Beverly Hills Cop II
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The heat's back on! And Eddie Murphy is cool as ever in this sizzling, smash-hit sequel to Beverly

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The heat's back on! And Eddie Murphy is cool as ever in this sizzling, smash-hit sequel to Beverly Hills Cop. Axel Foley (Murphy) is back-back where he doesn't belong! He's going "deep, deep, deep undercover" into the chic wilds of Southern California, unleashing his arsenal of blazing gunfire and rapid-fire gags against a gang of international munitions smugglers. Back, too, are Judge Reinhold and John Ashton as Murphy's crime-busting sidekicks. And Top Gun's director Tony Scott keeps the pace fast, furious and funny.

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User Reviews
clauderidder 2022-01-28
Tony Scott>>>

Avidmovfan 2020-06-22
Eddie at his best.

Burt Reynolds hair piece 2019-07-02
I bought this and can't even watch it. Terrible transfer. The sound is overly distorted. The picture is super grainy. Needs a remaster. This is a good film but wish I didnt purchase as it's almost unwatchable.

Rambo8649 2019-01-26
Its not as good as the first movie, of course, but its a descent follow up. Its definitely a lot better than the thrid movie. Eddie Murphy is great as usual, and Tony Scott elevates the movie with this talent. This is a good solid classic brainless action movie that I can watch multiple times.

Dacottmoody123 2014-01-13
Classic a must buy all three films

The Angry Movie Critic 2011-01-11
This movie is good but not as good as the epic and goddly first one.

Cycleroid 2009-08-27
I'm using this forum to inform you that athough I was billed for the movie, what I received was three versions of the Doors "Light My Fire". How this happened is a mystery to me. However, it's not the first time I have ordered one thing and gotten another. Regards, G.M. Thompson

somerville 60 2008-08-30
From watching Beverly Hills Cop, I think it gives 1980's comedies a good name. Eddie murphy really brings out his best. I just wish like some other people have, that the whole series was available. If you ever want to see Beverly Hills Cop, you just have to see the first one.

Sagerox99 2008-08-04
When I try to download (rent) this movie it says error (450) every time. What do i do? Do i have to pay for it AGAIN?

ItalianDon 2008-03-25
Best movie. when my cousin were little this was the first spy movie I saw. It gave my cousin and I the influence to become official spys

JulesIII 2008-01-29
Who would pay $9.99 for this movie? I did grow up with the first one, but come on!

egale1 2008-01-21
this is a great movie i love it cant stop watching wish they can put on some road house one and two and leathal weapon 1

rolleidad 2007-09-15
I'm sure this is a good film, but when is Beverly Hills Cop I going to show up on iTunes? I would very much like to see that happen! Please, Apple! Make it happen!

Van Halen9 2007-08-04

FuriKuri 2007-04-02
Where is the first 1? Amen, 1+2 are the best of this series. #3 wasnt as good, cept when he tried to fire the giant gun that did "Everything". Best comedy films of all time next to bowfinger for eddie murphy.

flounder11989 2007-03-26
how can they put part II on before the first one, never seen the second but heard it sucked..the first one was awesome

radiofm35 2007-03-24
This movie was awesome. A clasic Eddy Murphy. I still think that the first one was better. If you loved the first BHC then youll like this one to. its not on of Eddy Murphys best though. 48hours is his best!!!

alissa914 2007-03-20
This was a popcorn movie, but still had moments to make you laugh. The script for Beverly Hills Cop 1 was much better, although this one can say that it was definitely better than III.

Harrpooned in the Eye 2007-03-20
This movie is one of the best ever. Eddie Murphy is so funny in this movie

400 barz 2007-03-20
Probably one of my favorite sequels next to MI:2 or Harry Potter 2 or Spiderman 2. One of the hardest to decide which is better is The Godfather part 2. I find that just as good or even slightly better than the first one. If you buy this you wont be dissapointed trust me.

mickeyz 2007-03-20
love the theme song, love the movie

xht 2007-03-20
t's pretty bad. I just wish they would make the first movie and soundtrack more accessible. The first movie was a heck of a lot better.

jimmy wizbiz 2007-03-20
this is one of the best eddie murphy movies ever.