The Original Kings of Comedy
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The house is rockin' and the laughs are rollin' as comedians Steve Harvey (The Steve Harvey Show), D

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The house is rockin' and the laughs are rollin' as comedians Steve Harvey (The Steve Harvey Show), D. L. Hughley (The Hughleys), Cedric The Entertainer (The Steve Harvey Show) and Bernie Mac (Life) meet in this riotously comedy summit directed by Spike Lee. Inspired by the highest-grossing comedy tour in history, The Original Kings of Comedy captures four of today's hottest stand-ups live and uncensored, and in engaging backstage footage and interviews. Emcee Steve Harvey and his fellow funnymen take rib-tickling aim at sports personalities, church services, bill collectors, hip-hop and much more. For comedy fans and anyone who could use two hours of non-stop laughs, The Original Kings of Comedy is a royal treat.

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User Reviews
Junkrocker 2021-11-19
They should have included RUDY RAY MOORE who was offended by this film.. He was through with it.. Before they knew what to do with it….

BusyBee85 2017-08-26
Hilarious. I quote these guys all the time. Must see comedy.

CrissyDH3 2016-09-01
One of the best comedy pieces in a long time. Only wish I could've been there live with those in the audience. Oh how I miss the irreplaceable Bernie Mac! That man could laugh you into a coma! Continue to RIH Mac-Man!

Russ'sSis 2015-02-20
Absolutely hilarious! I did not stop laughing from start to finish. Bittersweet to see Bernie Mac. He was one of my favorite comedians. Four very talented gentleman!

~MRT888 2015-01-11
I rented it from the iTunes Store and I can't even get to see it. I keep pressing play and nothing happened.

Dark Mama 4 2012-10-29
It gets no better than this.

Meechiekgreen 2012-10-13

~MissGIron~ 2012-08-13
This is one of the best comedy acts I've seen so far. These guys are so funny. * True kings of comedy *

KOMaster20 2012-06-20
Great blend of comedians that have been successful in comedy for many years. Were all underrated at some point in their careers. Yet, this film allowed them to get their well deserved credit for all of those years of hard work. RIP B-MAC

Justac 2012-06-19
This is comedy history. I have wanted this digital copy for years. Thank you for finally making it available.

cooking is love 2012-05-30
This is sooo funny. I just wish we could buy it. Itunes, you need to get this set up so we can buy the movie. Thanks.

Cupcake9 2012-03-07
iTunes, why can't we buy this movie? All the guys were great but Bernie Mac is classic!

C. Elder 2010-02-16
I have never laughed so hard!!! I have seen this movie so many times that I almost kown it by heart. I wish that I could purchase it to have on my Ipod.

Druza 2010-02-16
I've watched this show so many times that sometimes I tend to speak like them,depending on the situation i'm in.Like B.Mac towards my kids,L.Hughly to my friends and S.Harvey to my wife,I wish this show was for sale.The guys are genuinely the kings of comedy.

yellowjackets18 2010-02-15
This is a classic that will keep you in tears for two hours! It's a shame there must be some behind the scenes BS for a consumer not to have the option to purchase this on my Ipod.......

Smith.a 2010-02-08
I understand the politics regarding why items are allowed for rent and not purchase. However it is terribly disappointing that this is not available for purchase. I want it to own on my ipod and I cannot do that. Not very happy at all. The rating is for the movie which is excellent! These four are still the funniest comedians still in the business!

Selah Hales 2010-02-04
If you're looking for original comedy that makes you bend over in laughter, this is the movie for you. All of the Kings bring their top game to this filmed comedy show, with the funniest being the late Betnie Mac. I would give it 5 stars, but I'm not a huge fan of DL Hughley.