Manhattan Murder Mystery
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The untimely death of a robust upper West Side matron turns Manhattan couple Woody Allen and Diane Keaton into amateur detectives. As unlikely sleuths, the pair find themselves in some of Manhattan's best-loved locations, Elaine's, Madison Square Garden and the "21" Club.

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User Reviews
bin don 2021-03-12
Finally a good movie that was worth the rental fee. Wow, the best, great acting! Loved Larry & carols relationship, oh and I just watched it a second time, great movie.

12buckleshoe 2016-03-23
i’ve always been an Allen fan, and yes, especially of the early years. this film isn’t funny, isn’t insightful . . . many of the character traits he’s always had, being a coward, not being able to do the simplest things, making the wrong choices . . . are all there, but none of the humor. In fact, all the characters seem flat. The song at the beginning about how awful NY is sort of sums up the feeling of the film, including the jerky, unsteady camera work, and general clutter, which also seems to fill each character’s lives. too bad, really. There’s some amazing talent on the screen, it just wasn’t reflected in the story or direction.

ladydust 2016-01-16
MMM is really funny! The cast is a great ensemble and the Manhattan locations are recognizable. This film has some genuinely hilarious moments. Its suspenseful and entertaining the whole way through.

Zoiks&Away 2014-11-08
I’m not a huge Woody Allen fan, but I have been waiting for this film to be available ANYWHERE (not just iTunes) for forever. It IS an older movie - it that’s not your thing, you may want to pass on this one. If not, there are some very funny lines in here… and the whole thing just works… really works. Worth it if you’re looking for a mystery with some lightheartedness. Two big “thumbs up” -Happy Thanksgiving everyone!