The Hot Chick
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The hilarious Rob Schneider has been a gigolo. He's been an animal. And now a curse will make him something he's never been before -- a woman! Jessica Spencer is the hottest, most popular girl in high school. But she gets a big dose of reality when she wakes up in the body of a 30-something-year-old lowlife male (Schneider) and quickly discovers that trading on your looks isn't so easy when you're a girl who constantly needs a shave. How in the world can Jessica convince her friends (Anna Faris, Scary Movie, Scary Movie 2; Matthew Lawrence, Mrs.. Doubtfire; Eric Christian Olsen, Not Another Teen Movie) it really is her? And how can she change herself back into a teenage girl? The Hot Chick is a wild and wacky gender-bending comedy everyone can enjoy -- no matter what sex you are.

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User Reviews
yhhhhhjjjkkllkfdgjjjkk 2022-08-28
Believe it or not, my friends watched an advertisement: blonde haired barbie and yes, they are called skin-squares and no, seniors don’t eat fruity pebbles cereal and this scene is in: a boy named meriwhater who wanted to buy an iPad but there was a Red-brown haired boy who is the devil who wants to have the iPad Will Meriwhater get the chance to get the iPad or would the devil takes it? you would have to find out in the movie one night before

Unkle Ace 2021-07-28
How much? Really? Can watch it free in Tubi right now

Awe Heal 2017-08-06
I had to stop the the movie over the pillow fight scene so that I could catch my breath & change my pants. Laughed so much I pee'd them. Rachel McAdams performance was Oscar worthy. Anna Farris & Rob Schneider were adorbs. Watch only if you want to laugh. FYI: this is on So and So's list of worst movies. I think his requirements for "good movies" are different than mine.

Megbroho11 2016-09-08
This movie is literally the inspiration & foundation of my mine and my bestfriends humor and friendship. YEARS later, we still quote this movie and crack up every time we watch it. We are planning our halloween costumes based off this movie..Spenc & April! (so excited). The Hot Chick will NEVER get old.

WarBucks02 2015-03-17
Movie had me laughing from beginning to end. I Defiantly recommend this movie. A must watch.

BabyGirlNyia 2015-01-12
I love this movie I can watch it over and over. I recommend everyone watch this.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Tinabop38 2013-12-15
I love this movie!!! I love all of Rob's movies! I just wish iTunes had this movie in the soundtrack.

kateplaton 2013-08-10
Sooooooo funny!! Anna Faris, Rachel Mcadams, and Rob Scneider are super funny in this movie!! It's just hilarious please don't miss out its soooo hilarious!! πŸ˜‚

Rony F Corea 2013-06-27
I really love this movie, because is really funny Esta Pelicula Es Una Exelente Pelicula Bien Divertida

ReneM1025 2013-06-02
This movie is hilarious!! Ron Schneider is so funny! And her friends in the movie are so wacky and goofy. This movie will bring u to tears!

Chicana916/Aztecas 2012-12-31
This is one of my kids and my fav movies, we watch it over n over!

Cutiekinz24680 2012-07-16
It was nice

Llarrccosss 2012-06-25

SleepyD90 2012-02-02
This is one one of my all time favorite movies! I'm really picky with comedies and this movie is just hilarious! Granted it is random at times, but it just goes with the movie! It is a MUST WATCH!

alec john 2011-11-28
Despite one or two funny parts, this is crap.

Chipolte Spice 2011-11-26
When I first saw this movie, I laughed so hard. Roy Schneider was the best choice for this movie. Couldn't imagine anyone else. They used a nice cast. Very good movie.

HarleyBoy117 2011-10-16
Rob shredder is priceless. His expressions alone are worth the price of admission.

Hansolfl 2011-08-14
Best movie I've seen! Anything movie so far with Adam sandler and Anna Faris is awesome!

M-y K. 2011-07-27
Wow...terrible movie! It had it's funny moments, but the whole story was really stupid. It might be worth one viewing, so just rent it. But trust me do NOT buy it.

ninja123456789101112 2011-07-10
this is a funny movie you should buy it

Reading high 2011-07-07
This movie was great and very funny and Billy is friggin Hott i love this movie no more to say

Sharkniesha 2011-06-23
I love the part when they have the pillow fight lol good movie

RossM25 2011-06-09
This movie is so funny! Definitely one of my favorites

jg,fhgkf 2011-05-22
Watch this while u r makin cake, and you will tip the cake batter over from laughing so hard.

Nashyia 2011-04-23
This film is hilarious! Never fails to make me laugh! Not appropriate for young kids! (:

Buckeyeballer 2011-04-14
Movie that makes u laugh every second.can be easily related to mean girls.

1-.'lp 2011-03-15
Everyone with a brain will laugh at this movie!

ckairyne 2011-03-13
U should watch it!!!!!!!!

Bubbie16 2011-02-27
This movie is hilarious I love this movie my favorite part is when they fight in the bar it's hilarious love when he tries to scratch him FUNNNNNNYYYY!!!!!!

LeafPicker 2011-02-18
1 of my favorite movies! I love it!!! :D

PattyRish4456 2010-10-26
I can watch this movie over a million times and never get bored of it, Rob Schnieder= Hilarious

Panic! at the Disco Rocks! Ryan Ross 2010-10-03
i love the movie jessicas boyfriend is so handsome

Brandon Lebron 2010-07-30
The movie was weird but it had those freaking funny hilarious parts!! haha i couldn't stop laughing! But then it got weirder and weirder but I like this movie because of the funny parts, i bought it but i recommend it for rent but it makes u crack up!

k00t@k3nt@y 2010-03-05
If your looking for a comedy, you found one. Absolutley hilarious but don't excpect a very meaningful message, just alot of laughs.

@peace 2010-01-31
Hilarious. Rob Schneider does an excellent job. Just watching his face expressions will make you laugh!

U won't be dissipointed so funny I couldn't stop laughing and i don't usually laugh at funny movies but trust I was ROTFL lol

shapoopi 2010-01-11
Rob Schndider should really stop being things first he was an animal another bad movie and now he's a "hot chick" just a waste of time and money to rent this

mandysaysso 2010-01-06
This movie is gut-wrenchingly funny. Rent/Buy.... just see it. You WONT be disappointed.

LovePeaceApple 2009-12-30
I love this movie! It is great for sleepovers! My friends and I were laughing the entire time!! : )

Tony the Critic 2009-11-26
It' really fun to see Rob Schneider act like he is a girl in a 30 year old guy's body. it's also has a sweet message regarding girls having trouble believing in their true beauty. the other cast was just as amusing. Seeing Matthew Lawrence grown up was cool. Anna Faris looks beautiful in this (probably the best she's looked in any of her movies). You should consider watching it sometime.

alexxiss1194 2009-11-09
This is my all time favorite Rob Schneider movie! It is hilarious, clever, and refreshing!

Snipes266 2009-05-08
Whoever wrote the script to the movie should be shot, quartered, drawn up, beaten, gutted, and then beheaded for the autrocity that this movie is. It is the most idiotic movie ever. A great movie makes you believe that the plot of the movie could happen or draws you so far into the movie that it doesn't matter how unbelievable it is. There is no real premise to this stupid movie

anniedimock 2009-04-28

movie_chick 2009-03-03
OMG!!!! This is one of the best comedy movies ever made!!! Its so funny and my favorite scene is the pillow fight one. You have to buy it!!!! Or rent it!!!!!! If you like funny family movies, this is totally for you!!!!!! Peace Out!!!!

Saibeeezy 2009-01-09
[: <3 peaceee

eddy7r 2009-01-03
Really great movie

hotchicklover 2008-12-29
The Hot Chick is one of my favorite movies. You get to see Rob Schneider's hilarious comedy and outrageousness. You will never get sick of this unforgetable movie.

blakeypo01 2008-12-28
OMG!!!!!! this movie is like, soooooo funny! i've watched it 4 times in a row! OMG!!!!!!! it's awesome!

Kathy Arriaza 2008-10-28
i love this movie! mostly because of rachel mcadams! she is my fave actress! how come she isn't included as one of the actors? she is one of the main characters

catherineadele 2008-10-10