I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry
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Adam Sandler and Kevin James star as best friends and fellow firefighters Chuck and Larry, the pride

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Adam Sandler and Kevin James star as best friends and fellow firefighters Chuck and Larry, the pride of their Brooklyn fire station. Chuck owes Larry for saving his life. Larry calls in that favor big-time by asking Chuck to pose as his "domestic partner" so his kids will get his pension. But when a fact-checking bureaucrat becomes suspicious, the two straight guys are forced to improvise as love-struck newlyweds. Jessica Biel, Ving Rhames and Dan Aykroyd co-star in this hilarious comedy.

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User Reviews
Music4LifeVA 2023-06-22
Well, this movie didn’t hold up very well. The movie talks about accepting people for who they love and not bashing gays. Now, Rob Schneider is publicly bashing gays and trans people on social media. I hope Sandler is proud of his disgusting behavior.

xGazorpazorpfieldx 2020-08-18
Misogynistic, Racist, and Homophobic

BEATLES FOREVER!! 2020-07-18
Intentions matter, this movie never meant to insult it meant to amuse. I don’t know why people hold fiction to higher standards than reality. It’s ok to laugh at yourself. And I’m sorry. If people really form their opinion of Gays from “ I now pronounce you Chuck and Larry” they’re not that smart anyway. This is a good movie.

FilmFox 2019-05-23
No, we “gays” won’t stop posting bad reviews complaining about the offensive jokes. Yes, they may be jokes, but at the end of the day they hurt the image of us deeply and are often the backbone of homophobic thinking and behavior. Growing up in a homophobic household, I would know. And all for what, a cheap laugh?

Michelita93 2012-07-02
it is hilarious! I love sandler and kevin james film. They must make more films together.

Person of Few Words 2012-03-10
Adam Sandler and Kevin James are hilarious together. This movie proves it.

UTxHookEm 2012-02-20
This movie is great! Kevin James and Adam Sandler are a great comic duo. I promise you this is a funny movie!

alec john 2011-12-11
I laughed. But I didn't laugh enough. Plus the acting's terrible, the story's stupid, and it's painfully sappy.

ninny30ish 2011-06-10
Totally full of humor. Not for kids. Luv it and quote the circle part all the time

Ralf Neuschmied 2011-05-28
In my opinion the best movie of Adam Sandler. Watch it!

Tatt124 2011-05-26
A good laugh ;)

magic1995 2011-05-22
This is a really funny movie. Skip renting it! Shell out the extra $2 and buy it. You'll thank me later. If you like little Nikki, happy Gilmore, grown ups, and anger management, you'll love this film.

These boobs are real 2011-03-10
Adam Sandler was great and don't even get me started on Jessica Biel !!!!

JayMeister22 2010-11-28
Great funny movie.

Ric Ric 88 2010-11-12
This movie is very funny. It does hit on good points that nobody wants to talk about. Gay people are looked down on and made fun of all the time. There are more gay people out there than we think but we wouldn't know because many people try to hide it. This movie is very funny and I would recommend it.

lacsswimmer2014 2010-09-04
This movie is sooooo funny u have to see it...AWSOME...allstar cast

Timlin13 2010-08-20
L O V E this movie! "WOO! "You said 'WOO!'" <3

T__R__A__G__I__C 2010-06-27
The one thing i learned is that jessica biel looks SSOOOOO HOT, and her boobs are nice

Chaseheck12 2010-04-03
We're gonna have sex now, here we go! Ah, I loved this movie.

CCBM 2010-01-06
HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!! You will love if comedy is your thing and you're able to laugh at naughty things :)

RosesRblue 2010-01-03
after seeing tht movie i wishd i could protest the laws in n.y. i think this movie really helpd ppl understand tht being gay is not a bad thing. For ppl who r gay and find this offensive: really just get ovr it im not gay but evry1 has 2 laugh @ thmselves sometimes!!!!

MrTaffy 2009-12-31
All of you gays that are giving this movie bad reviews get the f**k out of here. You can't watch a gay comedy and then be mad when they made gay JOKES. That is ridiculous that you can be offended by something you choose to watch and knew what it was about. This was a very good and funny movie, i would recommend it as long as you won't be butt hurt by gay JOKES!

ComicBook 2009-12-29
In the Plot Summary, "testosterone-fueled" is meant to say that the 2 lead characters are not gay, but that is stupid. Gay men are just as testosterone-fueled as straight men, use your head. If you are saying that gay men are "estrogen-fueled" then in one breath you've been both homophobic and misogynistic. Just give us all a break already.

ThePaintedCow 2009-12-29
Must buy at iTunes awesome 5 dollar price !!

ituneman#15 2009-12-26
Yeah this film wasn't Adam Sandler's best and it was a bit longer than most of his good films. But still this was a pretty good movie

Bricekilla 2009-12-23
This movie was amazing and hilarious. I could watch it thousands of times and still laugh. The only problem is i cant figure out wat the name of the last song tht was sung at the wedding, does any body know wat the song is called?

Music.Chickie<3 2009-12-14
Sooo funny. This is one of those movies that you either love or hate, and I love it.

Tony the Critic 2009-10-12
This movie is a disaster of epic proportions. First of all, I don't see how a story about two straight men pretending to be gay just so they can have a domestic partnership is funny. Second of all, Why is the writing so terrible? if Sandler had wrote the movie himself it would have been good. Third of all, how can they make fun of gays and try to convince the viewers that it is wrong to be homophobic at the same time? Please, don't waste your time with this movie.

arenison612 2009-08-02
OMG this is one of the best movies ever and it is in my top 5.adam sandler shines in this hilarous movie! it is a must see!!

Mov1eBuff 2009-07-30
I wish I could give negative stars! I usually think Adam Sandler is pretty funny but, this was the worst 3 dollars I have ever spent. I couldn't even finish it. It all seemed like a lame fantasy of some loser 14 year old with no sense of humor. I feel dumber after the 40 min of mind numbing stupidity that I have just endured. Bottom line: DONT DO IT!

Official Krusader 2009-07-25
OK. Don't bring politics into this. For what it's worth, the writers did a great job in this show. Who would ever thought of getting a domestic partnership for financial benefits? I know I wouldn't. 5 STARS!! ;)

kbarbs10 2009-06-11
fuuny movie

Notandidiot 2009-06-08
Regardless of the blatant hypocrisy, and painful predictability of this flick, am I really to be forced to believe that Adam Sandler is a badass lady killer? I really could not have been more disappointed by this movie, which I only watched because of Alexander Payne's screenwriting credit. It is baffling to me how the director of About Schmidt could even muster this collection of played out gay jokes, much less weave them into a plot that in the end really only taught us that firemen stick together, and that Jessica Beal is a sucker with great t**s. Oh and f**k you for the played out Sparticus reference at the end you hacks.

Blu Lezard 2008-04-28
This one is one of the worst movies I've ever watched... Except that I stopped watching it after 30 minutes... The writers are not inspired, the jokes are NOT funny, the actors are really really bad and overall it's really homophobic.

Gabby0204 2008-04-28
OMFG This movie is sooo funni !! :P

radtranceman 2008-04-27
It was decent entertainment but not that funny. Full of cliches. I give it 3 stars because I like Kevin James III.

jtizzle1023 2008-04-27
Loved this movie. Has to be the number one comedy of our time. Worth the price, WORTH EVERY PENNY!

movielover#7 2008-04-26
Thank you iTunes for adding this movie! You guys are awesome! Thanks for making my request happen! This is like the funniest movie ever! It's a total BEST buy!!!!!

Miss Music Know-It-All 2008-04-26
This was the funniest movie ever! Adam Sandler is the best (I share a birthday with him! ^_^)! I deffinatley recommend this movie if you want a GREAT laugh. You WON'T be disappointed! I don't know how many times I've seen this movie, but all I know is that it's a wonderfully put together comedy movie!

CrazyGeologist 2008-04-26
Hillarious. I don't know how anyone can confuse the beginning of the movie to the end by saying that it doesn't know what side it is on. Underneath the hillarious antics of Sandler and James, is the message that ignorance hurts everyone, and Sandlers' character (who is very demeaning in the beginning) learns that as Chuck and Larry experience the ignorance displayed towards homosexuals on a daily basis. Great movie. Good Message. and did I mention HILLARIOUS. You will not be disappointed. Now if only apple would get rid of this $4 renting bs.

halfway2fourty 2008-04-25
This movie just doesn't know what side it's on. It spends most of the time making lame gay bash jokes and then it spends the last ten minutes explaining why that stuff is wrong; I say don't ask, don't watch.

kidzbophater123 2008-04-24
the movie had a good moral, and had a great cast but it was not the best film or story plot. I think it was ok but not great.

crazzyycourtt 2008-04-22
sooo this movie is like the best ever. if you have gay guy friends, they will love it. I LOVE IT! i have seeeen it like 6times and every single time it gets funnier. DEF SEE THIS! or else.