on the Sponsorships as opposed to the Tributes in the previous films. It is a very interesting concept that shows how things are done behind closed doors before the Hunger Games became the huge spectacle that we know. I liked the performance from each actor, i think they did a great job bringing some humanity to their characters no matter how vile they may be.

aj7123 2023-11-20
Really expecting something better