Belly (1998)
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Captivating performances by legendary rappers Nas and DMX propel director Hype Williams's gritty,

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Captivating performances by legendary rappers Nas and DMX propel director Hype Williams's gritty, visually dazzling urban crime- thriller now presented for the first time in stunning 4K. As gang leader Tommy (DMX) looks to expand his turf by dealing a new form of heroin, his friend Sincere (Nas) dreams of escaping the gangster life with his girlfriend and baby daughter. After a drug house operated by Tommy is raided, he and Sincere — now pursued by both the police and rival gangs — find themselves on a course that will either lead to redemption or ruin.

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User Reviews
Shockhead101 2021-06-23
DMX & Nas kill it

Benvillars 2021-04-12
Visually amazing too.

Meh to Everything 2021-04-12
I remember renting this movie on vhs. Me and bestie had to see it cause we were big hip hop/rap fans. The opening of this movie is everything with the acappella version of Back to Life, love it! X will be missed.

Bent229 2021-04-11
One of my favorite movies of all time. I’ve been watching it since I was a kid and it never gets old. RIP DMX

FlyersNfillies 2020-12-26
This movie is still the best hip hop movie and one of the greatest movies general

Brett II 2020-10-23
This movie is great. I havent seen this in years. Nas and DMX had good roles as best friends and Method Man was also a good villian. You guys should also put the soundtrack on here too. I already have it but i'm just saying for the other people who dont have it. I think they will enjoy it

Blackrainbmx 2019-06-01
A sewer of a movie promoting crime, murder, no snitch and glamorizing gangsters.

HebrewHoney 2017-12-08
This film is such a classic. One of my favorites with a hidden message that’s often overlooked.

NickPetron 2015-11-22
Virtually no plot, horrible acting, gratuitous sex and violence with no point to it, just to basically be there... I just can't even continue. I don't know how! It's one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

thereal_mdk 2015-09-12
My favorite film, best gangster flick for sure. Belly > Godfather

EQ 2015-01-22
Belly is the greatest movie of all time and its not even really close… haha just kidding. but forreal, if ur a fan of gangster movies and rap(pers) then u gotta mess with it. the hype williams cinematography is crazy, theres endless quotables, and once u watch it about 25 times like me the story will start coming together for u. its a classic

Lola_J83 2014-10-26
IDK, everyone is entitled to their opinion. I still listen to the opening song to the movie remixed by DJ Clue, Jadakiss & Mary J…forever xo

motivation4sure 2013-11-25
where is the sound track come on now !!! bet ocean 11 has a sound track

Cookie_baebyy 2013-07-09
Must see.

Add: NIKKA 2013-04-24
Why don't they have the soundtrack here?!!

BIG WEST •=• 2013-02-05
BELLY SOUNDTRACK!!!!!! WERE IS IT?????? ^~^. •_•

Mariahbarney 2013-01-16
Where is the awesome soundtrack!

PISTOL P1111 2012-12-26
How do u guys have the movie and not the soundtrack?????

Elz23 2012-11-24
Soundtrack please!!!!! Been looking for it!!

Kissmeallova 2012-11-07
Where is the soundtrack ?????

Ms. Holt 2012-10-01
It's Great that iTunes has the movie….but where is the Movie Soundtrack? The soundtrack to Belly was amazing and featured the top hip-hop & R&B artists at the time. I was recently looking for the "Moving Out" remix by Mya feat. Raekwon & Noregea which on the Belly Soundtrack. And of course….iTunes didn't have it….smh.

Dolla DP 2012-06-25
The action is raw , the story is all over the place , with no real ending IMO but this is a dope flick. The directing is like a long hype Williams video but good movie overall

MoneyMan0121 2012-06-25
One of my favorite movies of all-time. They don't make classics like this anymore!

Texasracing 2012-05-20
Classic inner city drug movie.

S.W. 2012-02-11
Really good movie. Queens stand up!

TUFTS187 2011-12-27
The realest hood movie ever made! With the realest actors in it.. If you wanna watch the honest to god depiction of how BIG time hustlers do it, well then it's a MUST SEE! Wish it was for sale!

Mike be knowin 2011-03-31
Nas and DMX have 2 of the best rap albums ever... ILLMATIC.. and IT'S DARK AND HELL IS HOT... country music must be your#1 choice cuz you obv know nothing about hip hop..

Deebo da pro 2011-03-17
Good movie even though the actors were not. Same story in every hood, just lost me when X got caught up wit Feds. Story went another way..still classic movie

Sergies 2011-01-26
MethodMan by far was the best actor in the movie. Nas being the least best actor "We going to Africa" lol Great cinematography. Classic intro scene. Very experimental. Extremely gloomy & interesting angles. Soundtrack is better than the movie. Sergies @dSergies

boone314 2011-01-24

Flightman4512 2011-01-08
This movie is about real drama on city streets in america!! Belly up for the truth!!!!

Jellyphish 2010-12-03
Just another plotless film, filled with rappers trying to act! This was a film-lengthed rap video, with no point (other than "look at all the no talent hip-hop B-listers we have in the cast")

Powell's Pix 2010-12-02
Why offer this movie for rent/sale and not offer the soundtrack? Its just as good as the movie!!

Chris Farag 2010-10-12
One of the best hip hop movies out there. Even thought DMX is washed up, everyone who is a hip hop fan should peep this

Honeydip3 2010-09-28
I love this movie for all the great quotes. The story line is about two guys wrapped up in the game and try to go straight. The acting is okay... I have seen worse.

MightyMick 2010-08-26
I remember being being hype to go see this movie. Can someone please tell me what this movie is about. The storyline had about 15 different things going on. And I won't even get started on the acting...

peanut 1992 2010-08-24
the soundtrack 2 this movie is just outta dis world....its just right 4 dis movie

3rutus 2010-03-18

T'oli 2010-01-08
The WORST movie of all time. Method Man said it right in one of his rhymes "I'm like the cast in 'Belly', don't know how to act"

Notorious Jr 2009-11-09
The best well acted movie I seen In a long time. Dmx and nas play a outstanding roll, ya baby number 1.

Z.I.G.G.I.D. 2009-08-20
i appreciate this movie for what it is. beautiful shots and colors, mixed with true stories of battles within ourselves that we fight everyday. but for some reason i had trouble following the story. it can be very confusing at times. a lot of my friends love this movie so it can really go both ways for everyone. personally i think the story tried to tell something that was lost in some mediocre acting. great cast, but they should stick with hip hop. three out of four. sorry NaS fans.

freshout 2009-08-17
This movie is the truth !!!! Trust me I know ! It's the best movie to bring you into the minds and situations of slot of people from the inner city . It's a must have hands down !!!!

Mrs.Cardona 2009-06-14
this movie is the bomb! blood drugs and sex...!

terriblejason 2009-06-11

THE KAI 2009-05-17
so real outta queenz, nyc

A. M Jones 2009-05-12
this movie is one of my favorites. I'm a business person but love this hood movie. Its not the best storyline but its so hood and gives you glimpses of different personas in the game, i.e. wannabe classy hood doll that will beat a dude down with an ash tray b/c her hair did not get did in jail, young dumb chick falling for old heads game, grimmy nuggas that ain' never going back to the pen and a snitch that will do anything to get revenge on a free gave this girl working in the corporate world a view into the hood that I will never forget. 0-