Fracture (2007)
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Academy Award winner Anthony Hopkins and Academy Award nominee Ryan Gosling are brilliant in this "exceptionally suspenseful nail-biter" (Rex Reed) that's so smart it "doesn't let go, even after the final twist" (Gene Shalit, "Today"). Ted Crawford (Hopkins) brutally murders his wife and calmly waits for the police to arrest him. With the weapon and a signed confession in hand, Deputy D.A., Willy Beachum (Gosling), believes a conviction is a slam dunk; that is until the case completely unravels. Now, with little evidence, Beachum goes head to head with the cunning Mr. Crawford in a desperate search for the truth and the answer to one burning question: How is this guy getting away with murder?

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User Reviews
Sept 948 2024-01-18
Excellent acting. A couple of slow spots. The support of the girl’s father was a nice touch. Good ending.

GlennBond 2022-09-09
I liked it. Some great twists in the story. Acting and Directing is good. Love Hopkins car in this movie. Porsche Carrera GT. $670,000!

improtanz 2022-02-20
…plot is thin, Anthony Hopkins great as always but a little Hannibal Lecter-ish

Atlas303 2021-05-13
Two of my favorite actors! Thought this would be a good flick to download for watching on the plane or killin-time at the coffee shop.

Alice1515000 2020-07-11
Great cast, acting very good. Add a bit of suspense and it is a good movie. Would recommend.

Tjader26 2020-04-14
Somewhat slow but interesting crime movie. Gosling was good but not overboard while anthony Hopkins outdoes himself. The kind of slow mystery with Gosling as the D.A. and Hopkins as the suspect and the movies moves along abbot slowly. A coupled of misses here as the Judge sits in a meeting in her chambers wkith Hopkins and the D.A. , mind you Hopkings the defendant represent himself. After the meeting they all leave quickly and you don't know if Hopkins went out by himself or a bailiff came and took him since he was detained.To me, a miss.However, it was worth the $2.99 to view it. I'd give it a plain B

Cats & Music 2019-04-14
Loved it. You can never go wrong with Anthony Hopkins. First time seeing Ryan Gosling. Movie where I actually was surprised with the ending. A must see.

Jemmy M 2017-09-13
One of the best cat & mouse games played by 2 of the best actors of our time. I HIGHLY recommend this movie.

Bakesiee 2017-09-12
This started off fast and stayed interesting the entire time. Great acting by Ryan and Anthony. Kept me on the edge of my seat until the end.

Rambo8649 2017-09-05
This is a great movie, kept me wondering till the end. Great acting, great writing.

lars the lobster 2014-07-11
As previously noted by several critical reviews, this movie ends up being pretty predictable. However, my problem is not all with its predictability. Rather, given its cast, I found the acting to be quite subpar. Further, the dialogue is cliché and lacks creativity. Overall, this is a movie with a solid plot to work upon, but it lacks the creativity that would make it a memorable, worthwhile film… I went into the film with expectations of a thought-provoking, suspenseful drama. And there’s no other way to put this… I came out of the movie feeling quite bored and dissatisfied.

Snickerboo66 2013-01-22
This movie had two great actors in it. I was on a bus trip and needed something to occupy my time. While watching, I was sure I knew the out come, but just when you thought it was going to be the same old same old, snap...the tide turned. Worth the rent for sure. I could own this one!

JazzyJanDepp 2013-01-13
This lawyer will keep you on the edge watching him fight back against Anthony Hopkins twists and turns to protect himself.

BrookeVT 2013-01-09
This was an amazing movie...5 stars all the way

WallyRolla 2012-04-28
Considering the two lead actors you would think it would be decent or at least okay. But sometimes the actors can only do so much with the script given or it wasn't the right role for them. Either way the movie fails to grab your attention.

Amyjon 2012-04-02
Perfect movie for when you want a unique thriller, we were very impressed

Cynnduit 2012-03-29
This is a movie of the best chess game you have ever had. Not to mention thrilling and some comedy moments. The cast is perfect in each role. Watch and see!!

Great app searcher 2012-01-22
This is probably Gosling's best work

Ööni 2011-12-08
I liked this movie! Anthony Hopkins never seems to disappoint..

Canoapple 2010-09-20
I am an advanced amateur photographer and enjoy especially beautifully shot pictures and movies, this is a great movie. Aside from the picture quality, the plot is amazing, and Anthony Hopkins is amazing as always. It is definitely worth buying, you might want to watch it again and again and again...

chrisanthamum 2010-07-01
you can't go wrong with ryan gosling and anthony hopkins. they are both amazing actors, and i think they made up for the cliche and unoriginal plot. it was an exciting and suspenseful film, but the "twist" wasn't much of a surprise and the story line has been used in numerous movies before. however, if you are looking for an entertaining movie just to watch, this is great; I was just expecting a little more creativity. another plus...ryan gosling is such a sexy stud, it was easy to watch him for 2 hours.

!*wOoHoO*! 2010-04-11
This was and excellent movie! I wasn't sure if I wanted to buy it at first, but I took the chance-and boy am I glad I did! Superb acting, wonderful story, and amazing twists and turns all come together to make this a really incredible movie! Definitely buy this one!

shawty and babay 2010-02-02
yep that sums it up.

carlv888 2010-01-09
The entire premise of the movie rests on the chance occurrence of an event the likelihood of which is implausible at best. For the diehard Hopkins fan only or for anyone who wants to sit through almost two hours of a highly predictable movie with a very unsatisfying end.

Roy XC 2009-12-20
I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THIS MOVIE. It surely is catchy, and keep-you-on-the-edge-of-your-seat. I'd recommend it to anyone that is into intellectual, well-plotted legal based films!

chaoticlucid 2009-09-22
Anthony and Ryan do a superb acting job and play their roles to perfection. This movie will keep you watching every moment, and have you thinking about what happened and what might happen next. The ending is done brilliantly and has a nice twist on it!

lucille_bald 2009-09-12
Great suspense movie and good acting!

Wagsbass 2009-07-14
This movie kept me on edge through out, till the last minute. Must watch

swung8ths 2009-05-28
The acting is solid, but the plot is just too predictable. I saw the hook coming an hour before it actually arrived. I waited and waited for Gosling's character to get on board... hoping that there might be something I missed, some unexpected twist to resurrect the plot. Nope... no twist. It really is just that predictable. Bottom line -- if you don't know where this film is going after watching the first half of it, then you simply weren't paying attention.

Complexity2 2009-05-01
This movie is about the battle of the minds of the characters. It's not the typical gimmicky movie with the all too common chase scenes. Instead, it has an incredible plot with excellent acting. It kept me riveted to the very end. Definitely one of the best movies I've seen.

Chelly8 2009-04-08
I really liked this movie a lot, the ending is unexpected and ryan gosling did amazing :)

thepundit 2009-01-22
just what my title says

A for Awesome 2008-12-29
I stumbled on this movie on accident and decided to rent it late last night. I had never heard of this movie before, but I was looking for something smart, captive, and entertaining. I didn't want to be bored ; I wanted to be sucked in, and I wanted my attention to be held for the entire movie... and this movie does it! Anthony Hopkins is twisted and charming all at once. Ryan Goslings is phenomenal, and you won't be able to take your eyes off him for a second. Good, smart movie with silent strength. Definitely recommend!

bakerinakelly 2008-12-23
Fantastic acting by Anthony Hopkins. And Ryan Gosling is just superb. I love this movie. Keeps you on the edge of your seat. Definite buy!