Stargate: Children of the Gods
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Col. Jack O'Neill retired from the military a year ago. Just before he left the service, he led an expedition through the stargate, an ancient portal that allows instantaneous travel to other galaxies. He is called back to duty by Gen. Hammond when a group of aliens emerge from the stargate, kill the soldiers guarding it, and kidnap a female guard. After seeing the aftermath of the alien attack and the strange bodies they left behind, O'Neill confesses that he defied the order to destroy Abydos, the world he visited via the stargate. He reveals that Dr. Daniel Jackson, the scientist who was thought to have died on that mission, is alive and living on Abydos. It is also clear that these aliens are not from Abydos. O'Neill is reunited with his old comrades Kawalsky and Ferretti and joined by Capt. Samantha Carter, an astrophysicist. SG-1 returns through the Stargate to Abydos. They discover that Jackson has taken an Abydonian wife, the beautiful Sha're, and that Skaara, the young Abydonian boy whom O'Neill cherishes like a son, has grown into a fine young man. They also see Jackson's latest discovery: a giant cartouche covered in hieroglyphics that seems to be a map of many stargates throughout the galaxy. As they marvel, however, the aliens, led by the handsome but evil Apophis, are making use of a similar map. They emerge from the Stargate on Abydos, and, after a brief battle, kidnap Sha're and Skaara. Ferretti, who was wounded in the firefight with the aliens, has seen the hieroglyphic code that indicates the aliens' destination. O'Neill and Jackson are determined to follow the aliens and to save their loved ones. With a troop of soldiers from Earth in tow, they track the aliens to the planet Chulak. There they discover that Sha're is now Apophis' queen; her body has been taken over by a hideous snake-like creature, one of a species known as the Goa'uld, who rule this planet and collect life-forms from around the galaxy to use as hosts. Jackson and O'Neill know that they can't save Sha're — but can they save themselves and Skaara before they're killed by the Goa'uld's guards and before Gen. Hammond sends a nuclear weapon through the stargate to destroy the planet?

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User Reviews
TimetoChange2020 2018-02-19
If you are reading this then you already know that this was one of the best SCI-FI shows ever produced. So why complain, come-on, you know I'm right. If you want to complain about redoes - goto a Star wars website. Just a thought, :)

Varus IndirsGame 2016-07-22
This is a rip off. This is Episode 1 of Season 1. They took out the nude scenes and added some "special affects" but at the cost of removing other scenes. This version is "4-minutes" SHORTER.!!! This is like George Lucas "destroying" the original Star Wars.... He added "special affects" but at the cost of destroying what was Star Wars.

StoryDelver 2012-06-14
Great science fiction. Fun, interesting premise, good music, acting is acceptable, but why is it that the characters continually display all the tactical awareness of a box of puppies? It greats really old really fast that much of the 'conflict' in the story comes about because the people are idiotically stupid. For example, you go to a world you know to be held by hostile aliens, so of course you walk right into town. Once there you stand like idiots when the enemy marches in. Of course there isn't much they can do because they have about enough ammunition for a few minute gun battle with guns they know aren't effective against the alien armor. And of course there's no plan, no communications with base or earth or anything. Just, walk in and see what happens. Stupidity at this level on the writer/director's part is hard to fathom.

NeilLX 2011-03-29
If this $14.99 version of the pilot has extended scenes why is it 4 minutes shorter than the $1.99 version. I don't blame Apple for this but please people, don't buy this. just buy the original version! the studio is ripping you off!

scooterdeal 2010-11-22
Why buy the movie? I just read the entire outcome.

lordofthefilms 2010-05-21
not good. unless you're a major sci-fi buff, i would not recommend this movie. bad acting coupled with poor effects make for one laaaaame movie.

joshganga1 2010-05-04
Acting was fine, but this film was clearly done on a budget with cheap special effects and set production. The story was linear and predictabe. This film would probably suit boys in the age group 8-14, who would find nothing to complain about.

GoldenSpirit 2010-05-01
I just wanted to say that its was boring and slow and wasnt what i expected. One thing that bother me the most is there were no subtitles due to that I am deaf and hearing impaired so wasnt able to hear or read the words to what they were saying. U should look into since there many of us would love to rent and buy movie if u put subtitles on! SO its was waste of my money and im pissed that i pissed alomost $5.oo of my hard earn money.

WickedInk 2010-03-25
While there are a couple more scenes of Teal'C biting his lip and looking a bit more pouty then usual, the only major difference from the Pilot episode and this (besides this costing 12 dollars more) is the absence of the the nudity and the harem room scene. Unless you are a fan of who this particular version was dedicated to. I recommend you save your pennies and buy the Pilot episode instead. Of course if you have issues with female nudity; then by all means get this copy. You might enjoy the enhanced CGI of the transport craft and the deeper blues and streaking hues in the event horizon puddle.

~Ducky~ 2009-10-07
iTunes, I do believe this is NOT your fault, but whoever produced it, but could you read all these reviews and request an UN-ALTERED version of this pilot? I saw this on HBO the night it debued. Try to get it for all these die hard fans (myself included). We'd appreciate it. And as soon as you get the ORIGINAL on here, scrap this aweful remixed version. What are they gonna do next?? Edit the original StarTrek???

Bruce22980 2009-08-30
So I-tunes has no control over the prices??? How does RedBox rent then for $1.00 a night?? Guess they have control over their prices

QuinnTheRanger 2009-08-22
When I first heard about this film I was excited. A re-release of the first two episodes of Stargate SG-1? With added scenes, new dialog and new special effects? YES, PLEASE! Unfortunately what they don't tell you is that for every new line or scene added something was cut to keep the total run time to around 90 minutes. And most of what got cut is what made the premiere so memorable in the first place. For example, the dialog between Captain Carter and Kawalsky/Samuels at the first mission briefing ("Don't worry Major, I played with dolls when I was a kid") is missing, which makes Carter's introduction much less memorable. Many of the scenes feel disjointed and choppy, as if the whole movie is being rushed. And all lead-up to the series' third episode ("The Enemy Within") is removed, which is unfortunate as the opening story feels very incomplete without the events from that episode. None of the new material added makes up for what was removed. If they had left the original version mostly intact and just added new stuff this would have been a much better movie. If you've never seen Stargate before then you might be okay with this version, but long-time fans are going to be highly disappointed. Don S. Davis deserves a much better memorial.

RonaldM 2009-08-13
I am a 'Stargate' fan from the very beginning. However, I was dissappointed in this production. First was, I didn't know this was prequel and had, initially, a difficult time trying to place this production in the correct frame with respect to the series. Second, some of the acting was over the head and a little contrived. In my opinion they should of left the PILOT alone.

Smithcentral 2009-08-06
This was a great re-cut, nicely done. Teal'c redoing his lines was great, much better. My only regrets were them taking out the reproductive organs line, and the MacGyver-ing line. My mom and I watched this together, and when we got to the place where both those lines should've been...ah, it would've made you cry. :) Anyways, that's why I'm rating it four stars instead of five.

sg1fan111 2009-08-01
The pilot episode of Stargate SG-1 from 1997, the Children of the Gods, was a great episode and so is the movie however they are so similar that there is no real point in buying the movie when you can buy the episode at a much cheaper price. The major differences are that the movie version is PG not R meaning that the rude humor and language and nudity from the episode have been deleted but besides that there is little difference. The orginal episode fits in more with the rest of season one so people who maybe considering this show for the first may want to start with that episode instead of this movie.

dianab93 2009-07-31
Not only is this a visual feast, the extended and tweaked scenes create a confidant storyline worthy of watching anew.

Dpschein 2009-07-28
Wow, not only was there no real plot, the acting was terrible. Thank god I only rented it, should have listened to the other reviewers!

ADRIAN OTAP 2009-07-27
I rented this to help decide if I would buy a copy and I have decided against doing so. The producers of this seem to fall into the Ridley Scott/Blade Runner school of thought when it comes to Director's/Final Cuts; the idea that less is more. I'm sorry, but you simply don't make a good "special edition" of something by taking things out. Re-working special effects is nice, but not at the expense of previously included material. The whole idea is to add material! I was not pleased with this and will stick with the original release. Why could they have not simply added footage to the original along with the new effects and re-dubbed audio? Taking out the line about "MacGuyvering" the dialing system was a terrible deletion. And removing the bit about Sam wanting to be referred to by her rank and not her title, along with the bit about the location of her reproductive organs, lessened the impact of her referring to herself as Dr. Carter on Abydos when she first meets Daniel Jackson and the Puppet Sam's reciting of the reproductive organ speech in the 200th episode, respectively.

Lucidelusions 2009-07-26
This is a digitally remastered and re-edited version of the first pilot, with new CGI and extended scenes. If anyone who is crying about it actually bothered to learn or take a moment to look this up on the net based on the release Date of July 21st 2009 they would find all this information out there as well as videos telling them (For those who can not read) about what has changed. If you want to buy the $2 episode be everyone here's guest but do so with full knowledge that this is not the same thing, its the same story but no different then when Star Wars was remastered and released again and everyone PAID FOR IT because of that. So before you cry take a moment and get your facts straight 5 Stars to balances out all those people who marked this down without ever actually knowing what they where talking about.

Nacogdoches Aggie 2009-07-26
If the money is that big of an issue, maybe you shouldn't be purchasing movies. Spend more time complaining to someone about bringing this series back!!!

warfighterXL 2009-07-23
As the original pilot for Stargate -Children of the gods- , MGM didnt really have a grasp on what it was they were trying to show people what Stargate was all about. In this new Final Cut version, they went back and fixed some scenes that needed to be edited - like the updated wormwhole effects and the reordering on some of the scenes - so they could show the viewer the pilot of Stargate the way it should've been viewed. Now the price may be an issue but in all reality, this is another stargate movie just like The Ark of Truth and Continuum. After watching it I truly felt like i just saw another Stargate, only instead of following the series, it begins it all over again.

truth boy 2009-07-22
Thats it for me - low budget, lame script - cliff hanger at the end. This franchise is over as far as I am concerned.

Mr. Universe Prime 2009-07-21
Thanks iTunes for making this available..... to the folks who make their living complaining.. you can always buy it for more by driving to a chain store (burning gas) and paying 19.99 GIVE US A BREAK! if all you can do is whine about the price.. DON'T BUY IT! DAMN!

macuser-K 2009-07-21
Why are people complaining to iTunes about the Pricing? Well you could ask why is iTunes charging $14.99 when Best Buy is charging $19.99? Thanks for the Re-Edit MGM, it fits a little better with the rest of the series. My guess is that this is MGMs attempt to appease the fans who complained about the music being re-hashed movie cuts and of course to put out something "new" for those fans who have to own 1 of everything ;)

mplaisance 2009-07-19
Why does everyone want to blame iTunes for the prices? They are not the ones asking these prices. It is the record labels and movie industry!

Klaatu42 2009-07-17
For those who might be a bit confused by this movie and the pilot episode of the TV series Stargate SG-1, this version is a new edit of that episode. According to the Gateworld web site this movie is slightly different than the original pilot. As a result MGM is charging more for this movie than the pilot movie of the TV series.

MarcGarvin 2009-07-17
Go to Stargate SG-1 under TV Shows, Look at Season 1, the very first Pilot Episode is dun dun dun " Children of the Gods" . And its only 2 Bucks. Why would Itunes release this like its something new? For $15.00? And if you check the run times, This version is actually shorter than the First aired Pilot episode under TV Shows, how is that Uncut? Another example of Ituns considering its people mindless drones, Bet they wouldnt even offer you a refund once you found out you just paid &13.00 for the same thing they have on their store somplace else.