Scooby-Doo! The Mystery Begins
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What brings best friends together? For Daphne, Velma, Fred, Shaggy and Shaggy’s spunky pup Scooby-Doo, it’s a mystery! The feature-length live-action Scooby-Doo! The Mystery Begins original movie takes you back to when four teenage sleuths (plus one dog detective) first met. Unjustly accused of staging a spooky practical joke complete with ghosts, the kids are suspended from Coolsville High. To clear their names, they team to solve the supernatural mystery…and head straight into nonstop laughs and adventure. Special fun, special friends and extra-special effects make this “how-it-all-began” story – from boy-meets-dog to the first trip in the Mystery Machine and more – a doggone great time!

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User Reviews
puppyluver7 2023-07-22
When I downloaded this movie, the sound is out of sync with the picture. iTunes needs to fix this problem.

Kdean12 2022-03-21
I absolutely adore this movie. The characters are charming, the story is stripped back, and we just get to see this group enjoy each other’s presence. I watched this when it aired back in 2009 on Cartoon Network and it hasn’t changed one bit. It relishes in fun and I’m here for it! Fair warning: Fred isn’t blonde (which isn’t cartoon-accurate, and is something so stupid to gripe about) and the CGI for Scooby is weak, but luckily Scooby himself is not the focus; instead we focus on Fred, Daphne, Velma, and Shaggy’s dynamic as friends. That alone is worth checking it out!

Lil' Noel 2020-12-01
Awesome! I love Scooby-Doo

idealist7 2019-08-30
Funny and really good love it so much!

Merry8442 2019-08-22

TALENT!!!! 2017-04-23
Watched this when I was little and I still do today!

Addiekrut22 2016-05-10
I love just about any Scooby Doo movie so I didn't have a problem with it! So what they didn't look alike! The actors were great that's what matters!!

hotskullgirl 2013-06-17
This movie is just terrible. The scooby doo movie from the early 2000's was ALOT better. I dont know why i stayed to watch the whole movie, but dont waste your time watching it. You'll regret it

HUNTER X.Y.Z 2012-06-03
it has to be. shows how it all began. of couse they had a different cast. when you show the beginning they have to look younger. it was alright but of course the first two movies were better. also it has the hot chick from buffy the vampire slayer.

Link76 2012-01-14

Awhhdvjtef 2011-08-01
It is just okay

*Music lover#1* 2011-06-11
Wats the name of the song in the beginning when Scooby and shaggy first met???? I really like it.

greenisthecolour77 2011-05-29
i thought this was a pretty good movie. and for those of you saying how they used different actors than the spooky island one, well they had to because this is a prequel to that movie. this one shows how the gang met, so they had to use younger actors. and did you ever think maybe fred just dyes his hair blonde?

BostonTerrierLover 2011-05-26
Hayley Kiyoko looks sexy when Daphane make her over! I thought Hayley was sort of a Tom boy!

Laura Qknits 2011-05-26
This movie is so great i love it . IT is great to now how the gang started and maybe Freddy died his hair. When he got older. Great to now how Scooby Doo and Shaggy met. If love Scooby Doo u will love this and i'm 15 years old. u might might gess the ending or not.

THE HXC LIFE 2011-05-13
This movie is cool, but it doesn't come close to Monsters Unleashed or the original. I can't give it lower than 4 cuz Scooby-Doo Freakin' RULEZ! Scooby n Garfield. Best cartoons ever

Kristoferd12 2011-03-14
Best movie ever to much mystery solving parents what a good movie for your children if they want to watch it you let them and I bet you will even love it that's how great this movie is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bravo!!!!!!!!!!!¡!!!!!!!!!!!

Dante51922 2011-02-25
It's real funny and it's awsome

Jordannie 2010-12-29
I haven't watched yet but comment there used to be scooby the kid version so I think they messed up there I mean really I liked the ones from when they were kids. And how freddy always blamed on bully. Oh well still want to watch.

221Beth 2010-12-28
This movie has an ok plot, but quite honestly, it wasn't all that great. Their bbiggest mistake was that Fred is NOT blonde, even though he expresses a liking twards it in the sequel. Otherwise, I think it was a fairly nice explanation of how the 5 friends met and formed a group.

Kamilydoooooo 2010-08-19

johnnyq111 2010-08-13
The actors didnt do very good of a job, but the plot of the movie is okay. It also scared me when the ghosts come out of their graves, but I still reccomend you dont watch it

@@@@@@ 2010-07-30
I really like it qlso hayley kiyoko was the perfect person to play velma!!!!!

jeffreybiggles21 2010-06-20
I liked this movie. I didn't love it, but I liked it. It's a heck of a lot better than the other movie with Freddie Prince Jr. but it's definetely not as good as the original Scooby cartoon movies. If you want to see it you should rent it, not buy it.

random anything 2010-05-30
I love this movie. I like how we get to see how shaggy and scooby started off. But why doesn't Fred HAVE BLONDE HAIR!!!!!

Cssbrvrystrks 2010-05-29
Please, stick to the cartoon. About the blonde hair thing...yeah WTF. I'm sure there are blonde actors out there that would like to be paid to be in this terrible movie. The girl who plays Daphne in this movie isn't fat...

Cherism 2010-05-27
Like, I grew up with scooby-doo on tv, it was like the old stuff, but it still shows the personality on the gang

BVGT 2010-05-02
THis Movie IS Horrible Its Dumb Scooby Doo Looks Fake And Fred HAs Blonde Hair NOt Black If Anyone Buys THis I Feel Sorry For Them

SVanderbosch 2010-04-19
This is a great movie!

SundrySunny 2010-04-16
great movie! i loved it It t

Jfl188 2010-02-24
please add the first two scooby doo movies why dont you have the first two movies itunes more movies

love scooby hate this 2010-02-23
Some scooby doo I think crappy doo!

Prince_Dallas 2010-02-20
This movie was the best scooby-doo movie I ever saw!!!!!!!!!!!

Mandiigurll 2010-02-09
I'm fourteen and I still love scooby doo, dorky I know, but true. All though the characters failed to reach what the should of looked like, the movie still. Is great. So I deffently reccomend it. (:

RosyRainbow 2010-02-05
Okay, so we all know that Scooby Doo is a cheesy kids show (although I find myself entertained by it). And we also all know that Cartoon Network's movies usually are, to put it mildly, not so great. Having said this, it'd make The Mystery Begins a pretty dumb movie. Right? Well, pretty much. I watched it and yes--Fred's hair SHOULD have been blonde, BUT other than that it was an interesting prologue to the Scooby Doo adventures. It was an okay movie. It had some 'funny' parts. If you have an 8-10 year old kid, they'll probably love this, but it takes some daring for older audiences to watch it. Would I recommend it? Not exactly. It was just an okay movie.

clairebee10 2010-01-28
How does this work out. If it is supposed to be when they were younger, why do none of them even look like one of thenm? I think that dog poop would look more like the characters. Fred has brown hair, (HUH?), Daphne is fat, Shaggy in this movie would be a better looking Fred then Fred does in this movie, and Velma is more nerdy in the show then in here. I would not waste my precious money on such a dumb film. I bet this offended the people who actually played in the other movies. I would. I think cartoon network shouldn't make movies! Some things should stick to what they are. Goodness-my-gracious this is bad. Ugggg, I think the director write the script, torn it up, put it back together then got their script. I think for a cast they chose random people off the street and offered them a job. Good job ruining Scooby Doos name.

Maddimohr 2010-01-21
its a good movie but not the greatest i wouldn't buy it

emrohloff257 2010-01-18
I think the characters in this movie should have been more like the characters in the cartoon

gbarnes615 2010-01-13
Cant go wrong with Scooby-Doo! A bit scary (ghosts) for my 3YO, but my 6 YO liked it.. Not as good as the theater releases, but the unknown actors did a good job.. Shaggy and Velma were pretty good!

Jecka am I 2009-12-28
they changed too much in this movie the worst was that they changed Fred's hair. i didnt like the graphics it couldve been a lot better

Cupcake's mama 2009-12-18
its ok. they change the characters alot.

He he wow hi 2009-12-07
Stinks nothing like the original

lucy29346782358275986885673673657 2009-11-01
It's a great family movie and it really makes you laugh! :))

StrongVincent 2009-11-01
the kids enjoyed it and I enjoyed looking at Velma.

madoverthis 2009-10-20
This scooby doo movie was great. The characters did a good playing their roloes and shaggy sounds like thje oringinal of of the cartoon. I could watch this movie over and over!

liontiger1496 2009-10-10
This movie, while OK, just totally changed Scooby Doo. Fred has BLONDE hair, and except for Daphne, the actors look NOTHING like the actual characters. I'm sorry, but the first 2 movies were much better for actors and storyline.

Teresa6691 2009-10-08
The old stuff and the first "real" movie were the best they changed the suttle stuff and made it slopy like outfits and who sat where in the car

seaterisa 2009-09-30
I just love this movie cause Robbie is in it;) <333 The actors weren't that bad:)

Htiman 2009-09-27
The awesomest movie of this century

zmrngz 2009-09-27
I really liked this movie. Took me back to those days I stayed home sick or whatever from school and watched scooby doo, in cartoon though. It was cool to see how it everything started. Really reccomend it if you ever watched scooby doo cartoons. And very funny too.