The Great Mouse Detective
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The clues are in, the chase is on, and the case of the century is about to break wide open in Disney's greatest little mystery in history! Let the creators of Aladdin and The Little Mermaid take you on an adventuresome journey through the cobblestone streets of 1897 London, where some suspicious "mousechief" is the suspenseful start to this thrilling musical adventure. Olivia, the brave daughter of a beloved London toymaker, turns to Basil of Baker Street for help with her father's disappearance. Basil's jolly assistant, Dr. Dawson, and loyal dog Toby lend a hand ... and nose ... as they sniff out clues through their charming miniature world. The final chase leads to Professor Ratigan (voiced by Vincent Price), a hard-hearted criminal whom Basil must outwit to save all of Mousedom!

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User Reviews
bluegiraffeHCD 2023-10-09
This movie was mediocre at best. I get that, because Disney movies from the 80s just weren’t that good (with a few exceptions). Most people weren’t watching them, but then Disney started to make good movies again (yay!) if u want more about this watch Waking Sleeping Beauty. I didn’t like this film very much. I watched it during COVID. It’s by far better than anything made after Encanto. But I kinda found it boring. I might like it better now that I’ve read Sherlock homes, but some better 89s animation goes to Oliver and Company, The Fox and the Hound, The Rescuers, The Land Before Time, and The Little Mermaid.

superstar chloe 2021-06-03
I really really really love the part when ratigan has Olivia in his hand.

memexdjbxd 2021-02-21
I loved it

Mr. Loiter 2021-02-18
They should bring this back as a Disney Plus series.

Kjbynum 2020-03-29
I remember watching this movie as a kid and being able to show it to my child now is nice.

Gerbils4cats 2020-01-29
I love this movie and the thrill of excitement that passes through me as I watch the funny parts of this movie and the genuineness in many of the characters. This movie is amazing and reminds me that Roy Disney was a big part of helping in the movie. The animators did great for this movie with every year that is passing it gets even older. The music is exciting and as a violinist, I hope to be in an orchestra one day. Everyone out in their part and ability to be a participant.

B-Rod Jenkins 2019-06-21
I came into this with no expectations. What I got was a great movie. I loved all the scenes, from Basil of Baker Street solving the mysteries to Professor Ratigan pulling villainous antics. Definitely recommend to anyone who hasn’t seen it.

KbCheetah 2017-03-02
This movie is great, and fun. I love this movie a lot. I love all of the characters in this movie. It is one of my favorite movies ever.

Disneyfanatic🗿😊 2015-08-01
This movie will always have a special place in my heart. The story is wonderful, and the characters are adorable. When you watch, you will laugh, weep, and rejoice while the brilliant detective solves the sinister plot of the diabolical professor Rattigan. I absolutely recommend this to anybody who is anyone!

eMilyinAK 2013-06-14
I remembered watching that movie a lot since I was little but for me a grown up now, I feel like it's not that great anymore.

Crocodile66 2013-06-10
I LOVE this film! It is my favorite Disney film of all time! I do like watching other Disney films but THIS has the most important impact on me as a fan of animation! It does have a few things I can't look at, mostly Fidget and Ratigan's red eye close ups, but I love everything else; Basil, Ratigan, Toby, the big ben climax, the list goes on! I enjoyed watching this a million times, and I will definetly be watching it a million times more!

Tim Dehring 2012-12-27
I can buy the Blu-ray copy pretty much anywhere, but for some reason, iTunes doesn't have the HD version available. Considering 99.9% of movies I own were purchased in iTunes for my Apple TV, I'd like to see this offered in HD. Until then, no sale. Overall, for the movie itself, 4 stars.

SupernaturalGabby 2012-11-13
I absolutely adore this movie. It is definitely one of my favorites!

Gothboy93 2012-10-05
I love the great mouse detective :) and I love watching it as kid too 

Thesmatts 2012-08-05
It is true that this movie doesn't deserve a G rating, but showing it to a small child probably won't do any harm. What I like the most about this film is that the main character and the antagonist play off each other so well. The climax is also quite exciting. This movie will always be one of my favorites.

mron42 2012-07-02
I loved this movie as a kid! The first time i saw it was when my cousin loaned me her vhs copy...i still have it:) It's definitely worth seeing.

toddsefton 2012-03-05
It seems that everyone loved this movie. I cannot understand why. We made it though half the movie. The story line is good, but Disney really need to remake these movies for modern times. If you took away smoking and drinking this movie would last about 2 minutes. This is no longer good for any children at any age. I really do not think we need to teach kids that smoking and drinking are good behaviors. Other then that the movie is good. But i would never recommend this for children!

ToxicArtichoke 2011-12-12
This is the only Disney movie where there's smoking, drinking, (drunkeness and actually drinks get spiked with a drug, making one of the mice act extremely high and out of character) a huge bar fight that shows gun use and violence with impromptu weapons such as broken alcohol bottles and chairs. And who can forget those strippers? Well,they were burlesque dancers but when you're 5 and watching this, they might as well be strippers. And yes they do shed clothes. All this is in like a 5 minute segment of the movie. But there's also a scene where alcohol is pink and pouring in fountains of glory...glasses are raised making this look appealing. I'd show this to my kids only so they can compare it to the pussified movies and shows they have to live with today.

TommyWimmer 2011-06-20
(NOTE: I refer to characters by their first names, which may be confusing) I first saw this movie in September 2009. I thought it was pretty cool. Lately, I'm watching this movie on repeat, calling the male characters by their first names. Professor Ratigan becomes Padraic; Dr. Dawson, David; and Mr. Flaversham, Hiram. I got a stuffed toy of Padraic last week. For some strange reason, I renamed the toy "Jason Kreis" in honor of a soccer player. David narrates. Hiram gets kidnapped. Padraic gets into a huge fight with Basil. Vincent Price does a good job voicing Padraic. The score by Henry Mancini is beautiful.

Steven DeNeal 2011-05-31
It has been many years since I have seen this movie. I remember liking it as a kid, though admittedly it was a bit scary but coming back and watching it as an adult, I am very surprised how dark and gritty this film is, especially for a children's film. I do not point this out as a bad thing, but merely an observation of how Disney can make a film kids enjoy while adults can enjoy it on a whole other level by the deeper themes in it. All in all, a great movie.

Eric Twele 2011-05-01
My favorite Sherlock Holmes-esque movie ever.

Awhhdvjtef 2011-03-31
Third favorite Disney movie ever. number 2 being the hunchback of notre dame and my favorite Disney movie is the lion king. Ps, iTunes put the lion king up now! I would buy it in a heartbeat, I bet lots of others would to

Sora Starfire 2011-02-19
They just don't make Disney films like these anymore. A beautiful spin off of Sir Aurther Conan Doyle's masterpiece adventures of Sherlock Holmes, the Great Mouse Detective is a film that you can easily watch over and over again. Fun, musical, and with a good seasoning of humor, Basil of Baker Street will take you on an adventure you will never forget.

wmwilson 2010-07-18
I was at first skeptical of this movie because of it being underrated, and I put the film in thinking it was going to be horrible along with it's preior "The Black Caldron". Luckaly I was 100% WRONG!!!! This movie is perfect to a T! It's drama, class, and few songs has captivated my imagination and helped me discover the original Sherlock Holmes books. It's not Aladdin, but to me The Great Mouse Detective is more of a dimond in the rough than that movie will ever hope to be! A great classic contrast compared to the musical disney films of today! Well, Goodbye So Soon, but until then... SMILE EVERYONE! XD

PIXIE!!!! 2010-06-22
I watched this movie SOOO much when I was little. :D Great movie! Good plot and fun action for kids. I highly recommend it!

Nicajah 2010-02-15
Thank you for putting this movie for sale. This was my favorite growing up and still my favorite as an adult. Great family movie, with everyone in mind. Classic Sherlock Holmes tale with a Disney twist.

gamergirl141 2010-01-31
I loved this movie when I was little fav movie

ohYAYitsannie 2010-01-09
OMG! This movie was like... my childhood. I'm soooo glad that iTunes has it. But $9? Really?

lovecolette 2010-01-09
Loved this movie my whole life and my 20 year old sister only watches this when it comes to decided on a kid movie. It also gives off a great "Sherlock Holmes" vibe!!!

Lilolme8 2010-01-01
Preferrably my all time favourite movie, in any category. Heh, it nearly kicked Amadeus right off of the list! Just bought it off here a while back for my itouch. Mom wasn't too happy about it at first, but she warmed up to it. (: I'm almost 18 years old, but I still love this movie to pieces. Hell, I didn't even see it until my freshman year in highschool, and I didn't know much about it before then, either! It's a wonderful movie. It's synced good, and the quality is amazing. Buy it. I guarentee, you won't be disappointed.

Sheeracali 2009-09-14
This is one of my favorites from Disney. The story and characters are wonderfully designed and clever, unlike some stuff nowadays. Great flick, Id reccomend it to anyone of any age

libba17 2009-08-10
This is a movie that was very loved in my family! I would watch it again and again

kid285 2009-08-02
This movie seriously takes me back to 90's when i was a kid. You wont regret buying this. I was actually surprised they had this movie on iTunes. Worth buying.

Ssbowler921 2009-06-26
I love this movie as a kid and I still love it now it is one of the best disney animated films. Thank you itunes for choseing one of these as option.

HiccupLove13 2009-06-19
Easly in the top 3 best movies MADD by disney!! I grew up on this movie!

WaterbendingBabe 2008-08-15
This film is pure fun for the whole family! My sister loves it! Its a great twist on Sherlock Holmes, and just entertaining! My favorite character is Basil, who has you wondering at some points about his mental condition... But he's just to funny! If you haven't seen this movie yet you need to! Its to bad that Disney doesn't promote this movie more.

BeastinDave 2008-06-28
Wow. I loved this movie growing up and just strolling through movies i couldn't imagine bumping into this one. such a classic, it really was amazing. this and The Fox and the Hound are such great disney movies that most have not seen. this was back in the good old days before the crap disney puts out now. click yes if you agree

Hatchattach 2008-06-28
Cool movie but really old and super british

Donald Serrot 2008-06-27
I used to watch this movie over and over when I was young. It's part of the reason that I love mysteries so much today! I'm glad that a clasic like this can be found on iTunes. And the fact that it's in widescreen is an added bonus! I never got to see it in theaters, or I was just to young to remember.

alainaa 2008-06-22
This move is my all-time FAVORITE movie. Everything about it is just perfect. It is an amazing movie that i still enjoy at the age of 16. The characters are so wonderfully developed, and the plot is filled with mystery, comedy, and amazing lessons we all can learn from.

King Clopin 2008-05-28
Growing up, I would watch this over and over again, but when I watched this for the, like, one billionth time, I was still totally amazed and shocked by the storyline! A timeless classic that will never grow old!

meg0021 2008-04-10
Basil is the best actor in this movie. i would give him a biggggggg kiss if i could!!!!!!!!!!! everyone else s-e!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! L-O-V-E !.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!

Megandv1 2008-03-13
The older, classic disney movies are absolutly fabulose.! they capture your imagaination better than any other movie makers out there. this is such an awesome movie. DEFFINENTALLY buy it

jedi_scum_68 2008-03-10
This was definately one of my all time favorite movies when I was just a kid. I love this movie, and I am so happy that it's on iTunes!!! I definately recomend this to anyone with kids or is a kid at heart.

FerretParade 2008-02-28
Wonderful movie, a true Disney classic that sadly seems overlooked. Basil is a great and well-developed character and Olivia is adorable. It's too bad Disney doesn't make movies like this anymore. If only Ratatouille had been this good...

fhzwart 2008-02-15
This is a great Disney movie that as previously stated is highly underrated. I love watching this with my kids and they enjoy the movie all the way through. If you are a fan of Disney Animated films, you should have this one in your collection.

tokane9993 2008-02-08
one of my favorite movies of all time, along with The Lion King, Aristocats, and Anastasia.

musiccrazy44 2007-09-16
Why is it underappreciated?! Its such a good movie. I bought it right away when I found it here. Its my fav Disney movie

therealyukino 2007-08-21
This commonly overlooked gem is and always will be among the best of the Disney classics in my heart. I've seen it over and over, more than five times, and I still love it as much as I did when I was six. I guarantee that you'll fall in love with clever, dashing Basil, charming little Olivia, bumbling, good-natured Dawson, and the delighfully villainous Ratigan faster than you can say Bob's your uncle! Buy this film - it's worth every cent (surprisingly cheap, really).

Vivian of the Shadows 2007-08-18
Ever had a detective that was smart but wasn't so good in the long run? Well, that is who Basil Of Baker Street is. A plot by a evil (dare I say) Rat is hatched. Who is better to solve it than Basil? He IS the Sherlock Holmes of the mouse world! This is a Grade-A G rated mystery that is astounding! It is worth every penny! Buy It and you won't regret it!