The City of Lost Children
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One of the most unique and visually stunning films in years, "The City of Lost Children" concerns a malevolent scientist who attempts to unlock the mystery of dreaming. To this end, he kidnaps young children and studies them as they sleep. From Jean-Pierre Jeunet, the director of Amelie and Alien: Resurrection.

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User Reviews
Eofkent 2022-07-21
Love the people complaining that it isn’t in English, lol.

carl hemmings 2021-04-26
Ok not your normal si fi movie it as mad professors ,cyclops,and children running around as thieves ?? Beautifully filmed ,odd totally off the wall but fun and entertaining the dvd has a English soundtrack treat yourself to a total mind trip and I bet you’ll watch it again AA++!!

TaroBear 2020-05-01
I love foreign films, and refuse to watch them if they are dubbed. I want the original language and don’t mind subtitles at all. After 12 years of school it should not be a problem to read. This is one of my all-time favorite French films. Yes, iTunes, you have the language listen wrong, but please change the label, not the language. Or give us the choice. People should know what they’re getting.

contemplative juxtaposition 2018-02-07
It's visually stunning and feels like watching a dream. The characters are rich and unique with a dream-like style and tone.

Heldagandrel 2017-06-16
I love this movie but ITunes needs to be honest to which version you are buying. It says "primary language is English" it isnt. It's French.

digitalydreaming 2016-05-22
Love this film the onl;y thing is that it says its in english but Im hearing french. Anyone know how to switch it ? Tried everything / Oh well Cest La Vi

D. Scott Apel 2015-02-07
This review is an excerpt from my book “Killer B’s: The 237 Best Movies On Video You’ve (Probably) Never Seen,” which is available as an ebook on iBooks. If you enjoy this review, there are 236 more like it in the book (plus a whole lot more). Check it out! THE CITY OF LOST CHILDREN: Presented for your approval: A long-lost script collaboration between Jules Verne and Robert Louis Stevenson, directed by Terry Gilliam. No, it’s not true, but it’s a close description of this arrestingly grotesque fantasy. The surreal seaside city is a cold Victorian horror of girders, trusses, rivets and bolts, crisscrossed with canals full of garish green water and populated with funhouse freaks, cyborg Cyclopses, Siamese sisters, clownish clones, trained fleas, hideous midgets, even a disembodied brain in a fish tank. We enter actual nightmare territory with this insanely original imagery—a singularly sinister vision in the tradition of “Brazil” and Jeunet & Caro’s previous film, “Delicatessen.” And as in the latter, even when integrating incredible effects into the film, Jeunet & Caro refuse to let style dominate substance: the entire tender tale revolves around the poignant relationship between gentle giant One (Perlman) and the disenchanted Miette, each protecting—and oddly completing—the other. Add Pinon’s inspired lunacy and Badalamenti’s circus-style score, and it’s an eye-popping fable that can only be called unique.

Jone1 2012-11-03
Simply Perfect

St Jack 2012-03-23
The refreshing thing about movies made by Caro and Jeunet is that they attempt and succeed to transcend language, time and place. Once you've sat in their theater - they own you. I remember when this movie came out, I was stunned. It was too big to take in the first time, and the second only made me have to see it again. And again. I loved it. It offered something that had not only been lacking then, but dares to be lacking now, and that is true originality and storytelling in film. The story is sweet and wholesome, and the characters represent the eternal masks from ancient stages, but somehow when they are brought together in this movie, they represent a level of superb that inspires. Movie makers and would be movie makers MUST watch this movie. Be in the right frame of mind to accept that there is something more that you might try with your own craft. Like other workers of the craft who are more concerned with the art - (the brothers Quay leap to mind) - you will NOT be disappointed. I loe this movie. It's truly one of my faves.

CptCK 2011-08-01
Bad plot, harder to follow with english subtitles. Its not obvious when you rent that it's in another language. SO awful I watced about 10 min then shut it down. WHat a waste of money,

GreenGoKiller94 2011-07-30
Creepy Good!

Zanoe 2011-04-13
Captivating. An adventure of the imagination. If you are a movie fanatic, this is a must see.

Money well spent 2010-12-11
visually entertaining. Story is ok, but not captivating.

Teddy_White 2010-12-10
I see some negative reviews stating the movie has a poor storyline - this is a movie of imagination not a freaking documentary. I am not a fan of sub-titles but watching the English voice-over version of this movie...I can tell you the sub-title version is better. Enjoyed the movie very much, I rented and bought it. If you don't have any imagination, don't rent or buy. For those with imagination, this movie is a treat.

Ray Staar 2010-11-07
A lot of care and craftsmanship went into making this movie. From the very first scene, t's clear that everyone from the set and costume designers, from the cinematographer and lighting director, right on down to the scrpt girl and best boy did their damnedest to delivier their director's vision. Therein, I fear, lies the rub. The director's vision is a pile of crap illuminated by a second hand light bulb. This is turgid, slow, uninspired and boring stuff, beginning to end. Save your money for popcorn.

Rjb111 2010-09-09
The film was terrible. One of the worst we have seen. And, I not only am a very big science fiction fan, but also understand French so I didn't need the subtitles.

luciandj01 2010-08-16
To be certain, you must have a taste for the strange and the fantastic, for this film is nothing short of that. The city imbued with darkness and corruption was the most perfect setting for one of the most perfect storylines. I'm a big fan of independent films, and I'm pleased to say this one struck a chord with me. The fact that it's entirely in French with English subtitles only served to reinforce the film's authenticity. I have watched it multiple times and it never looses it's charm. The characters are wonderfully played, even including 'Cro-magnon'-talking One and the creepy scientist. Overall, the movie is a welcomed break from the typical productions that Hollywood has been spewing out lately.

Lost children 2010-04-17
I loved the movie I just would liked to have been told that it was in subtitles, but in all it was a fantastic movie! Very original!

Tarrentino 2010-04-02
This movie was extremely diverse, well filmed, orginal, and in French. The plot was not a typical "guy saves the day" type plot. The villians were different, the heroes were different, and you can easily get the point. As complex as it was, it was easily followed! I don't need to say much because all the other reviews say the same thing. I truly enjoyed this film!

Theshadow0710 2010-01-23
I just finished watching the film for the first time and all I can say is....sheer genius!

prophet john 2009-10-27
! saw this film on the independant film channel twice. Glad they are still showing it. Great movie even though theplot is stange it all hangs together and makes a darn good film. John

yark! 2009-09-26
This is a truly truly wonderful and electic film. Thank you for using titles insted of dubbing. Please make all films available in the original language.

Gizzmo32 2009-08-01
It was a great movie, but it would have been nice to have an english voice track

tygerzwoof 2009-04-19
Yes, I realize that the genre says foreign- but when someone is in a rush those things sometimes are missed. Let the buyer know the exact language the movie is in before they purchase it. Maybe a warning pop-up right before the purchase? I didn't even watch the movie because I was not in the mood to read my way through it.

lloydsworld 2009-03-13
I found an orphan copy of this film in an empty dressing room after a show. Talk about 'discovering' a film. The disk, being almost information-less, was a mystery. I stuck it in my PowerBook on the Tour Bus & was rewarded with one of the most original, eye candy filled, darkly humorous films I have ever, repeatedly, watched. Highly recommended. I like it best with the subtitles. Go for it !

Mamacala 2009-03-12
This is a visually stunning movie with a unique plotline. A wild steampunk modern fairy tale, with lots of color even in its darkness. Watching it I see how it has influenced a lot of sci-fi and fantasy that came after it, and watching it again I love it even more and am still taken in by the great storytelling. If you appreciate cinematic artistry and do not quick to call movies to the far left of mainstream "weird", this is definitely for you! Highly recommend it!