Disaster Movie
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"Disaster Movie" follows the comic misadventures of three buxom non-brainiacs during one fateful

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"Disaster Movie" follows the comic misadventures of three buxom non-brainiacs during one fateful night as they try to make they way to safety while every known natural disaster and catastrophic event hits the city. This twisted send-up from the filmmaking team behind Date Movie, Epic Movie and Meet the Spartans pulverizes everyone’s favorite disaster flicks, pop culture icons and public figures with raunchy and outrageous humor.

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User Reviews
Noah Pfister 2020-02-25
Words cannot describe how bad this movie is. But stars can.

Pooorkchooop 2018-07-15
Was about to watch this but when trashy Kim k name cams up I was like if someone pays me to watch this I won’t

LordVulpinator 2016-08-14
Mature audiences will be unamused by the idiotic belching, the ugly people, the sex/drug/alcohol references, and most of all, the randomness that I think the directors were actually counting on to make the drawn-out game show parodies funny. This movie would be a hit at an 8th-grader's spend-the-night birthday party because this kind of slapstick humor and major movie references and Girls Gone Wild flashes is at the very pennacle of awesomeness. The movie itself looks a lot like the Scary Movie series, but it is closer to Meet the Spartans because it uses an even more limited toolset to induce laughter. I only laughed by mistake, and by that I mean that I expected something really funny was about to happen, but it turned out to be another completely irrelevant discourse. I wonder how many times the directors rolled their eyes while making this movie.

Minor_miner 2014-11-29
Can i give negative infinity stars. This movie is dog[censored].

ID Crysis 2013-07-11
like i said. thats really all I've got. horrible movie. the "Movie" series has got to stop sometime, right? HA! hopefully people will wise up and stop producing this garbage. is was good the first time. now quit it!

Mr Awesome 94 2013-06-25
Ok maybe that was not the most original title for this review, but it was multitudes more than whatever wit that this film has ( if any) i am not wasting my time by going over what is wrong with the movie, as it has been done to death. All anyone needs to know is that this is a plotless, humorless, and frankly pointless pile of steaming camel excrement. In addition the acting was awful even for a stupid comedy ( this was supposed to be a comedy right) there was nothing positive in this movie, unless you are one of those types with a morbid obsession of Kim Kardashian ( I just don't get the whole Kardashian thing, call me stupid, but I don't) then you may like at least her in The movie. Even still this gives no excuse to watch this zeppelin crash. I would not watch this movie if someone paid me and neither should you. This film does not waste time, it wastes away your soul.

sunburstshredder 2012-10-01
"Disaster Movie" tells the story of four twenty somethings who are celebrating a sweet sixteen party as every disaster known to man, including tornadoes, meteors, and the rabies stricken Alvin and the Chipmunks, strikes the city all at once. If they can return the crystal skull to the Museum of Natural History, they can save the world--that is, if they can make their way past an array of movie villains (and a few heroes). As with all of Friedberg and Seltzer's movies, the "jokes" are really just references to way better films that have been released within the last two years and pop culture icons--and they make sure the thing being referenced is named, as if nobody got it. Which leads to a problem...when you only make fun of current trends and rather forgettable movies, few people will understand it in 10 or even 5 years. The sorst part is, WE are to blame for this, because enough people keep paying to see this crap, so the directors can keep making spoofs that make the last one look somewhat good in comparison.

Turtle love<3 2012-03-04
I thought this movie was sosososososo funny I laughed so hard and to all the haters commenting on this u can go screw yourself! Because if u don't like it fine u don't need to be a b**tch about it so I loved the movie!<3333

SmileyRyliee 2012-01-07
It was so stupidly funny. :)

Woohoo:):):););) 2012-01-02
MATT LANTER IS MINE! Him a troy, holy bu-Jesus!

you c1000 2011-12-24
sooooo funny

MSDTCE 2011-05-29
i LOVED this movie!!!! i hate when people hate on these movies, they are purposely dumb but highly enjoyable and funny

ktblala 2011-04-23
This movie isn't funny. It has the worst actors / directors in Hollywood. It's just pure garbage. this stupid crap needs to stop now it's making a mockery of film!

Rimches 2011-04-15
get a sense of humor its stupid but at the same time it makes u laugh at its stupidity

Spencer 1334 2011-04-13
So freaking funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FDiicbbbmm 2011-04-07
Your movie cooooooooooool

Walleytalkey 2011-03-22
It's soooooooooooooooooooooo fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnnny I laughed my head of when I saw it

Dking2010 2011-03-15
To those who hate it get a sense of humor

MAT243421 2011-03-11
Its not funny its actually creepy in the alvin with the chinpmunks part! HATE IT

itsnotrashcantitstrashcan 2011-02-03
i luv it!!!

Tyrtdsyfsty 2010-12-29
The movie was worth a rent and funny in some parts, cheesy and boring in others. But the princess was hilarious, thumbs up to the actress.

chris Weiss 2010-12-23
Funniest movie ever!!! Could not stop laughing!!!

16:(&4"4)26;?46,3585;(7542 2010-12-01
Me liked it!

Tannertheawesome 2010-10-17
I bought this movie, loved it the first couple of times but it got old

CrisCadena 2010-08-24
Great parody of movies all put in to one. :D

Animal15 2010-08-09
Omg funniest freakin movie ever I hate watching movies twice I have watched this movie so many times it's not even funny. And to the ppl bagging on this movie go screw youself you must be blind to not be able to see how humorous this movie is it has so much potential it should have won lots of awards. :)(:

Acosta starz 2010-07-03
Wat iz tha song wen their doin the dance off??? I luvd it

UserInputInvalid 2010-06-21
Awsome movie although the chipmunks were creepy!

T4D 2010-06-20
Great movie I don't get the people who say it suks because it is a great movie

Metallica did 2010-06-08
This is the most hilarious movie I have ever seen! I don't know why everyone is getting so worked up over it. If you don't like it u don't have to tell them. It is awsome!

Tony the Critic 2010-06-05
How appropriate that the title of the movie is "Disaster Movie", its telling you right off the bat to avoid it at all costs. Lionsgate and the whole industry where out of there minds when they thought that this should be screened for billions of people and each and every one of them will have to pay $11.00 to watch it. This movie has nothing to do with disaster movies, you could try to find references to the genre all you want, you wont find any. All this film does is gather up all the movies that came out during the first quarter of the year, put them together, add a setting and tells the audience exactly what movie and reference their spoofing before making a graciously unfunny joke about it. Its so depressing to know this idea of spoofing a disaster movie wasn't given to the Zucker brothers, but instead to these two idiots, who think that there hilarious, but instead lowering the standers of entertainment to the point of vomit on celluloid. I rest my case.

The awsomez gamez 2010-05-11
Best movie ever

ihateu890 2010-04-18
It's like they wanted to make the worst movie ever made.

Tazz lol 2010-04-13
This movie has the best people ever in it it is so funny nd really no one will ever top this except Zombie Land but this movie is the best most funny movie i have ever watched I watched this movie lik 55 timz exactly...

bored199 2010-04-04
I dont think its horrible, but it was not as funny as I hoped it would be. I did like the song at the end, though:)

KenCruz69 2010-03-21
I wasted money...not to say the muvi is bad but not as funny as say... Scary muvi 4

KalDexHar 2010-01-10
Yes it was a disaster of a movie I fully regret wasting my time to watch it

musicloverrr<333 2010-01-10
Me and my friend rented this because we thought it would be pretty funny, like Epic Movies and everything. This movie was so stupid and just a total waste of money. We both agreed on that. It's not even funny, it's just . . . seriously immature. You have to have a really immature sense of humour to laugh at their crap.

Wapaafoofi 2010-01-02
Kim K. Did a good job (shes hot). Funny and hilarious

Smilen' Mikiki 2009-12-29
the best thing about it was miley cyrus/hannah montana got hit by a meteor and died :) that was my favorite part. but over all its a pretty stupid movie :P lol

Dan3897008654 2009-11-23
Why can't I watch this thing? Says This movie cannot be played I just bought this for 10 bucks how do I fix this????

maddiebobaddiee 2009-09-02
this movie is soooo awesome!!! LOL!!!

KevinFumbles 2009-08-16
I would have gotten it but i cant rent it. Oh Well

guitarrocks21 2009-08-16
How can people like this? I just don't get it!! This is by far the worst movie of 2008 and a good contender for worst movie of all time. Screw Hollywood for making these movies and screw everyone of you idiots who go and watch them. This is a movie for the eternally damned.

Jer01 2009-08-10
LOL! this movie is so funny and has am awesome plot. EVERBODY SHOULD WATCH IT!!!! <3

chesterjoeb1 2009-08-05
Yeah, like the title says, this is the worst movie ever made. No, seriously, it is. I'm not being dramatic. This movie would make Ed Wood cringe. And what really brings my p*ss to a boil is that iTunes has this movie, but doesn't have any really good ones like Citizen Kane, Pulp Fiction, or Apocalypse Now. THIS MOVIE NEEDS TO BE SENT BACK TO THE FIRES OF HELL!!!

coreyr20 2009-06-22
How could you not like this movie? I think it's great! It makes fun of high school musical and it kills Hannah Montana! It doesn't have to have a plot to be a good movie!

#1WeirdAlFan 2009-06-21
I found this movie to be quit good, but not moral. I did like the part when the Juino lady started to have the baby and everyone was helping here push. In all this was sick too. This is why other countries hate us, because of our sexual crussing, anti-relgious humor.

ilysweettarts 2009-06-11
if ur going to choose from either going to jail or watching this! go to jail!! its so stupid! It`s totally made fun of perfectly good movies and shows!!! It`s getting more credit then it deserves!! Please dont waste your money on this crap:(

JH3264 2009-05-30
One of the worst movies i've ever seen. not another teen movie was good, all the scary movies were good, date move was bad, but still watchable, super hero movie rocked, but Disaster movie? By far the worst of them all. so bad i didn't even crack one single smile.