Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure
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Two airheads, who are about to fail history class, are given the chance to take an epic trip through

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Two airheads, who are about to fail history class, are given the chance to take an epic trip through time. Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter star in the most outrageous comedy in the history of history. With appearances by Napoleon, Beethoven, Socrates, Billy the Kid & Abraham Lincoln.

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User Reviews
Prophet Amos 2023-11-26
I saw it in the theater. It was terrible then, and still did not age well.

Dunphy1998 2023-07-14
Would watch again Most excellent plot Most triumphant end

Quacksy The Great 2022-11-10

Geeksauce777 2022-02-18
The end of it all just showed to movie goer that they paid good money for a story that’s not worth it. And for me it introduced a bleak future where these two bloody idiots become gods among men (the heck with that). Let’s just face it, this is a bad homage to Back to the Future. Back to the Future is (in the words of the said idiots) excellent, wall this is a tin can on fire. Back to the Future had a story with a point, this just happened and didn’t change the characters whatsoever. Even when at the end, one of them began to realize what was wrong with himself and how nothing changed them and they suddenly realized that being dumb and rock was the answer. And the story then made itself nothing. I wouldn’t blow my nose into this. Non the less watch it again under my own free will. Now I say! Good day to you!

layup9999 2021-02-22
wow... the acting, the plot, the scenery, and everything else is so stupid it’s AMAZING😍!!!!! I really like it but after 10 times of watching it it’s kinda boring but still it’s amazing. If u didn’t laugh you don’t have any brain cells or u just don’t get it! (I’m 11 and I get it but my dad didn’t get it. So yeah! I definitely recommend! 😍🤩😁 (party on dudes!)

Duck lover 27 2020-11-22
This is the first Keanu Reeves movie that I saw and still holds up

Hackrelm 2020-09-10
I saw this movie when I was 10 and it was one of my favorite movies at the time. I saw it again after Bill and Ted Face the Music, and looking back, it’s kind of slow at times. But there’s no denying it’s good fun. Party on, dudes!

THe Earth And THe Sun 2020-09-06
Everything about this movie is wrong. Bad acting, bad plot, bad dialogue, bad special effects. And if it were any better, I probably wouldn't watch it. If you don't laugh, then you clearly don't get it.

Donuts4TW 2020-09-01
Most non-non-non-non-non-heinous.

branbo_13 2020-08-30
Very Excellent!!!

Kristentwenty 2020-08-29
Wasn’t alive in the 80s to see it but I caught it on Netflix or something the first time. Last week I purchased it with a VUDU credit to rewatch it before I saw the third film. The experience was worth it.

Nicholas becerra 2020-08-27
Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure is the finest movies of the 80's don't get me wrong. I thrilly love this stoner time travel movie that has it's hailrious goofy memorable momments and those hailrious scenes still capture my heart when it comes to seeing Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter having so much wild chimestry and it's like your watching your High School memories and all of them is time travel logic. Now I love Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter's lovely chimestry but the movie is thrilly entertaining, hailrious, goofy and often times makes fun of other time travel movies in general. The movie follows two High School best buddies Theodore "Ted" Logan (Keanu Reeves) and William B. Preston who after getting kicked out of High School meaning that Bill & Ted can't read or write and spent half there time rockin and rolling without brian knowledge. Suddenley when a upcoming essay on history is due, Bill & Ted discover a phone booth that can travel to certian historic and future events that Bill & Ted must learn the facts and history of each infamous histrioc event that is due on their essay. Bill & Ted's plot is really interesting and poks fun on Doctor Who another time travel movie with the phone booth time travel logic and making a spoof and a stoner movie really fits with the tone of the movie. Some of the visual effects feel truly 80's and captures the magic in the movie as promised. While our two brian dead best friends going through the histrioic events that they must learn they ended up succeding in the process, this movie is hailriously entertaining and hailrious I should suggest watching Bill & Ted's excellent adventure it's movie with a bunch of memorable momments and goofy cliches thrown into something excellent dude!-rating 9/10

Tory Brennan 2020-07-20
So good, so funny! I love this movie so much. The storyline is hilarious, the characters r excellent. Bill and Ted’s facial expressions are the best. The way they talk is sooo funny! After showing this to my cousin, we talked like them and quoted them for days!!! You must watch this, or you r missing out on a most triumphant masterpiece!!!!

KIXS 2019-10-21
Love the movie, the music, and the Idea is original.

lucia cia 2019-07-31
One of my faves. I was in the 7th grade when I first watched this movie 🎥 🍿 Loved Keanu since...

Goku0623 2019-05-30
Totally excellent dudes!

Poopsockhasbeenfound 2019-05-19
Most not hanous

ninja turtle fan 101 2019-02-17
I would watch again

Glad dooleys gone 2018-10-31
Listen, the hoity toity reviews form Washington Post and New York Times are junk because this is one of the greatest movies of the 80s. This is a brilliant comedy, full of relatable humor and cunning syntax. Bill and Ted mix affluent and unintelligent vocabulary in an amusing manner, that leaves the audience quoting them for hours. The cheesiness of the film provides the most joyful film-watching experience for past and present teens alike. 100/10 recommended for anyone looking to enjoy themselves!

lordsuckulant 2018-01-25
This movie made Socrates love able. 80s movie all the way.

Modern Technology, William 2017-07-14
This is the most bodacious thing I have ever seen! I feel sorry for anyone who does not like this movie. It is most hilarious, and so quotable! "How's it goin', Royal Ugly Dudes?" "Who is Joan of Arc?" "Noah's wife?" "Dude, you've gotta have a poker face, like me......Whoa! Three aces!" Trust me, you will love this movie. It is most excellent!

Coolrockkid 2016-04-27
I have to admit, at first I didn't think this movie was going to be good. But as I was watching it, I realized it is extremely hilarious and it's so in touch with teenagers that I felt like I was watching teenagers of today. Excellent writing I might add. Bill is very funny with his "dude" and so is Ted. Anyway this movie is light-hearted and fun. This movie proved that you don't have to have a lot of cussing for a teen movie. They don't make movies like this anymore :(

R nR 2015-03-07
Wild & goofy fun. I laughed all the way - yes, way! Gonna put it back on so - party on!

terpstein 2015-02-03
officially the stupidest movie of our time but so radically bodacious!!! party on

mjanu09 2014-08-01

hotskullgirl 2013-06-17
Funniest time travel movie to date! I dont think there will EVER be a time travel movie funny as this one! "Party on dude!"

AnimeJilly 2013-05-17
I use to love this as kid.. This was my 2nd favorite Time Travel film besides Back to the Future. Wish they had the Delorean instead of Telephone booth! LOL. This was so freaking funny. I love it a lot. Wish this was on Blu-Ray! But great film. The boys ARE TOTALLY AWESOME DUDES! haha.

Movie Holic 2013-03-20
Be excellent to each other And Party On Dudes!

Lolcats1 2013-03-15
I love this movie but can someone told me how much space it takes up that would be great

Kpiggypig 2012-08-29
One the best movies ever

Person of Few Words 2012-06-16
Wow, a time when Keanu Reeves wasn't dull and actually seemed alive.

Seth Easton 2011-10-12
Even though its before their time, show this to your kids, I guaruntee they'll think its hilarious (mine did). This is timelessly funny, and even though it's a lot of slapstick and goofy one-liners, there's actually a great plot and moral to the story. Hollywood can't/won't make movies like this any more, so treasure every single time-traveling moment of this boadiously comedic tale, dudes! Be excellent to each other!

Greggiepooh 2011-09-13
Good Movie.

Brookiedoodle 2011-07-06
Even thought I am only 13, i love old movies. And this one is one of my favorites. Bill is my favorite. Expecialy cause he was in The Lost Boys too. The Lost Boys is my favorite movie ever, and this one is tyed for second. This movie was totaly bodacious! And remember ... be excellent to each other!

JLMOOSH 2011-07-03
Itunes should offer Bogus Journey

Retro Correct 2011-05-04
In a strange turn of events, watching this movie for history will actually flunk you.

marley_mae 2011-04-12
Okay I've watched this movie 4 times over the weekend and I can't get enough! It's hilarious just thinking about. This movie should be called, "Bill and Ted's MOST EXCELLENT adventure" becasue it's not just excellent... it's MOST EXCELLENT! I will continue to spread the word of how great this movie is :)

horta protection society 2011-01-25
these guys made me pick up my first air guitar. thanks, dudes!

RunDub 2010-07-18
rabbitonwheels, What are you talking about? Bill and Ted came out in '89 and Wayne's World is from '92! You're an idiot. I love this movie! I've lost count of the number of times I've seen it, and it never ceases to amaze me that Carlin agreed to be in it. R.I.P. George.

Darthstryk3r 2010-07-16
Great 80's movie. Wish they put the other one up to purchase as well and not just rent.

rabbitonwheels 2010-07-05
This is a funny movie, but it suprises me that nobody realizes how much they steal from Wayne's World.

Marq08 2010-06-01
This is an awesome 80's movie with a great soundtrack to it. But I can not find the sound track anywhere! Please Itunes, provide us with the soundtrack to this most excellent adventure!

bookreaderz 2010-05-19
This movie is ah-may-zing. Bestest movie ever. And remember kids, BE EXCELLENT TO EACHOTHER!

Access1234 2010-05-03
If you want a laugh check this out at first I did not want to whatch it but I am glad I did

Brovie96 2010-04-29
Most excellent that Bill and Ted is in iTunes. *does guitar thing*

J. Rabbitte 2010-04-20
What begins as a charming slacker comedy turns into a complex, witty, and sometimes mind-bending time travel story. Certain gags, like the wherabouts of Mr. Logan's keys, take several viewings to pay off, and will make your jaw drop when you finally figure them out. Yes, much of it appears to be stupid, but the actor's dedication to the absolute idiocy of the premise makes it work. The mall chase is a perfect example: historical figures are chased by mall security to the sounds of 80s Hair Metal band Extreme. Far from being the dumb and silly toss-away it could be, the cast turns it into a romp where you actually care what's about to happen. Throw in little touches like Sigmund Freud demanding "ein lawyer" when cornered, or Abraham Lincoln fighting for possession of his trademark hat, and you have the essence of why this movie is a proven classic. If you've never seen Bill and Ted in action, click that "Buy" button immediately. You'll love it, and be quoting the film for the rest of your natural life.

Jason0613 :)$$! 2010-03-13
Goooooood movie I watched this movie on demand and I was curious when I watch the preview and I luagh alot when I watched this movie one of the parts that was one of the funny parts was when mr ryan asked bill who is Cesar and he repleyed he is a salad dressing dude

Legoman0404 2010-02-28
This is excellent. My friend told me all about this!!!!! It's awesome!! You guys should get this movie!!!! Who's is Joan of arc? Noah wife!!!!!!

RosyRainbow 2010-02-25
At first I thought this'd be a stupid movie, but I was encouraged to give it a try, so I did and wow! It's a hilarious movie. Not everybody will like it, but it's carefree, funny, and classic, as well as highly quotable. So, as I was once convinced to watch it, I hope I can convince you.

minor threat 2010-02-07
if you like funny movies than check TOP SECRET out.