Mystery, Alaska
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With Russell Crowe (The Insider, A Beautiful Mind), Hank Azaria (Godzilla, The Birdcage), and Burt Reynolds leading an incredible all-star cast, here's a fun, uplifting, action-packed story that everyone will love! A remote hockey-obsessed town populated by 633 of the most eccentric characters you'd ever want to meet, Mystery is the kind of place where nothing ever changes. But then life as they know it gets turned completely upside down! When a publicity stunt brings the world-famous New York Rangers -- and the national spotlight -- to Mystery for a game with the local team of weekend warriors, the whole town rises to meet the challenge of a lifetime! Also starring Mary McCormack (True Crime, Deep Impact) and Lolita Davidovich (Play It To The Bone, Jungle 2 Jungle) in another critical favorite from the hit-making director of Austin Powers 1 and 2 -- you'll stand and cheer as this ragtag bunch shows that nothing can melt their dreams of a miracle on ice!

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User Reviews
Aurelius5150 2019-10-21
There exists a sort of holy trinity in hockey movies now. This with Miracle and of course Slap Shot make up that trinity. If you are a fan of Hockey then you will enjoy this movie. I find myself watching this movie along witht he other two at least once a year. This movie just captures the spirit of playing on the pond and the Saturday game. And for those that may not enjoy Hockey that much, this movie still has heart and some good comedy to keep you intersted in.

Lgapp 2018-12-23
Every winter I crave this movie.

MoeMcG 2016-04-17
Fantastic, but it appears ITunes is selling old version - HBO is showing this Friday on with a new soundtrack I love. I'll wait to purchase the updated version

TRK02 2014-02-02
While definitely not Oscar material or worthy of a cult following, this is an enjoyable film - easy to watch, no big action scenes, and just enough hockey shots (IMHO.) Not nearly as bad as the Rotten Tomatoes critics made it out to be….. Interesting to see Russell Crowe with two of the same actors as were in "Robing Hood" - although obviously much younger. All-in-all…. I liked it. Nice to watch a movie that has weather and scenery that's different than SoCal.

bigtoe1953 2013-11-15
May no be Academy Award worthy but if you have ever played or wanted to no what ice hockey is all about, watch this movie and then you will understand. Very entertaining and emotionally true.

Gavtown8 2011-10-27
I am not even a hockey fan have never watched a full 3 periods in my life and absolutely live this movie great story and actors and everything all time favorite for sure

Mjk27 2011-06-14
how do you not have this movie in your all time hockey movie category?? This is a classic sports movie with much better than average actors....

Ski1925 2011-02-14
I wish I could skate to school

Moonlight Farms 2010-01-24
An all time CLASSIC. Great movie. A hockey fan must have!

pfloydddd 2009-08-14
The original movie that tried to recreate the emotional feeling of the Olympic win ("do you believe in miracles") by the US Hockey team against all odds, way back when, was extremely disappointing and I figured there was just no way to recreate the exhileration actually experienced during those Olympic games. That original movie was a disappointment. HOWEVER, THIS MOVIE HELD ALL THOSE FEELINGS THAT WE ALL EXPERIENCED during that Olympics. I don't even like hockey, but this movie actually was exciting to watch. The cast, story and direction were EXCEPTIONAL. I'll watch this movie A LOT, so was glad I purchased. Edge of your seat excitement for the underdog, and the winners (because they really were)!!

Carl80 2009-02-02
Hey, good movie... PLEASE GIVE US GLADIATOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

aaa108992 2008-12-28

Jordond 2008-08-21
When I first heard the title of this movie, I thought it was going to be like a horror film or something, but when I got it. I loved it and it was defently a very good film.

mel2877 2008-08-09
this movie is hillarious! this well made movie tells a story about an alaska village where they LIVE to play hockey. I am not a hockey fan and I know nothing about the sport but this movie is the funniest sport themed movie I have ever seen. this is a story about the people of this small town where eveyone knows everyone else and there are no secrets. the writing for this film is some of the best there is today and it sparkles with wit. i own this movie and i have watched it again and again. highly reccomended you wont be disappointed!

Marabekka 2008-04-23
I heard about this movie from a non-hockey family. Great movie! It has adult themes and language, so it is not for kids. Anyone who likes sports movies or hockey will love this!

noah88 2008-04-22
I have watched this movie a million times and I love it more every time I see it. the hockey is realistic unlike that of miracle and the tactics are very clever. I love this movie and hope everybody buys it.

JAZ123 2008-03-30
This is a really funny movie but I do NOT recommend this for kids because it uses the F word so many times. It makes it funny though!

Jack the Fife 2007-02-23
I absolutly loved this movie. I am a huge hockey player and love hockey so much. Buy this movie no matter what. This week i had chicken pox and rented this and Gladiator (Russel Crowe.) This is one of the best movies ever. i loved it. MYSTERY, ALASKA- Best Movie Ever!

Shopgirl21 2007-02-08
I bought this movie without even seeing and enjoy it so much! It is an inspirational film; if you enjoyed Remember the Titans or Rudy, or even Miracle, you will enjoy this thouroughly. Russel Crowe does an excellent performance and Ryan Northcott is brutally adorable as the young high school star of the team. Compared to other sports movies, this goes deep into the characters and details their life in a small town. Hockey is only the background to these people's lives. It is mostly drama, with a few funny quirks. Definately get this movie. It makes be want to go out and ice skate!

TrueReviewer 2007-01-15
Notwithstanding gushing commentary across the board, perhaps by young adults, this movie is notable more for what it lacks then what it contains. The plots are basic and never well developed, the acting the same. Interesting with light situational humor, but one of those movies that is seen once and quickly forgotten. It simply falls short of reaching the level of a really good sports movie, a really good local-team-makes-good movie or a really good quirky Alaskan town movie. Instead it tries for all three and falls a bit flat as a result.

aweber22 2007-01-11
awesome movie with some histerics to it.... who cares about the foul language, must be living under a rock if your not use to hearing that sort of stuff. one you can watch over and over... and who couldn't love a movie with a character that goes by the name of SKANK.

810 2007-01-09
this is a good movie if u like hockey movies and its also pretty funny ive seen the movie countless times and im looking forward to seeing it on my ipod

Jumpin Jude 2006-12-31
Wow! Umong the greatest sports movies to me, Brian's Song, Rudy, Remember The Titans..along comes Mystery, Alaska. This movie was fabulous! So overlooked by the press. The cast was great. It was funny and had many subplots. I don't want to spoil the ending, but it's not how you think it will end. However, it is so true to life, and, well, this is a movie you don't want to end. Every parent who has a child in sports should watch this with them. It's all about heart.

CVgsmackfan 2006-12-20
this is one of those film that if you haven't seen it you should highly recomend this film not just because it's about hockey that is the backdrop but because it has a solid story and an a list cast.

lets go senators 2006-12-17
"I guess were done." The best movie of all time. O yeah, there is one review that is awfull. The Rangers are not the best team in the NHL. The Sabres are better, by far

spencer.wolfe 2006-12-12
I think Mystery, Alaska is a great movie. For everybody out there that thinks that hockey is not a real sport and that its pointless.....where have you been?????? hockey needs to be more publicized and movie like this one tell a great story.

andimaint 2006-12-09
i love this movie because i'm a ranger fan and the RANGERS RULE! they prove it-just watch the film! GO RANGERS!!

uncertainage 2006-12-09
To this sports non-enthusiast, "Mystery, Alaska" is a delightful movie offering a range of wonderfully human stories, most only tangentially about hockey. Few characters overshadow the pleasing ensemble that portrays the joys and aggravations of life in families, marriages, and a small (and remote) town. If one can listen beyond the locker room language -- itself no doubt quite realistic -- the pleasures of this movie reward amply.

People think Alaska is cold all the time but thats not true. I dont live in a igloo and I think nobody lives in a igloo anymore. Hockey is okay but basketball is the best.

natalie95 2006-12-07
I love the trailer, i know i'm going to like the movie. If i know i will like it of course you will. If you love hockey, then you own this movie. I mean the new york rangers play a small town team this has to be really great!!! hope you check it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love Brett Favre 2006-12-06
One of my favorite and most watched movies

CarFreak123 2006-12-05
This is a must see movie. It is an epic film about a small town hockey team up against the NHL's finest. Even if you hate hockey you will love this movie, i sure did.

<3_Cant_Stop_Wont_Stop_<3 2006-12-05
This movie is pretty much amazing. It is really funny and is an awsome hockey story. There is A LOT of language in this movie though. If you do like hockey movies though, i strongly recommend this one along with MIRACLE.

nytiger73 2006-11-30
Great story and also funny. This was one of those movies that was overlooked by alot of people. I can't count how many times I've watched the DVD of this.

JaredAutrey 2006-11-17
Mystery, Alaska is a teriffic movie... unfortunately there is a lot of language. Other than that it's great.

U.S. Blues 2006-11-17
This movie is awesome, being a diehard hockey fan this movie really brings out what hockey is all about. I hope that maybe Miracle will come soon. THIS IS A MUST SEE!!!!