This Christmas
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This year Christmas with the Whitfields promises to be one they will never forget. All the siblings have come home for the first time in years and they've brought plenty of baggage with them. As the Christmas tree is trimmed and the lights are hung, secrets are revealed and family bonds are tested. As their lives converge, they join together and help each other discover the true meaning of family.

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User Reviews
iloveeepink 2019-12-15
Fav Christmas movie of all time... classic

dee49 2017-05-22
I love this movie! I can watch it any day.

Their favorite fan (I wish ); 2016-11-12
This movie is still one of my Christmas favorites after all these years. It really shows the meaning of family.

JoeCoolRunnings 2015-12-28
And it's where it hardly snows. (Or so we're traditionally led to believe.) Like VALENTINE'S DAY and NEW YEAR'S EVE after it, this picture shows what happens when you try to get "stars" together in place of really good actors: a multiple head-on collision. Plus, the writer-producer-director wears the seat belt incorrectly, as in with stereotypes, cliches and, if I may so, a certain and all-too common disregard for the human aspect of social living. Word to the creative: Don't try to "color-code" the genres and subgenres, especially not the holiday subgenre. As long as the True Meaning sinks in, it doesn't matter who's celebrating it or where. And if you're going to portray a suprise singer and the reaction from his kin, don't cast a popular guy who has already overstayed his welcome on the air waves. Let alone a bunch who do the same kind of thing(s) over and over again. Most of all, RESPECT THE CLASSICS, MAN!!! It's Donny Hathaway we're talking about, for goodness' sake.

Tweety-Lover 2015-12-13
When I see this movie and I her Chris Brown sing This Christmas that's when it really feels like Christmas to me. This has become my favorite Christmas movie of all time.

windycityzenkane 2014-12-20
In the words of Seymour, "You give a guy a quarter pounder with cheese--which I love by the way--and a pair of Nikes and he is happy" as a lark. That was me as well when I first saw This Christmas. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but I have grown up. The stereotypes, the cliches, and the lousy acting from most the people in the project are not easy to ignore.

EpicClue 2014-06-29
Best Christmas movie ! 💙

lemasani 2013-12-20
Love this movie. Worth my money.

Holabacho 2013-12-14
This funny and charming movie is sure to attract the attention of both teens and adults who love slap stick comedy. This film is not appropriate for children bc it has comic sexual scenes and references and there is a great deal of violence. Heavy themes of premarital sex and divorce are show throughout the film. There are two very uncomfortable scenes of a woman in her extremely scantily clad underwear. This is a major issue in the movie. Great movie, but keep your hand in the fast forward button if watching with kids. My rating: PG-13- sexual and crud material through out, mild language, partial nudity, violence, thematic material, and smoking- all involving adults

This is trash83 2013-03-27
This is one of two off my all time favorite holiday movies! It doesn't have to be Christmas Season in order for me to enjoy this movies! Love, love, love it!

madea 2013-01-09
Great cast.

Ariana88784 2012-12-26
I <3 this movie when it first came out I fell in love with it . This movie gave me and my family a good laugh !!!

Ana5434911 2012-12-19
i love this movie! i watch it every year. It brings laughs and tears and etc. Its an over all awsome movie that in the end sends a good message of family comes first through all!

Lovingmylifedior 2012-12-10
I always think of my family when I watch it , it's real ambit like other movies that tell the fairy tell story Great job !!!!

Mr. C. Chase 2012-12-08
Great movie, and the movies music was outstanding!

fluffysue31 2012-12-06
I love that beat down that the husband got as he step out the bath tub onto the bathroom floor that was covered with baby oil .

Shea034 2012-11-23
I absolutely love this movie!!! One of my favorite Christmas movies!!!!

keeeyr 2012-04-11
i love this movie & i love you chris ! i hope to see you in more movies

Sugarrrhighh 2012-03-04
I love this movie! great family movie!

cassandremoise 2012-02-15
i love u Chris Brownn! best movie everr

David Bouder 2012-01-02
Best Christmas movie ever????? Defenitly worth $10 to download.

Kristina Carter 2011-12-30
I love This Christmas it's one of my favorite movies

Sigh for awesomeness 2011-12-27
This movie is great I love the baby oil on the floor scene

Tjtheboyz 2011-12-25
This is my all time best christmas movie. I brought a copy for my four sisters and a copy for my Mom. I still watch it all year long. Love Chris Brown, no one can sing This Christmas like him !!!!!!!

OsuSoccerstar 2011-11-29
Omg this movie is the best , it will make u laugh so hard u will have to go to the bathroom I love this movie u can really relate to it , u can really see that Christmas isn't just about presents it is about being with the people u love (: I really love this movie (: It is really great , the sisters are funny (: and so is chris brown (: I love when he sings at the end (:

Pinky Girly Girl 2011-09-16
I'm so in love with this movie.

Brianna Edwards 2011-09-13
I watched this movie a million times and it feels like the first every time I see it. I love this movie especially because my husband is in it. (Chris Brown) But I highly recommend to see it if you haven't! : )

Donnyfann 2011-05-12
Omq ijust love diz movie ... Exspecally dah scenez wit chris brown... Lyk dah one tht the grl callz nd hez lyk ohtz one of my women igotta take diz ... Lol !

Mari Aure 2011-04-27
This movie is wonderfoul ! ;D

angel98001 2011-03-31
omg!! i freaking love this movie!! i watch it evern when its not christmas!! absolutely my fave!

Xbbydae112 2011-01-30
That cost too much money i be danged if i payed for that

LyghtSkyn_ 2011-01-24
Too freakin expensive!!!!!!!!

BrittanySylve13 2010-12-19
I love this movie, almost every Christmas is just like this.. They have problems is the beginning but at the end they all love each other.. This movie is hilarious, especially the baby oil part. (: I love Chris Brown and his singing was beautiful <3

Tweetiebird98 2010-11-06
I really love this movie. The cast is great and the movie is funni. I reallii loce Chris brown and he was great in this movie. I hope others can enjoy this movie as much as I do!!!

MotoGP69 2010-11-05
Great cast, great music, great movie. It never gets old, I enjoy it everytime I watch it.

taylor lautner rocks 2010-09-21
i love this movie i give it the hights score trust me its that good and having chris brown on it made it even better chris i still love you so you know you still have a fan out there looking up at you im your number 1 fan now and dont worry im that the crazy one everyone buy this movie its awosome youll love it like me and never want to stop watching it too love you chris brown bye

Teewer 2010-08-02
This has become a HOLIDAY classic for my family! Never get tired of watching it!

Coooooolgurl101 2010-07-31
Hehe I remember me and myy cuzns sneaked in the movie theater to c dis lmbo!! Gud timesss

miss paije 2010-06-07
i really like this movie a lot my family watches it on the hoildays u colud really see them being a family it looks like they have a really close bond must see

vybdubrjh 2010-05-01
It was funny and sad but great

Mrs. Breezy16 2010-04-24
This is thee BEST movie EVER!!!!! Not just cuz Chris brown iz in it (nd I luv him 2 death) but itz a great movie nd has a great story!!!!:) also Chris brown lukz super hot!!!!!<3

F.A.M 2010-03-14
This movie was funny from the begining to end.

Irie00009 2010-01-26
I love every movie Lauren London is in.

lionqurll97 2010-01-22
ilovee dhis moviee . ehts interestenn , nd has a very heart-warmenn storyy !

fabulous movie 2009-12-25
loved this movie it was heart warming watched it for a year almost

Sarah_023 2009-12-19
I really love this movie if u dont have it u should buy it its so nice i love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris.J20 2009-12-03
This was a great move

Jay_Amazingg. 2009-12-02
I luved this movie so much I wish my family cud b as close as they are this movie really touched me at moments. &&& Chris brown is sexy as idk wat. But great movie :)

Lildancerboy 2009-11-19
This is 1 of the best movies Ive ever seen I love this movie I can watch it all day everday

rachael boo 2009-10-29
I love it but why is it still $16 if the movie is so old it should be waaaaayyyyyyy cheaper