Child's Play
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When serial killer Charles Lee Ray is mortally wounded in a police shoot-out, he uses a voodoo spell to transfer his soul into Chucky, a "Good Guys" doll. Young Andy receives the doll as a birthday gift and Chucky soon resumes his killing spree and makes sure that the evidence points to Alex. The detective who shot the serial killer doesn't believe Alex's story but, as he is attracted to Alex's mom, agrees to investigate. And Chucky doesn't like that at all...

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User Reviews
πšπšŽπšπšžπš•πšŠπš›πš‹πšŽπšŠπš—πšœ 2022-11-10
Athens corona Garcia

MCcampdell 2021-01-30
Very scary

Nicholas becerra 2020-07-11
Child's Play can be innocent enough but this horror film is creepy, well shot and overall has the best child actor performences in a movie ever made. There is built up for Chucky because he is not just shown throughout the whole film there's built up for him and when he is ready to show who he really is he looks creepy, scary and non-fictional to scare me up at night.

Landon Reed Miller 2020-05-26
Easily one of the best horror films of the 80s. What can I say that has not been said already? Unpopular opinion: Chucky is better (and dare I say...more iconic) than Freddy and Jason. The Chucky movies have held up better too, if you ask me.

SAMUEL MAFFIE 2020-01-02

AJ10172372 2019-10-31
Andy roasted chucky so hard at the end!!!! Chucky: wait, don’t kill me. I thought we were friends till the end. Andy: yeah, this is the end friend. Andy: burns him

Soundwave n Blitzwing 2019-07-24
This is My Moms Favorite Horror Movie And My First!!! I remember watching this a lot!!!!!! It still gives me chills!!!!!! This one is the best of the series!!!!! Nothin Better than the Original!!!!

GhostOf2019 2019-07-16
Me and my brother watched this and it was scary but also funny xD

Fenomen 39765 LOL 2019-06-25
β€œTrue classic never goes out of classic”

Vincent_Vega_junkie 2018-11-01
The other 30 movies with him are garbage compared to the original. When Andy repeats the swear words to his mom about the friend os funny. THIS IS THE END FRIEND!

Zim For Life 2018-05-28
it has been over 18 years, And Chucky is still known by a lot of people. Chucky is known to be one of the scariest dolls in cinema history and probably the most popular. πŸ”ͺ

Toad and Ray Cheesey 2018-03-30
I love Chucky! I love this movie and all the sequels! I don’t see why people hated Bride and Seed so much. I loved every movie and really hope there is an 8th.

Cal Resident 2017-07-24
1999 chucky giving kids nightmares 2017 chucky STILL giving kids nightmares I'm watching the first and second to hype up for the new one the others are complete garbage. I've figured out a pattern, the chucky movies that have Alex Vincent are the only good ones the rest where terrible

Ninth brother 2016-09-24
Please change cover back to the black background. Also please bring back the second movie please!!! And iTunes extras.

Superman11112 2016-05-28
I love the child's play collection they're so good! Wait where's Child's play 2 I only see Child's play 1,3,bride of chucky,seed of chucky, and the curse of chucky WHERES CHILDS PLAY 2!!!!?!?!😭😭😭😭😭😭😱😱😱😭😭😭

Noevaltierra 2016-03-18
This movie scares me when I was a little

VaticoreX 2015-04-26
I remember when I first saw Child's Play... I was 8, and it was at my grandmothers house. After that, I couldn't stop watching because I loved it so much! I watched it over and over, back to back, until I had seen Child's Play 3 a million times! I loved it! I would definitely recommend this movie to everyone. 10/10

Lighthouse20 2014-06-27
This movie scared me so bad when I was young now the more I watch it I think it should be a comedy

Alan360liltyga 2014-02-23
It doesn't want to let me play the movie this is a dumb movie I hate it ugh got me so mad

Nick154602 2014-01-17
I absolutely love this movie! I first watched it 6 years ago when i was 8, and I always come back and watch it again. Just an excellent, classic movie.

Nick 0822 2013-11-20
This movie is scary!!!

Gdgghmfh 2013-07-29
A both scary and good. One of the best old horror movie classics. :)

PhoenixJ15 2013-06-25
The movie was good. Even Though Chucky still does scare me today.

Daniel Teniente 2013-06-01
This horror movie is one of my favorites movies of all time and my family is afraid of a 1988 movie lol they watch it

llllnnklnk 2013-05-19
This is arguably the best child's play movie.

Charles lee rays 2013-05-10
Andy Mikey Kearney Ms Criswell Charles Lee Ray Chucky Megy

HaileyBaybee 2013-05-02
Nothing will ever compare to the originals! Classic❀

Austinrulesyo 2013-04-01
I've always loved it really great classic

Hxjdyadbdjdjdjsjudjdbddb 2013-03-31
Bride is my favorite but this one is really cool to I was only 9 years old when I saw it and still love it

C-h-u-c-k-y! 2013-02-26
Chucky is my favorite killer ever there are more movies! Child's play 2, Childs play 3, Bride of Chucky and Seed of Chucky and "CURSE OF CHUCKY" coming soon on Halloween 2013! :D there hasn't been a chucky movie since seed of chucky it was made in the year 2004! It has been 8 years! So I'm a big chucky fan so I would buy/rent it but warning of you haven't seen this movie it is a violent movie hen I first saw this movie I was scared of one of the deaths (Dr. Odmore's death) by not anymore so I hope you guys love the movie! :D

XXduelx 2013-02-14
Not to scary, and a great story. Very good humor on chucky's part as well. Brilliant movie, I would suggest buying/renting it. Also, has anyone noticed that the kids name, or owner of the toy Is Andy, like toy story? I thought that's just pretty funny when you think about it. Hopefully toy story andy doesn't ask for a good guy doll :D

Josh man 234 2012-12-30
Great movie but not scary at all the other ones are much more scary

MarkV915 2012-12-28
This movie is definitely awesome to watch. I like these kinds of films, with horror in them. Now as for Chucky well he is the best villain, of the entire film. Simply a great movie to watch, though the sequels of the film are also great. By the way I have heard they are going to make Curse of Chucky, which will be great to watch.

xM370$$$ 2012-12-10
This was the best one in my opinion 😼😼😼

DreSuper 2012-10-02
I love this movie πŸ˜ƒ

Margarito_Carlos 2012-09-29
A horror classic =]

Maggs101 2012-09-02
Hha, saw this when I was 11 still barely can sleep in my room with old dolls on the floor...

N Cullen 2012-08-22
This movie is good and comical in so many ways. There are some parts in the movie that make you laugh because it's silly. All of the other movies are comical also. I bet if they made a remake of the first one it may be scarier. I will stick with the old one, if they think about making a remake of the first one and make it scarier I will avoid it, old versions of movies are a lot better than new. Some movies old movies are re made but the old movies remain the best. Need I say more. I give this movie twenty stars because it's funny and comical. I am no longer afraid of chucky, I guess one evil look said it all when I saw it as a child. I never thought I could face my fear of chucky but I did and I am proud of myself for overcoming my fear of him.

Rock flack man 2012-08-01
When I was 10 years old I saw this movie and it was halarious and funny also a little bit creepy it's 2012 and I'm writing this to say the curse of chucky is going to be scary and a lot of voodoo.Its coming out 2013.Then another one is coming out its called childs play remake its coming out 2014.

lost_soul98 2012-07-17
Chucky is one of the best {Horror} Movies It's Scary & nobody thought that a child game come alive and kill people. you should (BUY) it or if your not sure (Rent) it.

unrealkhalil 2012-06-27
Saw it when I was 13 on a date with a girl to me it was funny and suspenseful at the same time

lampromama 2012-06-02
When I first saw all five movies I thought they were all comedies and still do hehe

GMart5 2012-04-09
I can't get enough of this movie. So many things about it are great, i.e. Alex Vincent's role as Andy Barclay, Chucky's animatronics, and Brad Dourif's show-stopping performance as Chucky. Chucky, you're the man!

charlie aka LC 2012-02-24
i beemnwatching this movie since was like 2 or 3 i LOVE this movie i still watch it NEVER gets old!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

musicfreaken101 2012-02-16
That was the sound of me laughing! Its a doll. A childs play thing! YOu seriously can't be scared of that.

Mr zombie farmer 2012-02-06
Chucky is the man this is good movie. I will want to buy this good movie. But in my opinion I love Freddy Kruger a lot better. But still you should get it.

Keltzer 2012-02-03
This is the film that introduces the iconic killer doll named Chucky. I watched this movie probably a 100 times and it's more funny than scary, but it's not meant to be funny. How can you not laugh at grown adults not being able to stop a 2 and a half foot doll? Right. Anyways this film is a pure classic and a must watch for fans of horror films.

Magoorules 2012-01-20
Chucky is funny and creepy at the same time this is a little better than Child's Play 2

tank2029 2012-01-10

Ricardo F. Gonzalez 2011-11-01
There are some things about this film that sure are dated, but the doll, way before he becomes animated is just creepy. Even if it didn't look like the iconic killer doll we know now, it still gives me the chills. His reveal to the mother for the very first time is just gut bustingly hilarious and scary. Well worth the price of the rental if you got it during the Halloween special rate like I did. I've been wanting to watch a chucky movie (the original trilogy) for a while and to see iTunes offer it made it a choice hands down! Yes, you should watch this good movie.