Children of a Lesser God
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One of the most critically-acclaimed films of the 80's, Children of a Lesser God garnered four

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One of the most critically-acclaimed films of the 80's, Children of a Lesser God garnered four Academy Award nominations and a Best Actress Oscar for Marlee Matlin. Based on the hit Broadway play, it's the uplifting love story of John Leeds (William Hurt), an idealistic special education teacher, and a headstrong deaf girl named Sarah (Marlee Matlin). At first, Leeds sees Sarah as a teaching challenge. But soon their teacher/student relationship blossoms into a love so passionate it shatters the barrier of silence that keeps them apart.

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User Reviews
aksarge75 2021-12-04
William Hurt has long been one of the most amazing actors… and then enter the magnificent Marlee Matlin — and with the two working together, it was pure magic… 35 years ago or today — absolute cinema magic.

Thumms 2018-03-01
Great movie. But Deaf people take offense at being called “hearing impaired”... You should correct your description. The only two proper terms are “Deaf” or “Hard of Hearing.” Being deaf isn’t an impairment. Deaf people can do anything that anyone else can; they simply can’t hear.

Twilight Girlita 4602 2011-04-21
I love this movie! It is very sweet and as I am a Sign Language student I find this good practice. For all the people that don't know sign and want to watch this there really is no problem. He just repeats what Sarah says most of the time so no worries :)

I heart JESUS 2010-03-01
This movie is fantastic, a bit of a chick flick, but I can live with that. I also think if you can't watch this movie because of no closed caption, then learn sign; if opens up a whole new world.

Sam the Bright 2009-03-17
I like movies but I'm upset that I couldn't watch on iTunes because of no closed caption. :(

Stella Adler 2008-12-11
This is a very good film. William Hurt and Marlee Matalin give truly riveting performances (the "Speak to me!" part? Fantastic). William Hurt is also terribly attractive in this movie, too. But seriously, it is a really good film and a really interesting glimpse into the world of deaf people and the people who teach them and interact with them. It's really nice to see characters with "disablities" who are potrayed as fully human with all the range of emotions as other people. Marlee Matalin won an Oscar for her performance, and she totes deserves it. I would give this film five stars were it not for the music. The soundtrack really takes away from this movie.