High Crimes
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Ashley Judd stars as Claire Kubik, a high-powered attorney whose perfect life comes crashing down when her husband is charged with murder by a military court. Enlisting the aid of a shrewd military lawyer (Morgan Freeman), Claire will risk her career, and even her life, to find the truth in this gripping thriller.

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User Reviews
Bill1369 2021-08-17
Held my 2-hr interestwell enough, despite all it did to make the Marine Corps a secret society of ruthless thugs + military inaccuracies.

Ask&Seek123 2019-08-21
Great movie!

MTM.MAN 2018-08-30
Overall, I did not like the story, done in by the ending (Spoiler>) - had they went with the USMC Sergeant being innocent versus Guilty in the end, it would have been more logical and a better story, but the writer wanted some bizarre twist to be unique or whatever. It actually made the Marines look good, and Judd's character dumb, since she acted so sure of her husband being innocent, but came out looking like a jolly success in the storyline for some odd reason, and so happy. Oh the things you can get away with in Hollywood.

Greek Woman 2018-02-27
Great movie. Action, suspense. Great actors with an ending I didn’t expect. I loved it.

Demetrius Bilbo 2011-12-02
Great movie, It keeps you guessing between whether who did what I believed the guy in the beginning then the tables flipped on me! Great Movie!

fyi the jury 2009-10-21
The acting was of average quality. The message though was right out of the leftist handbook for running down the United States of America. 1. Of all the Marines portrayed in the film, with a speaking part, only the skinny, none shooting, uniform not fitting, no tan, lawyer (Adam Scott), had any redeeming qualities. So of course Hollywood would like him. 2. And how did wardrobe attire second biggest criminal Brig. General Marks (Bruce Davison) with our nations highest military award. Yes, the Hollywood elitist, have with this movie once again trashed our nation and the military men and women who by their service afford these elitist the liberty to produce this dribble.

wlsnjdth 2009-09-20
loved the movie but there is no soundtrack there is a song by lina an jeeve im not the enemy that is no where to be found where can we find the song

bjastit 2009-05-18
Not worth the rent. Weak, slow developinp plot. Too many unnecessary sexual situations -cheapens the actor's performance. There is a thrilling ending which is worth about 50 cents.