Chuck & Buck
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From Mike White, the writer of SCHOOL OF ROCK, comes a tale of comically twisted obsession. Chuck and Buck are childhood best friends whose lives have taken very different paths. While Chuck moved away and now has a real life, Buck stayed behind and developed a dangerous fixation—on Chuck's life. The result is a wickedly hilarious story of two guys about to learn that growing up. . .is the strangest trip of all.

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User Reviews
juliobea 2014-07-07
Chuck is the hard candy shell, Buck is the ultra sweet and pliant sticky, gummy center. A great and nuanced movie. Ten Blow pops!

JBails44 2008-12-21
Mike White's Chuck & Buck is a wonderful film! Ostensibly about two childhood friends who have grown up and apart it's really about finding oneself and stepping fully into adulthood while honoring your past. Buck is a man-child, who, reeling after the death of his mother, fixates on his boyhood pal Chuck, now Charlie. In sorting out who he is now, Buck writes a play based loosely on his friendship with Chuck and pays the consequences for his endeavor. Lupe Ontiveros steals the movie as the director of his play. A gem!!!

BTNewman 2008-02-15
The story and direction are definitely "indie", though not too far from the mainstream. But, uh... this is not a comedy. It does have some humorous moments, but mostly it's about never being able to relive the good moments from your childhood and how obsession can ruin you. Hilarious stuff.

Nuclear Pancakes! 2008-02-02
Is this the same Chris Weitz who did The Golden Compass??????????????????????? Bad indie.

Kyoto Groover 2008-01-31
This film requires a little reaching on he part of it's viewers. On the surface, it is highly uncomfortable for most of the film. Buck, in his state of arrested development and innocence, reminds adults what most of us have lost in imagination, spontaneity and (as soundtrack suggests) freedom of the heart. He is also terrifyingly adrift, mostly friendless and socially inept, a place most of us hope we will never be. Yet, his love of Chuck, coupled with his belief that Chuck will remember and embrace their childhood bond, redeems him — both by vindicating that love, and dealing him a loss in an ultimately kind and regenerating way. A lot to think about here, and a mild, lovely messsage of hope.

JPc33 2008-01-16
Chuck & Buck is one of the worst films I've ever seen. The acting is as bad as a grammer school Christmas pageant. Mike White has done some decent work over the years, this is just not it.

midrocker 2008-01-15
"Chuck & Buck" is everything an indie movie should be, a simple story grounded in reality that takes the viewer through a rollercoaster ride of emotions. It conveys unnerving drama, quirky comedy, and unflinching conflict. A great example of previously unknown major talent grabbing a camera and putting on a show without the influence or interruption of studio types. Mike White, star and writer, is a unique voice and knows his characters so very well.

cheech515 2007-08-13

Dr._No 2007-07-10
First one to review awesome!! Anyways, this was ok but not to great! Like a banana right after its ripe and you decided to eat it still tastes good but not like how it would have been when it was ripe.