Disaster Movie (Unrated)
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"Disaster Movie (Unrated)" follows the comic misadventures of three buxom non-brainiacs during one fateful night as they try to make they way to safety while every known natural disaster and catastrophic event hits the city. This twisted send-up from the filmmaking team behind Date Movie, Epic Movie and Meet the Spartans pulverizes everyone’s favorite disaster flicks, pop culture icons and public figures with raunchy and outrageous humor.

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User Reviews
Brad76ohio 2020-06-07
That trailer is all u need to see. But even that hurts

Moises S. 2019-05-30
Too funny haha

zee017 2018-08-10
Am I the only one who loved how stupid is was?

Grantz Detect 2015-11-12
Everyone is whining about how terrible this movie is, but it's just that. Terrible. It's SUPPOSED to be terrible. If you watch it expecting a great comedy, obviously it's going to be total crap. But if you watch it with the expectation that they made this movie to parody modern pop culture and be as terrible as possible, it hits the nail on the head. If you like watching dumb movies, then you might like this. If you're expecting a grade-A parody film, you're gonna be disappointed. I happen to like really stupid movies, so I didn't mind this movie, but others clearly think it's the worst thing ever put out in film format.

Imanqer 2013-11-11
I think this movie is funny as hell

maddiemad2 2012-12-19
I'm not gonna lie epic movie was amazing. And funny. But this one was over the top. I would not recommend this one to anyone. It is more disturbing then funny. It has about two funny moments and twenty disturbing moments. Do not buy! - Madison

DGK_909 2012-06-25
Worst movie I ever seen in my life. It is so stupid and not funny at all.

Johnawesome6 2012-05-11
I'd get it if I could buy it I'm my going To rent it like an idiot

hilaryhilary 2012-04-11
No one likes you. Not even your (ex) husband. Kbye

I flippy 2012-04-02
This is very funny. The best part is when michel Jackson and chim chim are in the trunk of the mock 5!

Feyad 2012-01-28
Do not watch this movie

Fan 121 2012-01-26
I dont see what everyone is talking about this movie was hilarious !!! 5 stars

Chloe u the best on the show 2012-01-15
Best movie ever the most hilarious movie ever seen in my life could watch it forever

Matt90745 2011-12-05
3 words; best movie ever

Beast2222 2011-08-14

I can't buy it 2011-07-16
I can't buy it

Ifreak.com 2011-07-06
It's a shame that the viewers of these parody films keep going to them and praying that the next one will be worth watching.

remember2remember-me 2011-05-15
Listen people, I'm only 12, but I got some serious laughs from this movie. Some of the jokes might be crude or juvanial, but you guys are taking it way out of proportion. Its just supposed to be enjoyable, not a box-office smash hit. P.S., loved Kim K. in this movie.

jjschepis 2011-04-19
Do you know this movie is called "Disaster Movie?" Well, because this movie is a disaster, the humor is terrible, I fell asleep and I didn't laugh one bit.

UTOPIA-OF-EDEN 2011-04-05
It froze on my iPod a waste of my money this really sucked

Janycute 2011-03-14
My favorite move

I <3 girls! :) 2011-03-10
I acually liked the movie. it could have been better. and i didnt like the michael jackson part. That was just wrong. but becides that, i think it was ok.

Sweet1669 2011-02-01
This movie is probably the worst spoof movie ive ever seen, along with meet the spartans, there is absolutly nothing funny about this movie at all.

Junny june 2010-12-28
Man this is one funny movie I love it

Luke051 2010-12-04
This is the worst movie ever. It is not funny. It is stupid. It spits in the face of any and all actually well thought out spoofs such as Airplane, Spaceballs, Naked Gun and Robin Hood: Men in Tights. It actually spits in the face of BAD spoofs too! To be honest, I saw this at 13 years old and I feel more mature then the writers. And, honestly, I hated Epic Movie too, but in comparison EM seems like Citizen Kane. One more thing, "Disaster" Movie? Yes, Alvin and the Chipmunks and Enchanted are truely great disaster movies.

Bell Pepper 11 2010-12-04
AHHHHHH how can two grown men think this is funny while a 13 year old the age that these movies are targeted to think its premature and juvinille this movie is so bad

Bryan Perez 2010-10-24
When I watched the Alvin and the chipmunks part, I almost fainted because I never thought of all the horrible stuff they could've done, and I have LOVED and ADORED the chipmunks since I was little, now I think that they're going to eat my flesh!!

twiharty 2010-10-03
ftw not bad at all. PS. dont drink while watching. may cause drinkage out of nostrills

NoAvailableTag 2010-08-17
This is the worst of the spoof movies. It was a poor excuse for a film. DO NOT BUY OR EVEN RENT! It's just a waste of a couple dollars. It's that bad. If you like spoof movies I recommend Date Movie!

Annette =] =] 2010-07-17
This movie is my favorite. It's so funny! I watched it like ten times. I would recomend it to mostly teens

Darkeyelue 2010-07-01
love this movie. this movie is only bfor people who like/love to laugh at suiped funny stuff

Yondaime20 2010-06-14
This is the best move I have ever seen. All the stupidness is what makes this movie so funny but I'm having a hard time picking what to download:The origanal "Disaster Movie" or the "Disaster Movie" that is not rated so can u help me thanks

chrissy277 2010-05-09
ok soo all the bad comments on this mvie r obv all old farts with noo sense of humor and dnt noo wat funnny movies r soo :p but this movie is rlly funny

STON3R 2010-04-24

Jonnie D. 2010-03-30
The reason it is so funny is because it is so stupid. The best part was alvin and the chipmunks. Best movie ever!!

vcanete 2010-03-29
Disaster Movie is obviously the most disturbing of all spoof films. There's so much that stuffed in the film, that it leaves you with a very bad headache.

SlipknotxxFhreak 2010-03-28
the title says it all

Angus Dodds 2010-03-04
I downliaded this two times

oliver727 2010-02-19
i accualy though that this 1 was the best one of them all

shaynawww 2010-02-01
usually I can tolerate this movie a little bit but this one and was stupid as heck. no this one was really dumb

the pistol 44 2009-12-31
i didnt like this movie it was just a joke none of the actors are good expect carmen elctra but just not a good movie defintly not worth 9.99 but carmen electra is smoking hott!!!

Ame820 2009-12-28
OK the first time you see it, you may think it's funny. Then, you remember everything that came from it and never want to see it again. I'm a 13 year old boy and I thought this movie was stupid, childish, and a colosal waste of money. DON'T BUY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

gh9811 2009-12-15
Had lame and very stupid gags It was funny when the meteor crushed Hannah Montana I cried I laughed so haard. One part may be disturbing for younger viewers when Alvin and the Chipmunks try to kill the people and eat the girls spine and have rabies singing heavy metal. So parents remember that if you let your kids watch this movie Sexual content and very strong language.

nj34 2009-12-14
Disaster movie is the best movie by far

Gizmoknight 2009-11-04
Ed Wood was one of the worst film-makers who ever lived. Not a single film oof his can be watched in s ingle sitting without either bursting into laughter or just shutting off the TV. His films were never funny on purpose. Plan Nine From Outer-Space, one of the worst films ever made, is still better than this piece of crap. Allow me to give you a funny statement. The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog. Now was that statement funny? No, not really, but that statement still has more heart and laughter in it than a single frame of this so-called "film." I said that Epic Movie was bad, and it is, but this is the film that is worse than it. At least Epic Movie had three moments of genuine comedy, something this wreck can't do. This "thing" has only two genuinely entertaining moments, but sadly they don't last long enough. The first is when the film's title resembles the title of Armageddon, which was actually a disaster movie. The second is when our "heroes" are being attacked by killer robot chipmunks. The words "killer robot chipmunks" happen to create more laughter than the scene itself, however. I hated Robocop 3, but that was still a genuinely better effort than the apprpriately named Disaster Movie.

NPinPNW 2009-10-11
Made the mistake of buying this as a viewed movie from the video store. The plot is terrible, the acting is about Middle School standard. If I could give it a minus grade I would. Makes the other "***" movies look like Oscar candidates....

☺ NoMercy4U ☻ 2009-08-13
i figured this was gonna be an halarious film about mixed movies savin the world... turns out its juz a really lame movie with really corny jokes and some bad actors/actresses... the trailor looks much better than this garbage.... juz take my advice.... DONT WATCH IT!!!!! your better off with barney....

breiodyfhxcju,g 2009-08-13
this movie is SOOOOO awesome! my sense of humor is really stupid humor and if u like that too, youll love this movie! i love the song at the end of the movie :)

KannibalKari. 2009-08-03
This is my favorite movie , fo sho ! I really recommend this to people who love to have a good laugh . Honestly , i have no idea how you people are saying you hate it . Obviously , you didnt watch the whole movie . You probably watched about a minutes of it . And thats all . Well , ill admit .. at first it is very boring and strange . But only for about two minutes . Then it was totally hilarious . Non-stop laughing for me . Everyone i know loves it (including me) . :D

FoxChibi 2009-07-26
Its awsome one of the bbest movies they made yet.