The Comedy of Terrors
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Vincent Price stars as Waldo Trumbull, a lazy New England funeral parlor owner, who blackmails Peter Lorre into helping him increase business by killing people. Price meets resistance from his landlord (Basil Rathbone), wife and senile old father-in-law (Boris Karloff).

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User Reviews
JAH721 2024-01-11
Be aware that this is listed as as SD. It's barely that...appears little better than a VHS tape.

Hello Kitty AM 2022-10-13
Vincent Price at his most cynical & sharp witted self, with a perfectly pompous, self deprecating Basil Rathbone, Peter Lorre, being the quintessential Peter Lorre, & a nearly unrecognizable, fabulous performance from Boris Karloff in a well crafted horror/comedy. Brilliant!

Tephygirl 2015-11-08
I have watched this over and over. So morbidly funny. A must watch if you are a Vincent Price fan.

Wodehouse Reader 2013-10-30
Running gags that go nowhere. Not at all funny. A sad use of a star studded cast.

The Lochness Monster 2012-11-04
This is one of my favorite comedies, with Vincent... It goes well with the Tales of Terror. I <3 Vincent Price

Nissa U 2012-07-27
This is one of the best movies I've ever seen, esp from Vincent Price!

mgsmith 2011-01-05
If you grew up on slasher movies, take a pass. But if you're over 40, and love classic horror, these actors will be dear to your heart. And watching them poke fun at themselves will be pure delight. The plot is silly and predictable, the acting cheesy, and the "special effects" unimpressive. But you'll still giggle most of the way through. It's over-the-top, no-holds-barred camp. I'll watch it again and again...

Beatles_Fan_4_Life 2008-03-03
I enjoyed this movie very much! The writing is great----very sharp and funny! I think anyone would like this. A little scary for very young kids in my opinion, but a wonderful movie. I have been a life-long Vincent Price/Edgar Allan Poe fan. If you're a fan of Vincent Price (or just funny movies) you can't go wrong with this one.

Bobs'view 2008-02-15
With 4 Giants in the Industry of "Horror", this is a MUST SEE. Yes, it is a comedy, with wonderful special effects. It is a treat to watch these greats make fun of themselves. I only wish they had made a sequal after this one was finished. A dark comedy, that will leave you wanting more, and appreciating these exceptional actors. This movie is one to own, not just rent.

jbechen 2007-08-04
Those of us who grew up watching "B" Horror Movies from American International will appreciate this GEM! Younger viewer may not "get it". Vincent Price is priceless in this movie! Clearly not afraid to poke fun at his own "onscreen" image! Highly recommend to the over 50 crowd!

RockstarTV 2007-07-29
This movie is weird. It looked dumb. DONT BUY IT!

wcurtis_az 2007-06-29
This is an example of a B movie in all its glory. Vincent Price finally got a chance to poke fun at the horror movies of that era and was joined by Boris Karloff and Peter Lorre. If you loved "Elvira, Mistress of the Dark" and the movies she presented, you will enjoy this pearl of dark humor.