Good Luck Chuck
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Dane Cook stars in this hilarious comedy about the luckiest guy on earth. Meet Charlie Logan (Cook

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Dane Cook stars in this hilarious comedy about the luckiest guy on earth. Meet Charlie Logan (Cook), he's a good luck charm and women are guaranteed to find true love after they sleep with him. But what seems like a blessing feels like a curse when he meets Cam (Jessica Alba), the girl of his dreams. Chuck will do anything - and anyone - to break the curse and get the girl in this raunchy, outrageous story.

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User Reviews
180MovieDOTcom 2023-03-10
Should be rated X. Most graphic craziest sex scenes.

ATMMD 2020-12-17
A stupid movie. I mean a really stupid movie.

SVMD5 2020-08-23
The only reason that I do give this one star is that it is funny at times, but they ruined it by too filthy & disgusting to include the silly ending with the stuffed pinguin act. It could have been so much better had they toned it down a lot. And it beyond belief that Dane's character would do things he did with just about any woman. Even the most unpopular man would have standards, & if he became popular you would have enough common sense not to do just any woman out there if you know what I mean. And what about diseases? Just no reality at all in this film. I would never buy it & probably not watch it again. And what about the girls who act just to get naked in bed with the guy? If that is the peak of our acting lifetime experience are you proud of that? Maybe just pass on such; most women would I bet. Just keep in mind that Jessica Alba did not get naked & look how far her film career has extended.

makogurl 2015-10-17
I actually had to stop watching it in the middle because it was so bad. I felt bad for Dane Cook and Jessica Alba, they are so much better than this unfunny, unromantic comedy.

Hi friend s 2013-07-02

tdubose91 2012-12-26
Its a dane cook movie, he is over the top and obnoxious…so why are you surprised that this movie isn't the romance comedy of your dreams. Don't expect too much from the film and go into knowing its going to be crude and you're going to see boobs and you won't walk away like a butthurt sunday school teacher.

Bournetobebad 2012-11-14
The thing with this movie is people either love it, or hate it completely. There is n middle ground. I myself thought it was very entertaining. worth a watch, a rent, maybe even a buy if your into the vulger comedies. there is no shortage of raunchy humor in this one. And i for one loved it.

Rangerbaseball 2012-07-21
It was funny up until 1 04 when it woudent show me anymore of it

Dnttlktome 2012-04-03

Neil Advani 2012-03-04
Might as well call it a hilarious porno

blahboohblah 2012-02-29
Misogyny is tolerable in a film, if the jokes supporting it are funny, and if it's never really meant to be "OMG" offensive. Good Luck Chuck goes far beyond inappropriate into the territory of just plain mean. How mean? Like the kind of anti-women, anti-gay jokes only a severely depressed, drunk Rush Limbaugh and Mel Gibson on the phones with their exes could conjure up. Did you find those Mel Gibson tapes funny? If so, you'll like Good Luck Chuck. Otherwise, it's worth a few giggles.

lulu0122 2012-01-31
I forgot how funny this movie is!

Raindance Maggie 2011-12-15
Dane Cook is funny. Sexy. And just plain amazing!!! Great movie! (: (: (:

beijingknight123 2011-11-28
at age ten and am scarred for life! NEVER WATCH

Dr.alhareth 2011-11-27
Dane cook you are the best

MIGS305 2011-11-25
Very light comedy and it has plenty of good scenes with Jessica Alba, I would watch it again. đź‘Ť

Billyjoejimmybob 2011-11-22
Its Dane Cook so its gonna be raunchy. Thats why I like Dane Cook. Great Funny movie. Jessica Alba is hot!

Tredog1234 2011-07-29
Sex that's it

turko 123 2011-07-27
i cant watch this film i dont know why please help itunes to get a solution please

Mchllmjs 2011-07-26
Sex sex sex in this movie!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2011-07-04
I love jess and i love this movie she's just sooooooo irresistable!!

Tori kelleher 2011-06-28
Why does Dane cook get a super hot chick? And his friend has extra ( you know what's) for a GF

Mrs. Senac 2011-06-20
I have to respond to the last review. Who in the world thinks a "raunchy" movie is appropriate for any 13 year old! ? Except maybe a 13 year old! There's not much time in life for innocence, & more than enough time for "raunch" as adults. I'm sure the producers of this film didn't have a target audience of 8th & 9th graders in mind when creating this film! Be responsible adults when recommending films for CHILDREN!!!!!!! It's a fun silly film for the appropriate audience...

Rachellee163 2011-06-15
Thirty minutes in- I'm already disgusted by the amount of nudity it contains, but also the horrible acting. Jessica Alba fails to impress me miserably, as she pretended to be this hyper-active girl with many mishaps. Every piece of acting is obviously done horribly and truthfully Alba annoys the heck out of me. Her fake voice and repeated apologies, really irritate me. The acting was in every bit rotten as the whole movie itself. I do not suggest this movie to anyone-

IrishBoy16 2011-06-01
not a good movie at all. i thought it was a romantic comedy but all its filled with is sex. its a very disturbing and over the top movie. also very forgetable.

kinglemer 2011-05-19
Dane cook is funny as hell

abc123def456ghi789 2011-03-29
Funny, but not will ferrel funny. I acyually didn't like it that much.

Jajahoho 2011-02-19
This movie was nothing like the trailer displayed. It is very inappropriate. I do not recommend for youngsters, though I liked it very much. Jessica Alba made it the best!!!

jconnor94 2011-02-11
@seashell15 No one ever said it was a family movie, did you not watch the trailer? Because it clearly depicted the film to be completely all about sex

Bo_dustin2012 2011-02-11
This is a awesome movie! Jessica alba is amazing!! Not for young teens cause of Nudity but is the best movie ever!!!!

qwertyuioplkjhgfdsazxcvbnmm,./ 2011-02-07
This movie wasn't really funny at all and if your looking to see something from jessica alba there's practically nothing in this horrible film. Go with 'into the blue' or 'a killer inside me' if you want to see jessica alba. Waste of time!!

jennataz 2011-02-01
If you want to see a nonstop sex seen between 1 man and multiple woman then this is the movie for you. What seemed to be a cute love story from the preview turn out to be a "hey let's see how many girls I can screw" movie. If you are on a date or looking for a good romance, I would look elsewhere. THIS WAS HORRIBLE !!!!!!!

seashell15 2011-01-02
This movie was probably one of the worst I've ever seen. We rented it as a family because we thought it was a romantic comedy. Well we were wrong. My 9 year old brother and his friend were over and we had to get them out of the room because it was all about sex. And it was more graphic than expected. Overall, the plot is unrealistic, it's not a family movie, and it's a waste of time and money.

peeimp 2011-01-02
this movie is awesome dane cook is just always put with a hot actor (alba) example employe of the month. (SIMPSON) but i still think ALBA is way hotter.

Dog236800644 2011-01-01
I loved this movie it was hella funny but I guess I only new that because I saw the tv version.

Ale (" 2011-01-01
It's a movie I would not recommend, But hey it's just me.

DanMitt 2010-12-18
This is one of those movies where the critics got it COMPLETELY wrong! This movie is hilarious, and Alba and Cook make a great duo. There is indeed quite a bit of reference to sex, but that IS PART of Dane Cook's storyline. I'm not a huge fan of Cook's movies but he did an excellent job in Good Luck Chuck. It's a movie I can watch over and over,

Ric Ric 88 2010-11-13
Yea this was a graphic film. This film had its funny moments but is sending the wrong message and is way out there. It is true that sex sells. How is it that Superbad gets awesome reviews but this movie gets dumped on. They are both innapropriate movies and should not be seen.

myreport 2010-10-20

El kbron 2010-09-11
Anything with Jessica Alba is worth the watch. She is crazy hot in this movie. Too bad the co-star was Dane Cook.

Badlefteye 2010-08-09
Good but turned into a chick flick at the end I watched the one on comedy central and it was good Dane cooks friend was funny in this movie over all funny but more of a chick flick at the end

Ftdshhhfdvghg 2010-08-08
Kind of like 50 first dates

Krl024 2010-08-08
Love this movie!!!!!!!!!!! <3

drake125 2010-08-01
love it!! :D

poopdog182 2010-07-16
I loved it

MooseB91 2010-07-04
So, the trailer made it seem like it might be kinda funny. I like Dane Cook but this movie was kinda stupid. From the beginning porn scenes to the unrealistic and stupid ending, the movie wasn't very funny at all and an overall waste of time. I would not watch it again.

TonyFunderburk 2010-06-27
It was my great misfortune to download this movie. My mistake was not reading anything about it and only going by the trailer. Watching the trailer would make you think it's a "cute" movie about a klutzy, yet pretty, girl and a her misadventures with the leading male character. What an awful mistake. This movie is just porn trying to pass itself off as a cute comedy. Don't spend your money on this one. Learn from my mistake.

JustinY. 2010-06-22
Good Luck Chuck is a movie ment to be a comedy, but it was lacking on the funny. To me it comes across as a porno. Even though i was laughing at some parts, it is a movie that i can easily forget. So if you are looking for a laugh out loud movie, I would recomend looking somewhere else.

loupgarou18 2010-05-10
The preview for this movie is entirely misleading! make sure to read plot summary before buying/renting! It looks like its going to be a romantic comedy about a man who falls in love with an extremely accident prone but beautiful and charming woman, even the title of the movie supports this notion, but instead it has a ridiculous plot about a man with a curse (which he conveniently forgets until last part of the movie) put on him when he was younger by a woman blah blah blah basically he has a lot of sex and then learns what it means to love.... jessica alba is basically not in it, and this is not dane cook at his best. over all very disappointing...

Hxudjxudnshus 2010-05-08
Got it just to see Jessica alba but after seeing it I was impressed.many people don't like Charlie freind stew bit I thought he made the movie