Children of Men
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No children. No future. No hope. In the year 2027, eighteen years since the last baby was born,

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No children. No future. No hope. In the year 2027, eighteen years since the last baby was born, disillusioned Theo (Clive Owen) becomes an unlikely champion of the human race when he is asked by his former lover (Julianne Moore) to escort a young pregnant woman out of the country as quickly as possible. In a thrilling race against time, Theo will risk everything to deliver the miracle the whole world has been waiting for. Co-starring Michael Caine, filmmaker Alfonso Cuaron's Children of Men "Lifts you to the rafters, transporting you with the greatness of its filmmaking. The action is swift, ferocious and spectacularly choreographed." (The New York Times)

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User Reviews
82):58 2023-05-11
If you read the synopsis and watch a preview you can save a lot of time. 35 minutes in and there’s very little that grabs me. It’s dull. It’s boring. It’s one of the worst movies I’ve seen.

Karafsone 2023-05-04
Worth every penny

Sebas4512 2022-03-03
If you want to see a movie that provides an amazing cinematic experience, then look no further. Alfonso Curaron is one of the best living directors and he does not disappoint here.

David_D00 2020-11-13
I really enjoyed this film when I first saw it back in ‘06, then I watched it again on TV (edited) a few years later and I thought ok, it still an interesting movie. I watched the original version on NETFLIX a couple of years ago then it hit me. With everything going on in this side of the world (Brexit, the United States treatment of illegal immigrants, the rise of right-wing populism), this film has become disturbingly relevant. No other film from the last two decades has so clearly depicted our present state. This is no longer a future dystopian tale. If you don’t see the parallels after watching the movie, pay no mind and go hide in your bubble.

Nicholas becerra 2020-06-12
Children of Men is one of the saddiest most depressing movies i have ever seen. The film has a dirty color palet and it's very ugly because the world that is taken place it's sad and dirty. The acting is fantastic espically Clive Own who delivers in this film but remeber don't ingore the background.

Jeremiah Weed 2020-05-25
Cheesy. I couldn’t get through the first 20 min

sado spider 2019-12-15
I basically liked this flick. Good acting and some genuinely suspenseful moments. The violence was intense but not gratuitous at all. Most reviews here praise this film as a masterpiece — it isn’t. Again, it’s good and fits in well among many dystopian depictions but... The faux illegal immigration issue was a blatantly transparent partisan propaganda subplot. Certainly most people are getting sick of politically correct sermons in film, especially thinly veiled attacks on the current president’s policies. This film could have done as well if it had completely eliminated the references to poor struggling migrant victims and caricatures of cruel evil fascistic oppressors. The “cages” depicted were obviously duplicate references to the one’s seen in news clips under Trump (not acknowledging that most stock photos were actually from the Obama administration). Immigration policy (America has laws regarding immigration just like most countries) is a debatable issue but shoe-horning it in, particularly in such an exaggerated form, really bordered on cliche'. This was basically a good film, not great but, please spare us the sanctimonious propaganda. We can get that from most establishment news sources today.

Soldier90 2019-04-21
I got it because of the reviews from rotten tomatoes and the comments were all 5 stars. Unfortunately it wasn’t good.

MattSanders 2018-07-28
I haven’t watched ‘‘tis movie since it was in theaters. I can’t believe how well it holds up. Still equally powerful and gripping. The movie never slows down. The character building is incredible with the amount of screen time some of them actually get. The cinematography is inspirational. Love it.

jer.clifford17 2018-05-18
Not mind blowing. But not terrible.

Innerparty 2017-11-22
This movie goes nowhere fast. So many political cliches that it sad. A real disappointment.

Jaress 2017-03-03
I own this movie - I'll only buy movies that I think are exceptional because I like to watch them again and again. I can't believe how really great this movie is. Very little score - who can make a movie that has bery little score? You have to have guts to do that, and to really believe in the film. Tension, drama, and, it's even funny! How can you do that? Brilliant. And, these guys are now making a TV show on SciFi - the Expanse. WOW

Burrito Head 2016-12-24
This is not a movie... it is a documentary of things to come.

Buxenwolf 2016-12-10
This is beautifully shot! Great story! Least should watch it once! I saw some reviews, everyone is entitled to their opinion. But giving it lower stars because of a trailer? And from someone that didn't like was placed in England? And one reviewer is called farmboy? Lol Just watch it :)

Itachisan125 2015-12-15
What can be said! Its cinematography is brilliant, the acting is spot-on, the message, though obvious and preachy, is poignant, even today; the action set pieces are definitely Alfonso Cuarons best, and the world feels genuine! The one nitpick is that for those thinking it may be pretentious, well... Almost. At least in the last third. Nothing major, but it's sort of overdoing it. Overall, one of the better dystopia movies like EQUILIBRIUM and SNOWPIERCER.

RottenTomatoesLies 2015-11-26
How is it possible that this movie has received such positive ratings

Yo! Loco! 2015-10-09
A sadistic assault on the viewer. A poor script, a storyline made up of cliche and old sci fi dystopian plots from a hundred other movies and shows. The worst movie in years. What a waste.

GoodOldMonkey 2015-04-11
This is a great movie—as long as you think anything unrealistic must be inspired, and all forecasts of doom are prophetic. Otherwise, it’s intolerable. Ten minutes in, I was wondering how anybody could care what happened to the protagonist. Fifteen minutes in, I was hoping robots from some other scifi film would break into the story and stomp him into the ground. The basic situation—nobody’s had a kid for nearly 20 years, and everybody’s worried about illegal immigrants—is unexplained and makes no sense. The action scenes are unimaginative and seldom exciting. The details… ahhh, just let me say that after an hour, even my scifi-addicted daughter agreed we should stop watching, and celebrate our good sense in renting the SD version instead of, God forbid, buying this. This is a perfect example of the way the professional reviewers *have* to like a good proportion of whatever comes out in a given month. If the ten worst scifi films in history were released between February and April of a given year, two of them would get rave reviews just to keep the reviewers’ audiences plugged in.

Gracksies 2014-07-30
Typical of misogynistic Hollywood to have the seemingly inevitable extinction of mankind be the fault of women when in the book it’s the men who are infertile. Such an unnecessary change that sends an unmistakable message.

KrunchDown 2014-03-26
Great prog. rock cameos too.

Axibae 2014-03-21
Somewhere in the movie are couple of interesting ideas hidden, but they are buried with piles of not very well written roles, too much amateur war-zone horror that takes turns with more or less silly scenes. First half of movie was somewhat promising and kept interest up and sometimes could connect with a character or two, but later on… well, they get their point across somehow but could be done better with more interesting and well thought through ending.

Tashaiii 2014-01-23
I rented this solely off the reviews. I've never heard of it prior to now. It is a really really good movie. Must watch this!!!!

HisRob777 2013-09-26
The camera work in the war scenes is the best I've ever scene. Very well made. The story is believable which makes it a good film but also gets your wheels turning about this actually happening in 25 years. I could imagine groups of friends sitting at the round table getting deep into political conversation and debate after watching this. Really good. Watch it.

Joey69 2013-04-08
While I'm choosy about giving out 5 ***** ratings, this movie is closer to a 4.75 rating (out of 5) The story is Mad Maxish, while the acting is way above that movie's quality. Camera work is excellent, and there are my small nuances in that aspect. Just watch the moments before the cuts, and you'll visualize just how much work went into the scenery. Not your typical Dystopian ending either. I believe it will pleasantly surprise most viewers.

Tigers1201 2013-03-16
Predictable. Casablanca with more action and a dash of scifi. The creators attempted to make the story FEEL familiar. They failed. It didn't feel familiar, it was familiar. That being said, if you've never seen another movie, check it out.

WeighingIn 2012-09-13
I typically am in sync with the iTunes rating and Rotten Tomatoes, but this movie NEVER captured me. It was essentially a strange, drawn-out, boring chase scene with a weird, but not interesting Sci Fi bent, with an uneventful ending. Total waste of time.

Sally 2012-07-20
One of the best movies I have ever seen

TorviTorvi 2012-06-14
i really liked this movie defenetly in my top 10 , though it was very sad (in my opinion) with all the lives that were taking , it was very intense !

justrohr 2012-05-22
How can you discribe greatness with words.

Jamel Seals 2012-05-16
Such a good movie!

Movie is bueno 2012-04-19
Movie was a little confusing. But extremely entertaining. Rent and enjoy.

Person of Few Words 2012-03-04
Some find it boring. I find it entertaining.

RTemple 2012-01-26
Compare this to all the other action sic/fi flicks out there, especially with Owen, and you'll see this has more merit, more substance than the normal run of the mill genre hopper. Perhaps it isn't a perfect adaptation of the book its based on but forgiving that one can see this is a quality movie with an excellent cast, wonderful script and great plot that does send a message. One that isn't too presumptuous. Some of the people giving the movie bad marks might not be looking at the film objectively but everyone has a right to their opinion. It might not be for everyone. Either way it seems the masses have spoken, the movie has done well because it is a good movie.

SmittyWR 2011-09-11
This and There Will be Blood are the top two of the decade for me. Clive Owen is, well, Clive Owen. He plays a Moses-like character guiding us through one of the most well formed (and shot) universes ever. The chases are terrific, the dialogue is spot on and the shots are artful. Cuaron strikes again.

Whoooooooa man 2011-09-10
It wasn't meant to be some narrow minded political reference to the US. 18 years after the collapse of all but one nation, if that nation didn't have a massive refugee I'd be shocked beyond words. The refugees aren't even the focus of the plot, it's the universal loss of hope. If this were about demonizing the US then why is Fish killing people for it's own gains without remorse left and right? But anyway, great movie, very realistic ( aside from world-wide sterility ).

DCIII 2011-07-01
Dark, smart, & depressing, yet, gripping & a true pleasure to watch. Visually stunning, the film pulls you into a vibrant world of fear and chaos as humanities last bastion of civilization begins to crumble. Its vision and crafting of the future nearly rivals that of Ridley Scott's Blade Runner. Clive Owen, Michael Caine, & Juliann Moore each play to near perfection, especially Caine. Unfortunately, the films weakest link comes in both the character & actress who plays Kee. This is a film that should not be missed, even by those who don't fashion themselves as fans of Sci-Fi.

Slicky Boy 2011-06-10
One of the worst movies ever to hit the silver screen. The acting is wooden, the storyline is frighteningly childish and the ending is an intellectually puerile fantasy. This film would appeal only to brain-dead shut-ins.

heresjone 2011-06-04
It was a decent movie, but "insta classic"? No way.

whatever 88 2011-04-20
I liked it. I liked it because it was a little different.

GrahamFreeman 2011-03-08
One of my 3 favorite movies.

scubadp 2011-01-22
Children of Men excels in depicting a dystopian future, but the acting and directing fail to engage the audience. I felt no emotional connection to the characters only annoyance at the constant barrage of political statements. This movie is rated for its edge not its art.

Asarien 2010-12-09
Quite a heavy depressing story. My heart raced throughout.

Cammycakes 2010-10-11
I have no idea how I missed this when it came out but it's now one of my favorites. It's one of the most realistic-feeling Sci-Fi movies I've ever seen.

ëlf 2010-08-06
Things that are called coincidences happen.On my way home from work I was listening to a debate about immigration reform,the current situation in Arizona,and deportation of all the undocumented People in the US.I rented two movies and out the two, I chose this one at random.Right at the start of the film the newscaster announces "The home land security bill is ratified..after 8 years, British borders will remain close.. the deportation of illegal aliens will continue".The USA of yesterday & today shows an obsession with military force,racism,and violence.This film depicts scenarios of what will likely happen when the US deports all its so called "illegal aliens". We are headed in this direction..but of course you will say "this could never happen, it is just a movie".I saw this back when it first came out and I have been haunted to view it again ever since.

Lol dad d 2010-07-04
Don't get much bettr

April9255 2010-06-20
Liked it

moraga18 2010-05-26
i admit that i am biased- i do not like clive owen's acting in general. that's probably why i didn't like it but i didn't really get this movie

PsychadelicSteve 2010-05-21
Children of Men's role in the world of film is to remind us that it's not aliens or rocket ships that make sci-fi films. Instead, it's a look into a possible and somewhat realistic future. Yes, even the ones WITH aliens portray such a thing. Children of Men doesn't have aliens, space-ships, or futurusitic weaponry. In fact, the future that the film portrays looks.....quite grim. The human race is literally ending, as woman and men alike can no longer give birth to babies. Very few people question the source of infertility, although the hero, Theo takes action soon enough. Children of Men is simply spell-binding. From the single shot action sequences to the violent chase thriller scenes, the film is thrilling the next moments, and always retains a particular hint of intellect. The plot is intelligent, the acting is top notch, and the cinematography is absolutely beautiful. Long story short, I love this wild, unrestrained dystopian thriller.

MisterSteeghs 2010-05-15
Children of men is absolutely breathtaking, it is a beautifully gritty masterpiece. Clive Owen (Theo) living in London, (The only hospitable place left on earth it would seem), is asked by an old friend (Julianne Moore) to help smuggle in a young woman into the country. Things quickly become more complicated when Theo discovers why exactly this young woman is so important. Theo soon finds that he has more troubles than he would ever had guessed come his way, but he will stop at nothing to make sure the young woman is safe. (Some scenes in Children of Men can be extremely brutal, can contain nudity or drug use, but the message that the movie portrays transcends far beyond most trash that the general audience enjoys. This film has true substance. I encourage you to give it a chance.)

Abarmand03 2010-02-26
I love how the concept wouldn't be believable in any other movie, but the director does a trememndous job in deftly filming this masterwork to make the audience feel it first hand.