The Nightmare Before Christmas
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Enter an extraordinary world filled with magic and wonder -- where every holiday has its own special land... and imaginative, one-of-a-kind characters! The Nightmare Before Christmas tells the heartfelt tale of Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King of Halloween Town, and all things that go bump in the night. Bored with the same old tricks and treats, he yearns for something more, and soon stumbles upon the glorious magic of Christmas Town! Jack decides to bring this joyful holiday back to Halloween Town. But as his dream to fill Santa's shoes unravels, it's up to Sally, the rag doll who loves him, to stitch things back together. This critically acclaimed movie milestone captured the heart and imagination of audiences everywhere with its Academy Award-nominated stop-motion effects, engaging Grammy-nominated music, and the genius of Tim Burton (Batman, Planet of the Apes). The Nightmare Before Christmas -- a delightful treat the whole family will enjoy!

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User Reviews
Kinslashay12 2023-11-06

Cool one 100 2023-11-04
This movie is the bom

butterflyI 2023-10-25
This movie’s wonderfully made! I love the songs. The stop-motion animation! Even the voice acting is amazing! 🥲 I’ll be most likely to listen to the songs all day if this wasn’t good enough!

Asher Eathin Delijani 2023-10-25
I hate this movie!It was so not worth it😡😡😡😡

Call me😆 2023-10-13
<3 <3 ;)

Aalijaa 2023-10-12
Through and through. I hate movies that have musical numbers, but this one broke that mold for me. Every moment is perfect. It’s easy falling for every character.

Jayz9243 2023-10-04

Water runs fast 2023-08-11
This movie is my my favorite movies of all times and if y’all would pay attention Disney now owns it it’s on Disney+ so stop complaining!

hamid abdoli 2023-06-18
Hamid Abdoli

bigguccicactus 2023-03-12
Really brings us together Sonny Sundays

👁❤️Volleyball 🏐 2022-10-21
My favorite characters of all time,love the songs too

somewhat mariah fan 2022-09-23
Not really into musicals but I like this one. Two holidays mashed into one awesome story. I just love 💕 Tim burton movies both live action and animated

Just another movie review 2021-12-28
Note: As far as the film Nightmare Before Christmas goes, it deserves nothing less than 5 stars. Such an amazing feat of stop motion, music, voice talent, and both Halloween and Christmas celebration. However, as much as I could go on with why the film is fantastic, today we’re reviewing the Blu Ray 3D transfer here, not the actual film itself. However, I do leave 5 stars so iTunes will not be misled on what I think of the film itself. In 2006, Disney post-converted an old movie to 3D for the first time: The Nightmare Before Christmas. When it got re released, people loved it so much that it subsequently got re released every October for a few more years afterwards. The film is of course available for home entertainment. Is it as good as the theatrical version? Or better yet, is it even good at all? That’s what we aim to analyze here Cinemablend style. So without further ado, let’s analyze if Nightmare Before Christmas is even more haunting in an extra dimension. Does it fit 5/5 Disney made a solid choice making this their first past film to be converted to 3D, and it’s not hard to see why. From the bizarre world of Halloweentown to the light show in the Boogie Mans chamber to everything else in between, you’d be hard pressed to find why this film wouldn’t be a great fit for 3D. Of course, it wasn’t planned for 3D during its original production, but with the setting this film has, it should let you know that Disney is making a solid effort. Planning and effort 3/5 Once again, this was Disney’s first 3D post converted film. So while they did put in the effort necessary to make it dazzling and full of depth, there were also plenty of issues as well. I’ll get to them in a minute, but it keeps the score from being higher than it is. I’m sure they did the best they could with their current experience in 2006. But I felt that if they’d actually watch the finished product for themselves, they could make a few adjustments that would’ve made the film better than it is. The film does automatically lose a point for not being made with 3D in mind to begin with. But if it weren’t for the issues we’ll mention below, it could’ve easily made a solid four. Before the Window 3/5 Often times, in order for a 3D movie to have stuff popping out of the screen, the film needs to be made with 3D in mind from the beginning. That obviously wasn’t the case for Nightmare Before Christmas. But even with that, the film still does manage to make stuff come out at you. From ghosts at beginning to monsters to Jacks dog Zero to the Boogie Mans dice to even Jack Skellingtons head, this movie feels pretty comfortable coming into our world from time to time. These instances aren’t terribly frequent or in any way consistent. But they still help make this category much more memorable than most other 3D conversions. Beyond the Window 4/5 It shouldn’t be a good sign when the first opening shot of a 3D film is virtually in perfect 2D. However, the good news is it only gets better from there. Much better in fact. As I said earlier, the setting creates opportunity for great dazzling depth. And the conversion team make great advantage of it. Halloweentown is no longer flat, but a lifelike wonderland. The moon in the graveyard looks far away like an actual moon. And every other scene that could use the depth goes above and beyond to make the depth an incredible part to the films experience. So why four out of five? Well, as I said earlier, be it the conversion teams accidental oversight or lack of experience, there are some quite distracting issues in this field. Aside from the flat opening shot, the depth that is provided sometimes doesn’t put objects in their own proper 3D space. Sometimes, objects that are supposed to be behind other objects are before them and vice versus. Other times, it appears that objects in the background are all, well, part of a flat background. Layering, as it is often called, is present in the 3D presentation. Although each of these individual problems don’t have too many instances on their own, the columniation of all them prevents the overall experience from being something you could “get lost in” like other presentations I’ve seen. Still though, the lack of depth isn’t the problem. In fact, it be extremely grand at times. But it’s because of these oversights that I’m giving it a 4/5. Brightness 5/5 Surprisingly, with the dark and macabre setting of Halloweentown and the climax on the dark night of Christmas Eve, Nightmare Before Christmas remains every bit as bright and vibrant in 3D as it does in 2D. Glasses off test 4/5 Rule of thumb: the blur you get on a 3D image with the glasses off, the more 3D you’re getting. That was very much the case throughout this film. With a few notable exceptions, this movie is very much unwatchable without the the 3D glasses. Audience Health 5/5 Of the notable errors this movie has when making its way into 3D, I’m happy to say that unhealthy side effects aren’t one of them. Unless of course, your children feel butterflies in their stomach when the Boogie Man comes around all his 3D glory. Conclusion 29/35 If it wasn’t for some of the uneven depth, oversights, and distracting layers, The Nightmare Before Christmas would be a great 3D movie. And I get it, going back and converting a film with such a bizarre setting like Nightmare can be pretty tricky at times. However, unless the conversion team plans on going back to this one to fix its issues, it only remains on the higher end of the good category of 3D movies. That being said, it’s still a recommended 3D presentation in spite of its flaws. And I can totally see why people liked it during its theatrical run. It provides tons of depth to enjoy, it brings the monsters closer to you, and to a degree, it just makes more sense to watch it in 3D. Overall, I suggest you getting it for a cheap price if you haven’t already. It’s not the best 3D conversion, but it’s still an extravagant and very memorable one.

FootclanRyGuy 2021-12-12
This is ok. Not great animation, lots of singing, lack of story.

spdgtkt 2021-11-01
Thoroughly entertaining!!!👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

pouttypotty 2021-10-30
I don’t know if I like it or love it

TRN2015 2021-10-08
Mystical and a must have!

Kuchimanko 2021-09-30
Please and thank you

Gerbils4cats 2021-07-16
I really appreciate the music and the different way of creating the movie with characters made out of clay and papermache. There is very beautiful music in this movie. Danny Elfman did a great job. Good comedy and humor too. There are also great messages in it.

elephant0713 2020-12-26
I have loved this movie since I was a little kid. Definitely a great buy

ES the horror fan 2020-12-20
Halloween and Christmas are my two favorite holidays, so I can’t see anything wrong with this truly fun movie that celebrates both holidays! The only thing wrong with this movie is that it might be be too scary for some kids. I know it was made partly with kids in mind, but for particularly young tykes, it might be a bit much, especially given that it’s hard to know what will scare some kids. Still, I recommend this as great family entertainment!

Kawlor000 2020-11-06
Such a great movie the stop motion is top notch I know other movies like Wallace & Gromit Coraline Shaun the Sheep And Chicken Run

Anynomus58 2020-10-16
This is not a bad movie, it’s just not one of my favorites. I had good expectations, but I wasn’t super-impressed. The characters are great, I will give it that, especially Lock, Shock, and Barrel in my opinion. I would watch it again, I just wouldn’t spend money to own it.

fhhkddcgh 2020-10-13
Love to

tragshdgsgsh 2020-10-09
This is a stop motion movie! Imagine how hard this is to take a picture, move it slightly, take a picture, and also think about if someone comes in the room and bumps the table, they have to start all over again! So quit being a Karen!!!

Dtffsxvfxc 2020-08-02

Night 💕♥️❤️🎈 2020-06-26
OMG!!! I LOVE THIS MOIVIE!!!! I wish they made a seconded movie for it, but they did make it in a game version. Still. This is the best movie ever. It’s a must buy

boi the builder jr. 2020-06-22
I love this movie because it is stop motion, awesome songs and it is a really unique story

no rules bra 2020-05-21
As a human being, I can safely say that our species has a lot of problems. Since problems aren't good for productive behavior, it's the logical idea to not add unnecessary problems to the load of mishaps and mayhems that you probably have. Therefore, you should not watch this movie. It's pathetic in every aspect of the word and a disappointment and shame to Walt Disney pictures. This film, along with basically every Tim Burton film does not deserve to bear the name of Disney, a studio and company built to inspire people and give them joy. One has to wonder how many car accidents Burton got in while he was drinking and consuming every drug ever to even conceive such an idiotic idea, let alone go through the laborious and difficult process of making this monstrosity. It puzzles me that no one on the story board committee either was arrested due to drug abuse in the making of this film or ever just had the thought that they were creating the bane of humanity. Through this film, I have lost all my faith in my kind. For anyone of my same species to create a mistake so horrid, and with such weak dialogue and terrible plot/character development, not to mention cheesy and stupid songs makes my spine shiver and my heart go cold with the ice of death. It's so sucky that it shouldn't even be called a movie, seeing as marvel films and Star Wars are movies. This idiotic crap has given me the rare experience of wishing, after I watched it, that I had never existed. I would even eat a sock rather than watch this movie. A sock that has been worn through seven marathons and not been washed, stuffed inside of a rotten fish with moldy cheese and spoiled milk which is then lain in the sun for a week, dumped in a month old diaper filled with poo, and then boiled in the pee of a homeless man. If you read nothing else, please read this: this movie is probably the thing they torture lost souls with in the deepest part of hell. The thing that inspired Hitler to enact the Holocaust. This is the root of all sadness, hatred, and death. Devil, thy name be Tim Burton, and let this be a warning to every viewer: The Nightmare before Christmas will ruin everything you hold dear! It will destroy your soul from the inside out and utterly consume you. Beware! Save yourself from ultimate doom and DO NOT WATCH THIS MOVIE!!!

SAMUEL MAFFIE 2020-02-05

MelonSlice 2019-12-23
I loved it SO MUCH!!! I was so good a the trivia’s too!

1029;&'c 2019-11-23
This was my all time favorite movie and now i can watch it all i want 🤗

Star Wars and Marvel SuperNerd 2019-11-07
Animation is great and the story is too. It is also very creative. A must watch.

fnaf🐻🐰🐤🦊🐯 2019-11-02
The flipping best

Johmnc 2019-10-16
I love this movie, I always have. Its great!

harleyquinn556 2019-10-15
When is it going to be on Netflix!!??

Cheyenne.B 2019-10-13
I really love love love this movie 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

🦄🦄 magic candy 2019-10-06
Love ittttt

danielleT54 2019-10-02
Price is is way to high. This movie literally came in 1993.... I love this movie but I’m not buy it for $18. I will just keep watching it on my VHS!!!

Ellie 0864 2019-09-25
Totally obsessed with this movie to the point where I dress my cat up like zero

wedkc 2019-09-21
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FSU1😎 2019-09-02
I love love love the nightmare before Christmas it is just so good. enough said.

facelessnumber 2019-07-22
I love the song Sally’s song and I just thought of Christmas and Halloween different’s it’s awesome joy and creepy

sanpai_wuw 2019-06-21
This is my most favorite movie ever from childhood

Kay-iy 2019-04-05
I’ve watched this movie 14 times in one week and each time it gets better

Raven's Gate 2019-02-17
The concept of this movie is really interesting but the movie itself is terrible and at times uncomfortable to watch. Most of the characters are either weak, unlikable, or too gross to look at. On top of that, all of the songs, except for the first one are bad and the singing isn't even good.

longhorns frek fan 2019-01-04
Ghost believer, u r bad a rating movies U never watched it noob

Maria’s Macbook Pro 2018-12-22
One of my favorite movies made by Tim Burton.

Adamcoolking 2018-12-19
I really like the animation but the story build is ok but is Is a good Movie

twistedcoot84 2018-12-05
I still love this movie I watch it every year