The Poseidon Adventure (1972)
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With Oscar®-winning special effects and an all-star cast (including Gene Hackman, Ernest Borgnine, Red Buttons, Roddy McDowall, Shelley Winters, Leslie Nielsen and many more), The Poseidon Adventure is the mother of all disaster movies. The Poseidon is the largest ocean liner ever, bigger than the Queen Elizabeth and the Queen Mary combined. A ship full of passengers are celebrating New Year's Eve. Just after the New Year is rung in, the Captain spots a tidal wave. A huge tidal wave. Soon, everybody else sees it, too. For almost all of the passengers and crew, it will be the last thing they ever see. The ship is capsized, turned completely upside-down, and only ten people have survived. Now those survivors must make their way from the capsized top of the ship up to the bottom before they drown as well.

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User Reviews
Hvhhvn 2023-12-16
Why was there explosion in the ballroom? And how did it happen?

patchworx 2022-12-14
This is the ‘Pan and Scan’ version. Apple are charging full price for half a movie. Rent or buy elsewhere to see the complete film.

Cousins1701 2022-01-14
The image has been cropped after the main titles from its original 2.35 aspect ratio to a 1.85 aspect ratio. It’s incredibly unfortunate and I wish that iTunes would be transparent about the cropped image otherwise I wouldn’t have bought it in the first place.

damarisshorty 2021-12-27
This my fave new year eve movie. I give 5 stars.

lurch'sharpsichord 2019-04-25
During the opening credits its 2.35:1, but right after it shifts to 1.78:1(16:9). This is not correct as it was intended to be seen, or as it’s presented on the most current dvd and Blu Ray releases.

JT5284 2019-02-02
I love this movie, but for some reason the digital version crops the image to fit the tv (1.85) even though the opening credits play in full widescreen (2.20). Its disappointing since the Blu-Ray is in full widescreen so there’s no reason that this copy shouldn’t be as well.

101jayallen 2018-10-17
It’s alright.

mstephens7 2018-02-10
Be aware that this version of TPA is not in full 2.35:1 - it switches to 16:9 after the credits. I purchased it and then intiated a equest for a refund. Too much of the screen was cut off. The film is a favorite and started the 70s disaster genre. 2017-05-15
I don't understand why the beginning credits and end credits are in the full 2.35:1 widescreen format, then when the story starts, it switches to 1.85:1 missing some of the picture?! THE TOWERING INFERNO & EARTHQUAKE is shown correctly with the full 2.35:1 widescreen format. The same should be available for this great 70's disater classic!

Cruizer4757 2016-05-02
I have seen this movie and it is so awesome. I think it may be better than the 2006 version. My favorite part is when the group has to get pulled up on the staircase with a rope and water starts to flood in 🤗🤑

Fhdcnc 2015-11-30
GREAT MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!

"TWO THUMBS UP!!" 2015-08-13
"Brilliant!" "Heart Racing" & "Nail Biting", The Poseidon Adventure is THE classic action thriller to see. Watch this 'race-against-the-clock' blockbuster that set the bar for action thrillers into the modern day & for many years to come.

Mthood 2013-02-05
I saw the movie as a teenager on the big screen. Unlike today's movies and their "special affects" with very little character involvement, the Poseidon adventure was well thought out, blocked, staged, and what special affects they had back in 1972, combined with realistic character involvement, made it the best in disaster movies. The focus on the different life stories of the characters brought together got you involved as a movie goer, and hoping the few would make it to safety. The characters were so good, that when they died in different scenes, it made you cry.

Jric224a 2013-01-08
One of the best movies I ever seen its a must buy

Dan7618 2012-07-13
This is how a disaster movie should be. If anyone thinks that the remake was better or had better acting, you should be put down. The remake was horrible. CGI still cannot make a disaster film like this great. The original had action in it that no CGI can replace plus the acting was amazing! To see how the survivors reacted to death and to watch them survive was fantastic! Please don't mention the remake in the same breath as the original!

Mhighgal 2012-04-26
I would love to buy this great original please make it available to buy thanks.

Brenda Gregorowicz 2012-04-20
Poseidon Adventure Was one of the greatest movie i have seen, the special effects and the drama in the movie just was the best

DaveMan1965 2011-08-11
I saw this movie in the theater when I was 7 years old and it certainly left an impression on me. Mostly because of the effects and suspense. Now when I watch it I still marvel at the effects but I think what is most impressive is the the dynamics between the characters and the superb acting. The remakes surely did not capture the essence of the story which to me is finding ordinary people who can do extrodinary things when called to action. This movie remains one of my all time favorites.

Steven815 2010-07-25
The Best Disaster Movie Ever.The Acting Was Even Better Than The Effects.Ernest Borgnine's Reaction To Shelly's Winters Death Was Unforgettable.

SilentHunter721 2010-05-08
Definitely so much better than the movie as you actually get to meet the characters and see the type of people they are. This film isn't just about special effects, like most recent movies, but it's about drama and showing the audience the best and worst in humanity in such moments of crisis. As for whoever wrote one of the reviews regarding the number of survivors, only 5 actually survive, the rest are lost either due to self-sacrifice, fate, or blind faith and ignorance.

micawber999 2009-03-29
way better than the remake, (although i did think kurt russel was great) the actors in this film, make you feel there pain, and fear. buy it!!

jack n box 2009-02-15
This is a great adventurous thriller for anyone. In my opinion it's way better than the remake. I like how most of the people die in a heroic way like the old lady for example she died trying to find an underwater passage and thought that was pretty cool.

*POSEIDON 2009-01-08
A good movie and lots of action. Sometimes funny and sometimes REALLY intense. Some deaths but not to bad. I LOVE IT!!!

jimhensoninla 2008-10-21
For its day, The Poseidon Adventure was nothing short of spectacular. The scope and the breadth of the film was unbelievable. It was the standard from which all others would be judged. This is hands down so much better than the Wolfgang Petersen crap sandwich moviegoers were force fed a couple years back. Imagine spending getting to know the characters before the ship turns over so that you care whether they live or die. Ronald Neame and Irwin Allen did just that. If this movie was as graphic as the book on which it was based, it would carried a serious R rating. Sure, some of the lines were groaners, but there were real actors back then delivering the lines, not the manufactured celebrities we have to endure today. It's definitely worth a rent if not ownership so that you can see just how good movies were back then and how excruciating they are today.

rohaye 2008-10-06
this is hands down one of the most pathetic movies i've ever seen. anyone who thinks otherwise must have been on some insane drug that makes you think horrible ='s i like stars...this was one of those film's that was so bad, it just may become a cult classic. HORRIBLE!!! be prepared to apologize if you take a date (or truly bond over the pathetic movie experience) .

voice:of:the:mob 2008-09-27
the movie is definitely a classic, but needs more/better dialogue and less screaming. Put the new one up, please (I'm not saying that the new one doesn't need better dialogue either), it's just more realistic.

Skiddah_Man 2008-09-21
This is a movie that will undoubtly be cast aside by most of my generation, (mid 20's). Unlike many of the more modern films that at time put an over emphisis on visual effects, this move has nice combination of visual effects, charater development, and human interaction. Its this fantastic combination that makes the film so unique & fun to watch.

shane7595 2008-09-15
the newest one with Josh Lucas was better.

movie geek 572 2008-07-11
This movie was terrible the acting stunk and it was just cheap.

Chrypto12 2008-06-28
When considering not only the stellar cast (and stellar acting to boot) coupled with special effects that still stand the test of time (and even outweigh the effects in the recent remake), one has to be in awe of this movie - especially since it was released in 1972! There are but a couple of disaster movies made since then that come even close in terms of The Poseidon Adventure's scope and, at times, sheer terror and hopelessness. One of the all time greats!

Burbank Todd 2008-06-05
The greatest disaster movie of all time...forget the remakes...this is the one and only Poseidon Adventure...Academy Award winning special effects...great characters, who can forget Shelley Winters, Gene Hackman, Ernest Borgnine, Carol Lynley and Stella Stevens...there all here...with many other great stars of the time, all trying to escape from a capsized ocean liner on New Years Eve...This is a true classic...Highly recommended!!!

Totallyfirst 2008-06-03
This film wrote the book on Hollywood Disaster Flicks. Drama at its finest, suspenseful to the end. Buy this one, project it onto a sheet in the backyard and movie night will be a HIT!!!

ToMiTa 2008-06-03
One of the original disaster movies. The women in the all star cast sure show a lot of leg...LOL!! Gene Hackman does a bang up job playing a preacher that leads the way out of the upside down ship. Worth a rent.