Wild Child
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Sixteen-year-old Poppy (Emma Roberts) is an LA teen diva who does what she wants, whenever she wants

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Sixteen-year-old Poppy (Emma Roberts) is an LA teen diva who does what she wants, whenever she wants. But after an over-the-top prank pushes her father one step too far, she finds herself shipped off to the one place where everything will change: a British boarding school. No cell phones, no designer clothes…no way. Desperate to break free, she sets in motion the ultimate escape plan involving the head mistress' son – only to discover that this could be the reason she wants to stay. Co-starring Natasha Richardson, Aidan Quinn and Nick Frost, it's the fun and fabulous comedy that's LOL!

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User Reviews
I eat books 2023-06-03
This movie is for 12 and under girls only. Unless you are some weird deviant. It’s really the most basic immature movie I have ever seen. Perfect if there is only air between your ears. A great film for the children of the Saint Cheeto generation

angelo772 2020-07-30
this movie is totally worth the $15 it’s funny and has some pretty iconic scenes i’m glad i bought it on here because now i can watch it whenever i want! :D

c.s.Bosier 2019-07-13
My parents showed me this movie about 2 years ago and I loved it!! I couldn’t stop watching it but then they took it off of Netflix😢 but anyways I found the movie here and now I will watch it whenever I want to!!

Basketballdog07_ 2019-06-21
This is a good movie

1D musi 2018-09-26
Watched the movie like 100000 times

rrrrrrrrrooooooossssssseeeeee 2016-09-15
I love this movie!!! it's so underrated. I can watch it over and over. :)

B in NJ 2015-07-10
Soooo you've had a really rough day; you're sad and home alone and looking for something kind of lame to watch. You pick this movie. It's lame yeah, but it turns out to be way better than you expected. Pair it up with some ice cream and you'll feel a little better after it's over. It's a cute feel-goodish kind of movie for teen girls and (sometimes adults too). :) I really liked it.

rhiarhia123 2014-01-26
I don't know how the movie is because the movie won't download. It says to download from my recent downloads but it wasn't there. Apple really need to fix the problem because I just waisted my money on a movie that I can't ever watch.

blacnknwhiteem 2013-08-18
Great teen movie with some pretty cool characters! Not very realistic, but fun, light-hearted, and fun again!

Chicpup 2013-08-16
This movie was absolutely amazing I'm renting it for the 2nd time.

GabsPTVParamore182 2013-06-29
I love the fact that the movies has such a contradiction in characters. Plus who doesn't love Alex Pettyfer. It seems every movie he is in turns out being great- Beastly (Awesome), Wild Child (Great), I am Number Four (Cool). You should definetly get this movie or rent it. It was on tv yestreday, channel 555 or 554. Hope this helps

Chromefactory12 2013-02-16
This movie was hilarious and adorable! But if you are looking for a movie where she is mainly in california, it is just not that kind of movie.

Small-town-USA 2012-11-12
This is a good movie. I recommend it to you of those that are buying it ... :)

Yi Jun Fan 2012-10-29
I love this movie!!!💛💛💛💛💙💙💙💙💜💜💜💜❤❤❤❤

bubbles_bub 2012-08-20

Jasminelovepeace 2012-08-03
I love this movie it's great to watch with your friends.😊😊😊

Ahsen Oztrk 2012-07-27
This movie is one of the kind that never gets old. I love it, pretty nice.

LarandJul 2012-07-10
The movie ahs a great plot line, Emma Watson is pretty funny and the whole England thing was hilarious. The only problem is, it's what you watch when you feel like a little girl.

ellascott 2012-05-30
I really enjoyed this movie! this would be a great movie to watch at a sleepover or with your friends!

SarahK17___ 2012-04-26
great movie!!!!!!

Bbnvv 2012-04-18
Love it

Qwertyuiioplkjmnnnhb 2012-04-11
This is the best movie

ATZ5 2012-04-06
sooooo bad this a movie for like high schoolers not pre-teens and there are lots of cus words and other intense thing DO NOT WATCH

Piper Schwartz 2012-02-01
I have watched this so many times it's ridiculous! I don't know why it didn't occur to me until today that I should actually buy it instead of always renting it. It's the movie I watch when I'm sad or in a bad mood. I love it.

awesomechick3 2012-01-28
This movie was amazing!! If you are thinking about buying it, do it. You won't be sorry. It is sooooo good, but I don't think boys will like it since it's it's very girly.

Soccer999 2012-01-23
It froze and there's still like 35 mins left I tried to fast forward, skip and do chapters but it won't play anything in the last 35 mins. I still have it as a rent but I can't finish watching it please fix it soon.

XxKlrSharkxX 2012-01-16
I love it. The best movie I have ever seen.

Cai13 2011-12-16
Best movie ever(:

DeLeNa<318 2011-08-28
Oh yes I would totally give this movie five stars this is such a good movie I love Emma Roberts she makes movies so good I think she was perfect for the role in this movie I love the plot also how a girl gets shipped off to a prep school to learn how to be good I love how her mom went there and she finds out about that near the end I think that is one of the emotional parts of the movie I love this movie romance comedy accents it is so perfect especially if you and your friends are having a girls night and you want a good movie to go along with it then this is the movie for you and some of you readers if your looking to buy this movie ignore all the bad reviews the people who wrote them don't know what they are talking about and again this movie rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Laly Cadenillas 2011-08-17

Puppy962 2011-07-24
Wanna laugh? Fall in love? Hear amazing accents? Then watch this AMAZING movie!!! I love it!!

Kylee10116 2011-07-24
It is the best movie I ever saw !!!!!

nicole8808 2011-07-22
This movie is adorable and charming. I love it!

AugustBabyDancer 2011-07-16
I love this movie so much my parents are Thinking about sending me to an all girl school in England i recommend this movie !

lizzy1(: 2011-07-09
at first i thought this movie was going to be like every single other cheap almost disney movie but then i rented it and i was suprised the lines were good it had a good storyline and a sexy guy!(: what more could you need!!(:

Chill8182 2011-07-05
Itwas totally amazing it is predictable but it's my new fav movie

Favorite33333330000000 2011-07-02
Wasn't the best movie

so bad... horrible... words cant even describe how horrendous it was... just not even funny... was so bad that i couldnt even laugh about it. ...deserves 0 stars

Morganmalski 2011-06-18
This is the best movie ever and I recommend it to everyone!

BLAIR WALDORF:):):) 2011-06-11
Typical- American brat meets british school girls- Classic.

Alex M.F 2011-05-05
I love the movie and is so of someone reach that compares everyone and at last you discover the real you and your reall friends and afcurse your mom

the real Miley Cyus 2011-04-27
i love this movie! i've seen it like 7 times I can't stop watching it and each time it's equally good. I would totally suggest this movie :).

goaliechick31 2011-04-20
Just perfect!

Jrzc 2011-04-11
Alex Pettyfer is in it

Rockstarra 2011-03-27
Alex is the sweetest and Emma is great in this movie

gabby 1519990207894 2011-02-26
This movie is awesome!!!!!!!!! Emma is excelent. The plot finominal!!! I give it five stars!

cookiemoster 2011-02-04

nat attack 7! 2011-02-02
i totally love this movie!! It is one of my faves! I love Emma Roberts in it. This movie is definatly a must-see:) <3

Dr. Dot 2011-01-26
I could only stomach 38 minutes of Emma Roberts nasty wig and horrible acting skills. NO ONE in this movie can act. Please do not waste your money or time. It STINKS!

Oaqua99 2010-12-26
I saw this on abc and watched it 4 times in one week! One of my favorite movies next to she's the man.