Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star
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In the 1970's, Dickie Roberts held the keys to success as a child star with a hit TV series. Now the only keys Dickie holds are the ones that start the customer's cars that he parks as a valet attendant for a Hollywood restaurant. Desparate to revive his acting career, Dickie tries to audition for a role in Rob Reiner's new movie but the director doesn't believe Dickie is normal enough to play the part. Determined to get the role, Dickie hires a "typical" family to give him the real-life upbringing he never had. But once Dickie moves in, the family's life becomes anything but normal as Dickie unleashes his wild inner child...and learns in the process some unforgettable lessons about fame, fortune and family values. Co-starring Mary McCormack, Jon Lovitz, Alyssa Milano and many former child stars including Danny Bonaduce, Barry Williams and Leif Garett.

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User Reviews
caiden castro 2021-07-29
β€œThis is nucking futs!”

Kopek86 2018-02-14
David Spade gold, this movie is nucking futs, and deserves anyone looking for a good comedy to give this the chance. Heartwarming, sad, hilarious and basically the roller coaster you want every movie to have, that ends making you confident in your choice.

DJ Bode 2013-09-04
Ever since I have seen this movie. I laugh everytime I watch it. I would watch this movie over and over and I would never get sick of watching it.

Daniel McClure 2012-11-11
This movie is amazing! It's so funny!! And David Spade is hilarious!! I can quote this hole movie!! I love every single second of it!! To not buy this movie you'd have to be crazy!!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘β€β€

jhgshjfbs 2011-06-17
I loved watching this movie when i was sick and got to stay home from school...but I want to download some of the songs. You guys should put them on itunes so I don't have to fast forward through the movie to get to my favorite part.

Anthony070389 2010-08-09
I love this movie so much. This is one of those movies that you can quote a lot

GNRgirl1000 2010-06-06
I love this movie! So funny! ξ•ξ€Žξ€Žξ€Ž

Spartan Slayer 2009-08-13
this is nucking futs

baller 20 2009-01-26
Wait to go David Spade!!! Funniest movie ever, I've watched it at least 80 times and I still bust out laughing through the whole movie!! :-0 LOL for life!!

Ricky3445r 2008-12-07
MY favorite movie with david spade

Lexi__-<3 2008-07-31
this is an awsome movie and i bet that you would buy it and like it

PlatnumPotenza 2008-07-22
Adam sandler did produce it n david spade was great! BUT u cant give a comedy 5 stars unless every sentence is funny!

1234456 2008-06-25
i just rented it yesturday its so funny

mrs. bden urie 2008-06-15
omg i am like soo in love with david spade he is sooo funny and this is my favorite of his movies!! it is soo funny and i love the character of Dickie!!! :D

Masterpownage 2008-05-11
The best movie ever.......not much of a story, but a TONS of funny spots

I'll $hit on your cat : ) 2008-05-02
This movie was hill arious!

iloveacting 2008-03-25
This is a HILARIOUS movie!! I first saw it at the cinemas and loved it and i'm so glad it's on itunes. I just downloaded it and every time I watch it I fall on the floor with laughter. This is definitely worth $9.95!!!! David Spade is soooo FUNNY! He is absolutely fantastic! But Jenna Boyd is a little cutie! BUY THIS FILM! IT IT THE FUNNIEST MOVIE LIKE EVER! I'm still laughing LOL

i_LOVE_you1127 2008-03-23
this is the best movie ever, to those of you who havent seen it, i suggest you do see it. It is one of the funniest movies out there.... simply AMAZING.

treans 2008-03-12

yoyoyoyooyoyooyo 2008-03-03
Adam Sandler isn't in this movie!

MrEous 2008-02-22
This movie is not funny. End of story.

iTunes Somalia 2008-01-06

songs (: 2007-12-06
this is an amazing movie! i've watched it so many times and it never gets old watch it and you'll love it!!

imagejimenez 2007-11-16
does anyone know who sings the song "when i looked in the mirror, everything looked a bit clearer"

gmaster 2007-11-16
you gotta love it david spayed rules and thers nothin else you can say!

harry potter is my life 2007-11-01
this movie is fricken hilarious...definitely worth checking out. i laughed the whole time.

Gifo 2007-08-31
this movie made me laugh my hat off. hehe. love love love this movie ;]

sparkybeans 2007-07-17
I did not think that I would like this movie, so I only first saw it because I was babyitting and I had to. but, it was FRiCKIN AWESOME! To not like this movie, you'd have to be nucking futs!

Tiffy bear 2007-07-13
This Movie Was The Greatest Movie Of All You Would Like TO See It Over And Over Agin Your Family Would Like To See It Trust Me You Will L.O.L.

GOLFPunk 2007-07-02
He is one of the funniest people ever. I just hung out with him today and he had me in tears. I wish iTunes had Tommy Boy, his best movie ever!, Also his favorite movie he ever made. Definatly worth it. Love It. Buy It. Enjoy It. <333

shia.movies.rock.91 2007-06-20
I think it looks really funny. I saw a little bit of it on t.v. and it is just hillarous! And also I think I saw the girl who acted in the famous t.v series "The Brady Bunch" she was Marcia. Well, any movie that is produced by Adam Sandler is a great movie. So I would definetely buy a funny movie like this one.

msss 2007-06-18
this movie is soooo hilarious. i have watched this movie soooo many times and still love it!

ryawg 2007-06-11
this movie's great, especially the song at the end

BillyHeinbach 2007-06-10
It is a very funny and happy movie ( but i say do not watch with parents.) I think that you should buy this movie( :

ERNI3 2007-05-12
This movie is realy funny...there isnt realy any slow parts..this movie will make you lol in no time!!!

Ken Timmins 2007-05-09
it is just simply funny!!!!!!

pvt.parts 2007-05-01
WOW this movie is friggin hiiillllarious!!!

IrishBoy25 2007-03-31
It's is a very funny movie.

Soph!! 2007-03-23
This movie so funny, everyone should watch it! i've been quoting it for months and went out of my way to buy it on DVD. Definatly watch this!!!

BB9 2007-03-21
wow, this movie is the best movie, i laugh every time i watch it, i absolutley love david spade, and this is such an interesting movie its so awesome! i love it! definately 5 stars all the way!

stud 101 2007-03-19
awesomely amazing and so funny you have to buy it

binkleandprunejellyforever! 2007-03-03
David Spade was likeable as Dickie Roberts, with his catchphrase "It's Nucking Futs!!" I have only seen it in theaters a few years ago but I enojyed it.

The Sorceror 2007-02-09
omg when i was a kid i saw this movie and <3 it it is amazingly funny i hope all who watch laugh like never before i thought it was better than click personaly

hmperlis 2007-02-04
one of my fave movies...insane in the membrane lol


missbibijoelle 2007-01-24
this movie so funnie! it is a must-buy...i love david spade!!! ~~~zenia

Sprangs1185 2007-01-21
Finally, a movie that is funny, has sad moments, and has many stars. David Spade is hilarious in this movie. I think it is one of the funniest movies that is on itunes. Except for maybe Rat Race or Jackass.

charliethedog 2007-01-20
Very good and funny

trbeyle 2007-01-18
this is a very good movie and it is extremely funny!

Stretch2 2007-01-17
A funny hilarious movie which will keep you laughing!