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Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory won't find our skateboarding hero lounging around and scheming at the familiar Rob and Big house in the Hollywood Hills. Instead he's commanding operations in a massive, 25,000-square-foot industrial — and fully skate-able — warehouse and office complex near downtown Los Angeles. Anything from zip-lines and giant skateboards to trampolines and indoor blobbing can be achieved in Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory. The characters inhabiting the Dyrdek Enterprises warehouse include Rob's cousin and longtime assistant, Drama; Rob's slick manager; the blurred-out maintenance man; the blonde-haired "gangster rapping" receptionist; and the reclusive, socially awkward skate coach. Get ready to visit Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory, where strange and wonderful dreams come true.

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User Reviews
Sweetrolls123456789 2013-12-03
This is one of the best shows on tv!!!

ROCcitycowboys 2013-03-22
Been a fan since rob and big, the only shows that have me laughing out loud are those with rob drydek. Hope he has shows for many years to come.

Radnad01 2013-03-04
I like rob but when i try to' download the episodes it says error y

Skrillex# 1 2012-12-19
I love your show. For Christmas I would love 2 meet u. Where will be in Hollywood next. Me and my parents celebrate Rob Dyrdek day every year. We ask our selves DYRDEK?

G4tvguy101 2012-03-06
Few years ago,two parents went out to a dinner.few hours later,The babysitter called to see if she could cover the clown statue in the kids room.the father said"get the kids out of the house.we'll call the cops,we don't have a clown statue."the"clown statue" Was a killer that escaped from jail.if you don't post this on 10 videos tonight the clown will be in your bed at 3:00 am with a chainsaw.sorry don't want this to happen to me.I am so very sorry one 2011-04-18
Awesome but can anyone tell me were I can download drama's music?

Robs #1 fan 2010-09-29
If there was anyone in the world I could meet it'd be rob dyrdek he has been my hero since I was 6 I've been skatin since I was 6 rob is the man I wanna be just like Rob ( I'm fifteen now) rob is the best skater ever ~robs #1 fan~

daddysnyper99 2010-08-31
the show is not the same without big black but the fantasy factory is even better than rob and big

ilovewss!!:) 2010-07-10
i love this show sooo much. its hilarious and amazingggggggg! =]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]

Ubigestfan 2010-07-08
That is the coolest show I have ever seen that would be a freak to meet him

jokerjdog 2010-07-08
OMG that season was so awsome and of course funny i wish i could meet rob dyrdek

Jail :) 2010-03-07
Tis is so freaking awesome! I wish I could live in the Fantasy Factory!

CMANRULES 2010-02-25
I love this show it is hilarious Bangin on fools is so fricken funny with that fricken gun that thing must hurt like hell get no question

thickshorty 2010-01-11
i love this show i watch it on free on demand all the time. i have so many funny episodes that he has that i could laugh at everytime i watch them. i would love to meet him some day if i was ever so lucky my son is 8 and loves watchin rob skate that fantasy factory is the best idea ever and i would love to go there someday.

theguitarhero 2010-01-03
i love skating and think rob is the best out there. either him or p-rod. hmmm.... the show is great too. i watch it practically every day.

O.A.R. is the #1 band! 2009-11-03
If you are wondering if you are going to buy this just do it! It is the best show on TV! I hope that he has Big Black visit the Factory.

jlballa2010 2009-09-14
This is hands down the best show on TV ever. Rob and Drama and everyone in the cast is hilarious, and they do whatever they want, when they want. You see some of the wildest, weirdest stuff on this show. I hope Fantasy Factory ends up running longer then Rob&Big, which im sure it will.

robby d fan 2009-09-06
rob dyrdek is so awesome he is awesome

410's Finest 2009-08-31
This is the greatest and funniest show ever made

KingThrashin 2009-08-25
Please get the next season of this show i already want to pre order it!

wutitdo17 2009-08-22
This is a great show it's very funny and i don't know anyone that doesn't like it but is there anyway to see these episodes uncut because they swear so much it would just be nice to not hear a loud beep every 15 seconds

sweetbarrel 2009-08-20
Creativity and imgagination mixed with Comedy and "Dyrdekity" whats not to love? This show is so awesome. Buy Blob, Super Blob and also buy- oh yeah- every single episode because it's that good.

laxplayer4 2009-08-10
rob dyrdek is my hero and this is the best show ever it beats nitro circus rob and big viva la bam and all the other shows including silent library

EMO KID 2009-08-05
This is the best show but not as good as Rob & Big

Dangervibe 2009-07-25
Greatest thing on tv

fantsyfactoryskater 2009-07-10
this tis the best show i have ever watched

SHARK ATTACK! 2009-07-07
This show is amazing! It's basically Rob & Big, minus the Big, because from what I've heard, he had to move back to his home because he was getting married or something like that. I am positive that Big Black will at least make a couple of hguest appearances in the future seasons, if not become a full cast member. All of the extra people are hilarious. Rob is obviously rad as ever. Drama actually turns out to be hilarious, and is somewhat of a replacement for Black as Rob's best friend (and a good one at that). Jeremy takes Drama's place as Rob's whipping boy. Chanel is gorgeous. And Turbo's face is blurred the entire season, for no reason at all, other than for Rob's amusement (which is hilarious). This season is definately worth the buy.

lucknumber7 2009-06-30
the fantasy factory show is inspiering to watch

meeaghan. 2009-06-26
Bangin on Fools is the best episode in season one of Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory. You will laugh so hard, bc its freakin funny, and you laugh when its funny. Keep watchin' Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory bc it's pretty thugish. The best show everr, in my opinion.

Lisa Gennosa 2009-06-25
This is the best show that has ever been created! It's funny, exciting, and all around awsome! I highly recomend buying it! Rob rules!

cnava 2009-06-19
dam this show is so dam funny i cant wait till next season comes out. ima buy all of them, i need a new ipod touch cuz i need more space for these shows. i recommend u buy every1 there so dam funny

JBR069 2009-06-16
but what happend to this show

iLikeHeavyMetal 2009-06-12
It's a little expensive, but it's worth it!

haleyyx0x0 2009-06-08
rob dyrdek is so funny in all his episodes! I Cant wait for the next season!!!! =p

K3TTL3 C0RN 2009-06-01
Rob Dyrdek's fantasy factory is my favorite show!!!! Dusty monkey takes the gold medal for me...

Kaikane95 2009-05-31
This is a great MTV show for skaters and teenagers. The only thing I miss is Big Black, but he has a child now. Best thing since Rob & Big!

Swagswag1 2009-05-26
i was amazed he 1st had rob and big now this he is a geniopuse and amazing rokon

loumusiclvr 2009-05-23
This show is the best show ever!!! But wats the name of the theme song or wutever??? its sweet!!

Rachel (RobDyrdekFan) 2009-05-21
This show is so funny!! i love it soo much im only 10 years old but rob dyrdek is so cool and all the people in the Fantasy Factory I cant wait for the new season!!!!!!!!!

Stf9 2009-05-19
This show is great and was a great way to end a weekend, can't wait for season two and im seriously hoping to see the net gun come back from Rob & Big!

martin1234q 2009-05-16
this show is great,they should bring back big black from rob and big

StrikerA 2009-05-15
great fan should buy

beachbum619 2009-05-14
This show is awesome. Rob is hilarious and brings out the inner child in everyone! Looking forward to season 2!

flag norg 2009-05-09
best show ever

jygt yutvr 2009-05-06
plain and simple- rob dyrdek is my hero!

spikez3 2009-05-05
The Fantasy Factory is by far the best show i've seen on TV that had made me laugh hysterically. I'm looking forward to season 2.

Mxcn kid 2009-04-30
Favorite episode fro Robs FF love his 69' Camero

FreshOuttaJersey 2009-04-27
im only giving a 3 star because i want big back. somethin clicks between rob and big that is so funny and entertaining

rumrum95 2009-04-24
3 Simple Words . . . Greatest Show EVeR . :]

foswizzle 2009-04-21
this tv show is awesome but if u buy everysingle episode then its kinda a rip off wat song is that when he brings in cole its like 'you already know,ill be on the grind 24/7'